I must be seriously crazy..look at the amount of
DS games i have..-__- thats 12 titles...and going
...oh.....why can't i just buy a mod and
download games...lolx...well..i just can't do it...
anyway...heres my current
collection of games...I think theres only
one person whom i know that
can surpass me in original
DS Lite games collection....



Nothing much...

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The Spoils ~~

The above link points to a new card game currently out
in the market on BETA trail. If you are a MagicTG fan or
a used to be ( like myself), this card game is quite unique
in terms of game play. Easy to pick up if you are a Magic
Player and erm....the card illustration is done by local artist.
SO..support the local market!! haha..i heard alot of good
reviews for this one by foreign Magic Players.
(nope..i'm not one of the artist who is designing the cards)
So..do check it out, theres an open BETA tournament which
comes with a really attractive winning cash....$$$
Apparantly i HAVE been drawing lately, just that i'm
too lazy to do the scans and...for digital works...well...
I'm busy in army stuff so...Not doing any CGs currently.
Will do a post soon...Bahahhaha...