today gonna be test day...
sorta worried because i didn't study for it...
nevertheless...im beginning to hack care it....
coz im gonna quit school anyway...
ironic right??
welll....can't be helped...im going india next year...
so won't be keeping up with school....besides...
i found some better place.....
Dun ask me what im studying....if ya dunno,
most probably i didn't want you to know.
So for poeple who is still tracking this space...for whatever reasons...
heres something to look at:


Perceptions ??

I just came home from work again, and i suddenly remembered something.
Thats something is called a habit.
A habit that I developed because of others, or should you say
I can never understand ladies, or probably I should start
understanding them. Its always these few groups of ladies whose
living in my flat that always have the
kinda look. Whenever I take lifts these days,
I try to avoid taking them with young ladies ; especially
late nights.
WHY? they keep giving you the F$$k off look that
somewhere down the elevator your gonna strip their clothes.
[And most of the time they ain't pretty]
So, I finally decided to have a habit to save my own image;
[I actually did think about it that probably I DO look like a
BEAST thus giving them that impression]
I decided to grab my keys out and play with them once
i gotten into the lift letting the strangers know I DO LIVE
here for CHRIST SAKE.....
What exactly has gotten into the world???
Are we living in a country that really is secure???



Lies and Lies and Lies.
I found out how unappreciated you can be
even how far you have gone. For somethings,
people just simply care for themselves no matter
what you have done for them. I couldn't expect
to hear nonsense from such high level personnel
and maybe, well just maybe, I might do the same too.
Confusing as can be, Some people lie infront of you
to make sure troubles dun get in their way or they lie
to make sure they get out of trouble. Why can't eveyone just
say "look, i just dun wish to help you." instead of lieing.
Does it look more presentable because you actually thought
that lieing would get you away with things as easier as telling
the truth???
Well of course, sometimes the truth is so hard to tell.
I just found out how pissed I am when I know someone is
actually trying to get the most out of me while giving
least. Probably I should stop doing that to others as well.
Why can't I just do more and stop complaining??
If I can't even do it then why bother complaining?????
Life is confusing.



Just finish being a sword holder again, but this one round,
not only did i recieve the invitation card, it was more fun.
Partly because the group of sword holders were people I knew.
And also, the bridge-groom seemed more "ONz" and
really know how to talk cork on stage. Been thinking on and
off about weddingz since I have seen two.
Its really giving me the influence that I should probably get
married because its so,....wonderfuL?
I used to think that only girls will think that way...
Seems like I've gone sissy.
Or should I say, I really did think alot and probably thats because
of experience in life? I used to go for weddings when I was small
and it seemed like really idiotic where I can never understand
why they must spend money to treat people for dinner when they
can just sign the ROM and do a casual wedding at home.
It really was grand to be able to walk done the road facing your friends
telling them your stories. And its more grand even when you are
a officer having the previlage to give your wife a sacred military
wedding with sword holders......
Life is facinating.....And probably I should
start to ponder more about life than working like a dog.
why didn't i think so in the past??



I suddenly remember all my birthday wishes never came true.
Perhaps I didn't blew hard on the candles.
I didn't even tell anyone what I wished for...
so actually I have been wondering for 20 ++ years what went wrong
and the only reason was probably my wishes were last minute thoughts.
So now, I have finally set a goal,
I am going to plan my birthday wishes in advance.....
But then again....
my friends always dun celebrate my birthdays....
Thus I really wished all those who actually knew and kay siao
during my birthday to
%$@#!!# and
and @!$%#!@$!@$#!%!@$!@
AND @!$%#!$@!$!$........................


I actually forgotten what i wanted to post.
I used to be forgetful, and i still have been.
Its late at night and im sorta restless.
Theres no one in this portal which I can speak to anymore,
or so it seems.
I am lost.



Finally, Im back, back to a familiar shout space.
I can't helped but get back in. Its been 3 months. And somethings just can't
be forgotten. Was really shaken after hearing KangKang's song....
His latest ablum contains a few sedimental pieces.
And because of that, I guess I finally decided to talk online again....
Life is still contradicting, and the hardest part and probably
only thing that we do everyday is making choices.
And I just made lots of choices recently.
I decided not to go back to NYP. Not because I dun want to,
but because, theres really too much restriction I'm on.
As much as i liked, I would love to go back NYP DMD to become
a young lecturer. I really dunno how to break it out to my lecturer,
especially someone which inspired me sooo.... much and...
probably I will never have the chance to pick up the offer he gave.
Lots of people decided not to ask me why i left her.
Some couldn't bother, most probably had their own judgement,
the closest ones knewn its hopeless even if they asked.
Sincerely, I dun even know wat to say.
But i guess leaving it behind was the best part i did?
because seems like her life is so much viabraint
[or was in vaibraint??]
last but not least, i'm still single and, till date,
I still dun understand why you always felt I had other girls outside.
Probably when i get older some day, more matured some day,
I might know why.
And when i dun wish to answer something,
its still the same reason,
"I just dun like to repeat myself with things which are just not there"
I do still missed the relationship.
And you will probably never know or believe that anymore.
Bahzz...I can't bare to leave the school, especially after
spending so many $$.... I will missed the classmates and...
my deposit ....lolx....life sux eh....I dun even know if i wanna continue
LWS after coming back from INDIA.
Somehow, I think i start to drift towards comic creation,
but i was AWE when i went back NYP and saw those
student works...I missed school days...I yearn for the studies and
project days....


National Day Parade

This is the last post of the blog.
And probably I should have post earlier, but its the 1 year anniversay.
And with this 1 year anniversary,
this blog is gonna come to an end.
Having post today, just after NDP
[with a big relief off my back]
It also signifies the end of my era, part of my own history.
Its probably good because, having been in the team of mobile collumn,
it only appears every 5 years.
so the next time round you guys wanna see army and home team vehicles,
you have to wait for another 5 years for the drive pass. And more so
important is because, national stadium gonna revamp.
In short, I came the correct way and did Mobile Collumn 2005 being
the 5th drive pass in Singapore History.
Aug 09 2005
yesterday was a completely different event. Having been in my CO's Landrover,
we drove pass to the estate routes, waving to all the passerbys of all age,
race. The unexpected teens [ mostly guys] wave back to us and it was
totally spectacular..I didn't think everyone would go all Ga-Ga
over the Mobile Column. And when we stopped, lots of people ask for our
drive-pass routes. Lots of uncle and aunties came rushing down the
estates waving and snapping photos of us.
It was a 1 in a life time event.
I'm glad I was part of this important team, delievering the army and home
teams' vehicles to the residence.
For a second, I actually felt like a star yesterday, lots of cheering and
screaming from the crowds along the roads....not the usual Singapore
I know. Most of whom I believe won't even give you a glance on a normal day.
And yet, our National Day change all that. Even when we were travelling
towards Jurong, the SCDF guys form a straight line outside their fire house
cheering us on.
If only our country remain that friendly everyday, every second.
Thanks for all who watch this space.
Its fun blogging for one year.
Hopefully in the far future,
I'll blog again.
Cheers to all.


WanTan M33~~

Heres An interesting web to view and go to,
because I say so.
While doing NDP [yeah yeah...again and again,...the non-stop saga]
I surf the web to cool off my little Head
Thats the site of my fellow coursemate who studied the same course
as me, thats DMD [ Digital Media Design] And recently, he just got a site up,
Thumbs up, can't be more happy to see his site.
[not because he got good works lar.. -___- !]
lolx kiddinz kiddinz, but because at least i know another personal
haven give up in this industry....its quite sad, alot of coursemate has stopped
drawing since they went into the army.
But for THIS guy, you all should go take a look because his
1] dedicated to art
2] hard working
3] plain honest [ or plain dumb if you look at another way,lol]
His got a good history of interest in the 3D field, much far better than myself.
Yeah yeah my 3D lousy lar i knoe, BUEH SAI MEH?
finger also got long and short what....kns...
and most importantly, he was someone whom I did final year projects.
So the "VIDEO" section contains some interesting clips.
Just GO see lar, you got time to read my blog no time to visit another web?
come on man, give it a try.
at least he has a patient to do a decent web...sigh...



My CO thought I awol yesterday....to think i help him do so many things
I can't believe he even think about that!!!??
I am now waiting for my video to render finish as usual,
its the NDP mobile column video....
and they probably not gonna use it on National TV.
Whats with people and contigency plans?
sigh...why singapore so kia su kia see...??
why NKF cheat money?
[I should start NCF- No Cheating Foundation]
Anyhow, today when we on the way back home [rather ang mo kio]
my buddy and Mr. NDP was chit chatting on the car.
Mr. NDP man was pondering a silly question which seems quite
intelligent while speeding his marron car on 80 trying to kill
us all.....
below contains some above 21 questions.....
NDP king : Who the hell started calling our white liquids SPERM?
[BUDDY laughing ]
Buddy : Dunno lar, why you ask this kind of question, you all siao liao ar?
Me : eh maybe got meaning one leh? maybe stands for;
Super Powerful Energetic Removable Material.
[We all laugh]
I know it sounds lame but such simple lame jokes gets our life
going on and on and on while those EVIL villians back in
camp make us suffer day and night...
But the bottom line is,...
how does the creator of this word manage to find such a disgusting
tone for our wonderful liquid that provides life.
you see you see,
why he cannot call it,
"Beautiful", or "Marvelous"
imagine if last time the person who actually invented the word
"SPERM" calls it "Beautiful" and
the person invented the word "Beautiful" uses the exact meaning
and calls it "SPERM"
then if that really happen we will be going around saying things like:
" wa...this place very SPERM hor....wa....so SPERM....i wanna come again"
" Wa lan eh,....that girl very SPERM sia...so SPERM..."
The world is actually quite funny..


Astro-NUTZ!! Posted by Picasa



Hmm.. just finish drawing this idiot, whom dunno how to act.
anyhow, while drawing him and looking at his feature.
I came to a conclusion,
He got Pa Jiao eye and actually a normal skull.
But because of his mini eye, he looks cool.
And on top of his expressionless personality,
he stands out from the crowd.
Anyhow, thats none of my business,
and so you ask why i draw him?
I drew him earlier in my blog:
and that drawing was base on his second book which i found
the cover very nicely decorated...
[actually is the designer pick a very nice place for him]
So i didn't really took the effort to draw him in detail,
partly also because he got a weird face very hard to draw
and will take alot time.
I decided to draw him.
All comments are welcome
Anyhow, I think I should start deviant art,
that way i can post drawings there and have real comments...

偷蚊子 D !!! Posted by Picasa



I cant believe, 3 days and I only have 3 hours of sleep.....
I'm being Torture.....
My dear CO, if you can see this, please spare your BSO a few
days off...how many BSO in this world will help you
do video for 3 days until midnight 5 am..??
I should have tasked my man to do it....
This NDP is driving me crazy...
ARGHHH!!!....nevermind, the police encik offer to give me
a police duno what shirt next sat. And also promise me to let me go
in his WRX....next week i will bring cam...wahhaha then can show off.
Just watch "WAR OF THE WORLD" today with my little baby,
dunno how many countless movies we have been watching.
lolx, shes such a baby, my little baby, haiz....
also stress out at work...why huh? why must we get stress out
at work, ain't working suppose to be happy?
haiz...Anyway, back to the movie..
I think the movie should be call " WAR OF THE 3 LEGGERS"
SI BEI BO LIAO right? in the end all die because of bacteria....
maggots...Alien got so stupid meh??
or may should be call.
Anyway the graphic is good....how i wish im
invovle in the production....when will be my turn...
!!-____- !!
I wanna fight in the industry....
my mum is sleeping, dad is sleeping, brother is sleeping, my baobei
is sleeping also, and my neighbour is sleeping. Probably those of
you who is going to look at my blog is sleeping also.
But I'm not.
Some people actually ask me why do i blog online?
[a guy who attended dreamweaver course with me]
trying to say we blog online because we want others to see our life.
Lots of people blog online with different purpose,
1] its better than writing diary,you no need keep so many books
2]you can post picture up and share, becomes a perfect art blog.
3] its free what
my whiny computer is still rendering the ndp videos...
sigh...what time will i finish....


Hua...hua Ha Hee!!!

While every tom, dick and harry
tries to finsih their design,
I decided to keep mine simple.
day 3 of my macromedia course:
[currently designing poster as a class project.]
I'm going for Lunch....hmmz...

DaY 3 of Cours3


Dreamweaver Cours33~ -___- ~

~~ -__- ~~
Meow meow.....
today's the start of the 4-day dreamweaver course...
sorta like a refresher because....already used before..
But nevertheless, I still pick up a few little things..
Right now having break time, thus surfing the net.
Lots of other military personnel are here going through the same course,
[actually not alot lar, only 10 peeps]
seems like most of them do not hav pior knowledge.
Right this moment I'm more worried about doing my personnal work,,
Geez..theres to design competition and 1 of it is gonna finish this 30th june.
Which by finger countculations,
im down to a few days.
Sigh...anyway, I'm gonna watch
"Initial D" later.
I dun think its gonna be very very good.
In fact, I think it might suck.
Simple reason being;
its copied from Japan.
Are we really gonna see more original Hong Kong Films??


GaM3 GaM3 GaM3 !!!

Anyone can win me on this?? I only reach Lvl 10
[this game is taken from another blogger,I'm not the founder!!]
Theres this cruel thing about friendship,
People always say when you have relationship,
you will lose friendship.
Well, I agree partially,
Partially because of a few reasons:
You will only lose frienship when...
1] you stop calling up your friends
2] you decided to not meet them up even if you have the bandwith
3] you try to avoid their calls
4] you isolate yourself totally with the outside world
But then again, you will also lose friendship when...
1] you have unreasonable friends
2] friends backstabs by telling everyone you do not wanna go out with them
Thus From the above, one will only lose friendship when
both party of either side refuse to stay connected.
So when a friendship is lost, stop blaming the other party saying
"ohh...got gf liao...good lor, dun need us anymore lor"
No matter what you guys carry on to say,
I will still be there if you guys need serious help
And to all my friends, I am too busy with NDP recently,
Q: ask why can i spare time with my gf although I claim BUSY??
simple concept
Q: So means gf got more piority??
A: Yes, gf got more piority because:
1] She only meets me once a week and not when she need me,
then call for me, dun need me just act busy.
2] We meet up not to go clubbing and waste money.
3] We meet up as a routine to go walk around and have
a light relax day talking through how tough the week has been.
4] We meet up to watch movies with efforts from both sides.
5] We meet up to buy daily items which we need.
6] We meet up waiting for each other willingly.
7] We dun decide to meet up and then put aeroplane
on each other when last minute. [unless special case]
If my true friends have eyes to see, you will probably start noticing
why my gf have piority. And I always offer all my friends to watch
movie with both of us, wanna eat with both of us also can provided we
do not have any special occasion to spend time alone.
Wanna go clubbing also can but you will see two people, and only
when we have the money to spend and no last minute thingy.
Last but not least, I believe if not all, most of my friends
are very understanding. This is to clear everyone that ,
I am not spending ALL my time with my gf.
We Only try to squeeze out as much time and spend
quality time with each other.
Thus, I still love my friends,
So, do think about it before saying that i forget about all of you.
At least I took the effort to blog about you all now,
Do you guys ever blog about me??

LvL 10 !! anyone can win me?? Posted by Hello


~~PlaYinG Gam3~~

Was Playing WarCraft Just now, and die a few times on dota.
-__- , >_<
Guess i just couldn't concentrate on anything.
Crossed over to vent my anger on CS Source.
[CS stands for CounterStrike]
And played with the koreans.
Okie lar, 20 frags and 3 death...lolx...the one above
me was a good sniper.

20 frags and 3 DEATH ok!!! Mai XIAO XIAO HOR Posted by Hello


New PainTING!!!!

Finally, another new painting!!
this one is really hard..came from alot of squeezing of my free time
and lots of changes and bitz and pieces.
Still quite ok with the final look of the pic.
Due to time constraint, I did it as a doodle art.
This particular piece was painted and sketch both in photoshop
with my fav Wacom Tablet!!
it lacks color and distict feel. Not what i really wanted to achieve.
I'm still quite far from the eye of color.
Need a hell-lot-ta training.
Anyhow, Do give me all your feedbacks.
I will try to squeeze more out of my own time.

Hu-Ha!! Posted by Hello


Life Again~~

Long time no Blog, So this gotta Be prettY Long
-post Birthday-
Everything has gotten into a more stable pace.
Just celebrated my birthday last week and enjoyed it very much.
Uploaded a new pick, a little one-eye toy given by
my little baby during my birthday. Of course thats not
what she bought only. Didn't know Sentosa was this fun.
Come to think of it, there was alot of places that I won't go if
not cos of my birthday. I would highly recommand you guys
visit the free Musical Fountain and also Images Of Singapore which
cost a worth $10 per entry.
... hehehehe.. Probably will visit back when the renovations
are done.
-CRMQ Survey-
Just gotten to see my men's CRMQ survey yesterday.
My OC won't give me the copy, saying that he lost it.
And if my CO haven told me, I won't know the result.
But before I continue,
CRMQ survey is a survey for soldiers.
So if your soldiers dun like you, it can be pretty much seen from
the result. And according to the Survey did before ATEC [ our
trainging evaluation] Heres what my OC got from my men:
Confidence In going to WAR with your OC : 74 % negative / 4% positive
OC's Military Competence : 61% negative / 17% positive
OC's Care For Men : 57% negative / 26% positive
Got home lar baby boy. Wake Up Wake Up,
next time he bloody come for my bunk inspection,
and dig this from my men:
Confidence In Going To War with PC : 13% negative/65% positive
PC's Millitary Competence: negative nil /74% positive
PC's Care For Men: 9% negative/78% positive.
Come lar you pussy OC, you dare come challenge my bunk again.
No wonder say paper lost lar, dun dare gimme see, never
even mention got result out...PUSSY. Anyway, we did another result
just this week. Hope after the ATEC one, my result will still be good.
-__- ! just hope it doesn't drop down. LOLx.
-Personnel work-
I think i do too much pencil art. And thus seldom post paintings
these days. Sigh...its getting quite sour, sometimes not because
of time issue, but because of energy issue. It seems like playing
game is a better option of releasing stress.
Hope i get back my spirit again and start painting decent stuff.
-New Toy-
Recently Bought a Creative Zen Touch. Because of its Batt
capability and i lag a portable music player, thus i bought it.
its quite ex but just can't resist. 20Gb little baby and
it has the function to see chinese text. Overall ok lar.
Actually wanted to buy PSP which would amount to the same
price. But end day was asking myself Shouldn't get a gaming
console. Else I will really get addicted to playing games all day.
Which will really get me hook on comparing the WC games I've been
playing these few days.
Gotten some regular interview with my men, I always like to
interview them, cos its like a talk-cork session.
I dun prefer the kinda PC interview sessions I have during BMT.
My pc only ask me a few question and its like ...
freaking wierd. Thus I always like to open table and talk to them.
Most of the time its two way conversation, where i suggest some
questions and they will give me their views.
Its quite interesting. I've gotten to trust them more and more
these days as sometimes they really are more capable then
my Commanders. An interview with them opens
knowledge sometimes, about what is happening around and
the way they handle problems.
Quite happy for most of them whom will eventually go Uni.
Too bad I ain't.
Anyhow, life still carries on.


Pissed off

-Bunk inspection-
Some people are just suckers, I can't believe it. I also dunno
how to believe it. They simply got nothing better to do. Such people
are a waste to the army as regulars. Must go and
"bo diao ji cher dai ji"
My comd after inspecting my bunk, commented he want my SBO to be on
top of my cupboard. And my F**KING ceiling, is GONNA come down
BECAUSE they never tell the F**KING CONTRACTOR to repair it. And says
my bunk is not clean how to answer to my MEN??? AS a comd, how I answer
to my MEN?
DIG this,
1] you can't even get GOLD in ippt
2] you dun even take SOC
3] you can't even see your officers working for you are sleeping in
rusty beds and cupboards which the MEN AINT
4] you can't even F**king Topo in OPs
5] you can't even F**king stay awake in OPs and sleep infront of briefings
6] you can't even understand basic store requirements for the BN
7] you can't even get your men to respect you.
WAKE UP LA PUSSY. F**K OFF. Incapable slut.
clean your own F**king bunk then come talk to me. We work like dogs
and you come up with F**k ideas. You are a disgrace to MEN.


Muahhhahahha.... Birthday bIrthday birthday

noisy noisy noisy... my brother watching Bands of brother currently.
Thus a little bit disrupting, since im also on the phone and printing some
ndp work and eating ice cream...
my birthday is coming next week, declaring it on my blog is not a kind of
signature for friends to buy gifts or watsoever. Neither issit a telltale sign to
you guys out there that theres gonna be a mega food feast from
little dimsum here.
<-Nothings gonna change->
Probably except the fact that im older now. It doesn't really bothers me
that much. Anyhow, so why am i declaring it? Cause next weekend was
supposed to be dedicated to NDP, and I told my superior I not goiNG!!!
wahhahahha........ -__-
its time i rest....people off i go back do last minute work.
Anyhow, gonna hit double 2 next weekend, I wonder what is in store
for me in life. wont be going out with friends this time.
something to ponder....whats the best birthday gift you would wish for??


StresS out

Seems like work is always never ending...
didnt get to sleep much last night...can you imagine?
My weekends are always so pack...and with NDP, its gonna get tighter...
now i still have to compile my portfolio again for accessment....
this is getting nuts....why can't we just have 10 days per week?
lolx...im getting naive again...
Can't believe I finally finish ATEC.
happy indeed, my performance of my whole vocation.
We should be seeing high scores.
Last night, my men jio me warcraft...in the end also never play,
i was too tired and they didnt reply also, perhaps in the days to come,
we will indeed be playing together. Hopefully I can organised another outing
It comes up to every weekend we will have to be at TUAs, doing all those
rehearsals...I will try to put up some photos, since end day,
My people will put up a NDP video of the Mobile Column.
SO really, if you guys wanna catch the mobile column this year,
it will drive pass to Yishun, Jurong and Tampiness. It comes up to
15 waves including most of the units. Its pretty much a stressful events...
at least for the first few rehearsals... I wonder why my CO is such a high flyer.
But too bad, some of his commanders cant really work. Theres only a dedicated
few whos willing to finsih their job, and because of this dedicated few,
men do not suffer.
Hope some of the other people realy wake up in life,
dun they have a heart?
Soon this blog page will change, Its almost going 1 year old. I'm either
looking at a revamp or opening another one for a 2nd year start.
Probably this space will be dedicated towards artwork rather than
all my nonsense. Lolx....And talking about that....I'm getting more and
more lost touch in work.
This is so stress...but nevermind...all my offs are coming soon.
Hiak hiak hiak


Too busy

Too busy.
simply too busy to blog this space.
Just got to come back and prepare some work.
After today, next week will be another pack week.
Dun have time for anything anymore.
Some forecast of the week,
for most armour guys, this friday will be ARR,
more known as Armour Road Relay.
Competiting for the title will be the several Armour Units.
And for my unit, well...will be the reserved. The first reserved.
The wierd thing about this is, the supervising trainer actually
told me to pace him during his run because my timing is roughly same
as his. and he is like the average among the team.
if so, doesn't that render me to be in the team? because actually
some of them are indeed slower than me.
Can't blame them though...i've been inconsistent during the last few runs.
Anyhow, this is something about personal pride and i believe I got it
last month, which i got gold for IPPT.
Lets talk about something else.... -_-
when to watch two movies recently,
"house of wax" and "coach carter"
both worth the catch, but i guess cinema prices are really jumping high.
I think this guys be place in the torture chamber.
The just keep sucking our money.
and about SMRT, heard they gonna hike up prices on bus and mrt.
doesn't this country has sympathy on the poor?
the average?
or the just about to make it people?
hopefully life will be better after NDP.
for now, its hard working every moment.......



[To go for a leisurely walk]
How much do you stroll? Dun you find that we all walk too fast?
Why issit that we are all rushing our lifes even in weekends,
because there isn't much weekends i presume.
Such a small word which we learn when we were young,
but yet we never get to use till we grow old.
I like strolling.
I always like strolling.
I hope I will stroll more.
Caused life is too packed and the environment we live in
is simply too stressful.
so, do use the word more.

strollinG Posted by Hello


I wak3 up le!!

look at the time, only 7.18a.m.
hiak hiak hiak, but im awake.
got a few things to do today!!
and most importantly, its the start of long Week End!
went to ktv recently again, didnt get a chance to post, so now i will.
oh fishy and jiajia, do listen and give some comments,
lolx,would really like some comments from the duet king and queen.
anyhow, heres the link:
inside contains two files, a duet and a solo.
[obviously the duet is between me and my wife]
[Ai say...same thing, Quicktime 6 and above to listen.]



weekends are hard to come by...
and its getting harder especially with upcoming events..
its even harder when you got a whole lot pack of stuff to do altogether
in one shot. But then again, its because if you have alot of things to do,
life is fulfilling.
And at this point of time, life really is fulfilling.
Especially when you want to accompany your partner,
your family, your friends, your relatives and do work,
and continue your hobby and read story book and all and all...
hahahha ....
but well, manage to do all that...
time management is really essential in life.
hope all of you out there are doing happy things during your
happy weekends and happily waiting for something to happen in
my blog again...hiak hiak hiak...
well....hopefully my personal website will finish soon.
If its done, this webby will be fully dedicated to
grumbles and groans...
soon its gonna be fully text.
Till my website is up...
[hopefully i really finsih it this time..lolx]
everything will be the same in this blog space.


The monintor looks bright today.
it always looks bright; somehow
the fact that its morning, that i just woke up,
the fact that even my eyes ain't costomized to the environment.
haze still hangs around.
but of course, I already wash up.
Its nothing to do with the cleaning up of yourself.
IT is just something to do with the waking up of your physical body;
over the mental one.
and of course, I'm mentally awaken...else i won't be typing.
I wake up now, with a wierd mood.
One of those no-no days which i'm more attentive to the environment.
One of those days that I work more, talk less.
Perhaps...its just another one of those days again.
I couldn't really find a reason for my presence here,
to blog I mean...cause there doesn't really seemed like a purpose
in the early morn.
Maybe I'll talk about some general issues in life thus far.
people always complain, that singaporeans are not courteous.
Maybe because we are asians, we always look forward to negative points.
Whereas in a whole, we dun look for positive singaporean treats, even if
we do, we keep it bare minimum.
Somehow, media be it tv or newspaper, always seems to say
singaporean do not give up sits to elders or even the pregnant.
Thats why the constant sign on the mrt side doors.
But then again, if elders and pregnant lady wants comfort,
shouldn't they grab a taxi??
Taking things for granted like if they should be treated better
isn't right. Of course I'm not saying we shouldn't respect them.
if an adult is sleeping in the mrt in a pack train,
people will stare at him for not giving up his sit to an elder.
why cant this bloody buggers think for a second that maybe,
just maybe
that the guy sleeping is ill or probably left with a few months of his life.
and with human,
the constant problem is we always jump to conclusion too fast.
because human is just too complicated.
and sometimes just say things we dun mean.
for example:
is there such thing as raining cats and dogs?
where the F##k will there be a scenerio as
raining CATS and DOGS ???
for you to think and ponder


after 2 months ++ !!! finalLY finish reading Posted by Hello


smelly and tired
The morning dew and insect bites,
finally im home, and home sweet home it is....
as i am typing right now, Im also scratching all over the place...
just cant help...Argghhh.....
i just dun understand why people can say
of course, loving the 大自然, you must love other shits like
the insect bites lar, irritating mosquitoes lar, the swarm lar....
damn disgusting stuff....
but ok lar.... cant help it can I??
just as I was booking out and finally got to hear my baby's voice.
Took the time to read finish a book written by GLEN DUNCAN.
probably in a later time, will post about the story.
highly recommend
for now i need some rest.....


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Looks like everyone is into blog now,
at least most of my friends are....
[even yaohong got one....]
everyone is joining the space!!
EnjOY the CamPing Picz!!



A common word so familiar,
tag to our daily life.
The same common word we use everyday.
but on a different scenerio.
Is the process whereby you see a situation and
somehow remembers you have been in that situation before.
So what if you pick up a phone and you just know
who the other party is, without even hearing his/her voice.
Somehow you just know,
That is , but basic instinct.

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PonDerInG NitEz

I am in the middle of my job having to finish up some work late at night.
The only reason i am here blogging, is the simple reason that the job can
never be finished and i have all the night for it. While digging my brains trying to
settle down on how to finsih the rest of the work, i decided to blog , or at least
try to blog. The updates been getting very slow lately and I couldn't agree more.
Soon I will be fighting war on the far side of this country trying
to believe that what I'm doing is actually preparing myself for the future.
Where as, my future is not what I am trying to prepare for now....
Sometimes, I feel really disturbed...Im just 21, and why the heck and I thinking
so much. But then again, If we all dun start thinking about our life now,
when should we? OF course, some told me that theres no point thinking about
it since you cant do anything about your life, just let the flow go...
But then again, why dun we all try to create miracle for ourselves and try to do
all the impossible and see at least if it worked? The fact is, we won't, probably
all of us are lazy. And thats why you are reading my blog.
If in fact you are not lazy about life, you should be struggling trying to be
an entrepunerrrn [ dunno how to spell also ] and keep working late night
to make your crazy business work. So, clearly this group of us belong
to the lazy batch.
Thus said, if we all have a choice to choose back what we can work hard for
and strife hard for, will we turn back? If you can travel back to time,
will you? And actually i have a time machine for ya, just that we dun call it
time machine, we call it memory.
So whats the use of me pondering and worrying about my life, about how am
i gonna support myself, when can i buy my own house and be successful...
The fact is, I should do more and speak less and think more.
I lost it suddenly, the impact to draw and work. Lost my groove. Been trying
to find it back. Its something that misses and hits once in awhile in my life....
like some peak and orgasm then low and sicko kinda thingy....it gets all sorts of
temperature and moods. Its very hard to get back the momentumn
and passion. And sometimes, I just cant believe why. Probably its the fact that
im in anoother job too much and my flame for art and design gets loosen out,
and i have to keep the passion going and going and going and gooo in and go
really in and start drawing. But I just can't, partly because I'm not at home,
and partly because when i take up the pencil now, its like a stranger.
I still love what i do, and seriously, everyone should love what you do.
DUn be a prositute in life ever and regret later. A friend told me, in life you
can do whatever you want, just dun turn back and regret about it. We should all go
for our dreams and work hard towards it. I believe my dream will come true
one day.
And living it will be my life's glory.
Working towards it, is just my beginning.