I didn't know there could be nightmares on handphones,
that is till today. Probably because i have too much nonsense these 4 days.
AND i really mean TOO MUCH......
I dreamt of my handphone today, thats today morning,
[I believe I doze off around 6.30am]
Anyhow, I dreamt of not charging my handphone, and thus
i was outside, and i couldn't reach anyone. I was waiting for something,
some call or some sms, i dun know which, should be the latter,
anyhow, i was stoning in the middle of a pathment, lost
and no idea what to do, cursing and swearing.
Awaking from the senseless dream,
it probably made more sense than anything else.
It seems after the arrival of handphones to our human pathetic lives,
we have been so indulge in it, depending on it for every shit we do.
At least it caused a major changed in my life from then till now.
From using it as a phonebook, to replacing it with my alarm clock,
using it as a camera, video recorder, sound recorder, and once in a little
blue moon, using it to entertain myself be it games or gprs.
With the ultimate introduction of sms, people have been sending farn
stuff with text, using symbols to create faces and pictures.
It is by far the best creation on art i guess, who would have guess ?
And because of just that, many of us have been so dependant on it.
We hog on our phones everynow and then, waiting for other people to sms
us and call us...
we wait every now and then when we sms people, sometimes you get it
fast, sometimes you get it real slow....
sometimes you wait and wait and you just dun get anything......
doesn't that sound familiar or ring a bell to some other things in life
which we do? which we dun always get the same old reply,
get the returns......
At least thats something to ponder for now.


hmm...something been doing for one week. ON and OFF stuff..
finsih part 01, think will spread to 3 parts in total. Will be done
before valentimes. Hmm..something for you guys to look out
for...since its another comic strip which...I think i haven been
doing for a total of 1 year i guess....This is the rough version.Posted by Hello


Clubber - A member of a club
Clubbing = to unite or combine for a common course.
I finally understand that word from the dictonary. Thus if next time I'm in
a club house and the same lady who came over to ask me why im alone
in the club, i shall have an answer for her. That clubbing can be anything,
as long as i'm there for some common course even if it means some
sacrificial practice or watever shit.
So guys and gurlz out there, clubbing doesn't mean go out and dance
and drink ohh.... it means to unite or combine for a common course.
thus the SAF is always clubbing.....hahahahhhah


wahah...look, tried this shirt out today...and...heheh look wat digital editing can do...almost anything...that took 10 mins... to edit...anyway...shopping can be fun if ya with your parent....cause every freaking thing they also SHOVE to you and tell you go fitting room try......-____-..... sigh... Posted by Hello

yup, thats my super mum and aunt.. had dinner with them, but thats not the point....the point is look at my MUMS FREAKING HAIR!!....god....my mum is growing and getting more hip by the day...she going ANG MO Pai....lolx Posted by Hello

School Of Art, Design and Media [NTU]

I have been watching the space since last year august i guess,
after getting the news that ntu gonna set up degree course for design,
hmm...was full of joy back then...but now...
nah...guess not.
look at the entry requirement for poly students with relevant studies..
they demand a hell lota shit :
"videotape or disk containing a 10 minute (no longer) personal explanation
/performance demonstrating why you should be admitted into the BFA.
How you use your 10 minutes is up to you. You might, for example,
wish to explain images from your portfolio, or you may choose simply to
talk to the video camera. Remember this is a form of interview and SADM is
looking for glimmers of visual and creative thinking. You must
submit a short written explanation in English of no more than
400 words as to why you should be allowed to enter the BFA. A set of 5
photographs. These are to be taken by you of any subject.
No accompanying explanation necessary.
The photos size must be 5" x 7" or 800 x600 pixels in digital format.
A portfolio is mandatory for students applying from Art and Design
Programmes at Polytechnics who seek advanced placement.
A portfolio is optional for CGE “A” Level Students and Mature Students.
Please read carefully the section on portfolio limitations and requirements
The portfolio should contain examples of work from any of the specific
areas in the School or a combination of areas. Students with completed
work in an area of interest should submit a maximum of 20 pieces of
work demonstrating a level of competency in that field. It is highly
recommended that no original artwork is submitted.
Include only reproductions and reduce if appropriate. Submission
of portfolio must include a self-addressed stamped envelope or box of
correct size and with sufficient postage. Please ensure that the
envelope is padded for protection of your portfolio materials. We cannot
be held responsible for any damages that may occur during postage.
All applicants must send their portfolio to the Graduate Studies Office
directly within a week following your online application. Should you
wish to hand-deliver your portfolio personally to the Graduate Studies Office,
you may also do so but please do not hand-deliver your portfolio directly
to the School of Art , Design and Media."
whats the use of setting up such strict requirements? Its more than
a normal student's entry? Just because we wanna go for advance standing,
we had to produce so much much more, including 3 paper of recommandation,
they didn't even establish their course links with overseas countries, famous
production houses, and they demand so much from poly enty students...
I find it unfair....simply unfair.
To the admin people, please provide works of your course instructors,
probably that will give people a better picture what kind of mentor
they gonna get, facilities in the campus, 3d works with wat kinda software and
attachment overseas? Maybe they have their reasons for setting up such
high standards of requirements?
BUT THEN AGAIN, YOUR COURSE is freaking new,
unless its a freaking world class course.


me, myself and my bunkmate

-Jok3 of the day-
1745 hours at work...
me: eh i going back leh, you wanna go home anot?
bunkmate: so early? dun wan lar, my branch people haven go leh
me: can lar, we go back punctual on time around 1800 mah, whats wrong?
bunkmate: dun wan lar...wait my boss come back how?
me: eh you dun everytime so sissy, just go back lar, no one will say anything one lar
bunkmate: wait lar, we wait till 1815 lar?
me: ............
bunkmate: aiya you today off mah, just wait for me lar, wait awhile more lar...
bunkmate: aiya wait awhile lar...wait awhile then go lar, wait for me lar
me: you say one ar, 1815...
1814 hours.....
bunkmate: eh my boss come back liao leh? eh how? wa eh jialat leh...
me: you scared what? you going back 1815 leh, official time is 1800 lor
why you so scared? we not going back secretly lor...wats there to scared???
bunkmate: but my boss come back liao leh...wait he see me go home....
me: ........
bunkmate: aiya wait lar...i think first i think first....[talking to himself]
haiz...dunno wanna go home anot leh.....haiz...[still talking to himself]
wait must rush back at nite...tomorrow still got training....haiz....
me: JUST GO LAR, BLOODY HELL....wan go anot?
bunkmate: aiya go lar go lar, lets go lets go
-out of gate-
bunkmate walking very fast.
me: ........
bunkmate continues to walk faster.
me: eh shit you LAR, you can wait anot walk so fast for ####!
bunkmate: aiya hurry up lar, i meeting my girlfriend at city hall leh..
me: eh just now tell you go out you YI YI YOR YOR...now you walk so fast..
bunkmate: aiya just walk faster lar....EH , bus come liao , eh run leh,. oei...
bunkmate starts to run for the bus.....
[at this moment, two idiotz are trying to chase a bus from more than 400 metres..]
me: eh you RUN FASTER LAR, i carry bag you still run so slow...[panting]
bunkmate still chasing the bus a few metres ahead of me.
in the end we miss the bus........
I concluded that my bunkmate is a bloody moron, yes we always scold each other
though we dun really mean it but, yeah he won't be reading this and he is an
ASSHOLE who so DOTES on his gf....[YOU ARE SO SHITTY]
sucks...everytime go out accompany his GF leav3 mE alone.....#### shit.....
IRONIC righT? wanna go out wanna scared this scared that.....dunno what he



Am i getting younger by the minute?
I am indeed getting more idiotic by the minute, that i kept asking myself
has my iq and eq gone lower? It seems that guys of 30++ always have a hell
lota diff hobbies...fishing...building up fish tank, play golf, stock market,
Am i gonna get any older? lolx
it seems not...I'm not even on par to the 21 yr old level,
I got hell lots of guys trying to impress each other with their wonderful
license which they got like...18 or 19 ?
Then theres the super duper cars that they dream of...
what MazDa 3 lar, Evo 7 lar...Honda what shit lar...
[they can't even live on their own wan buy car, TAMIYA wan anot? KNS]
~~AM I getting younger and younger?~~
I dun even like soccer...this is real shit....i think i have 75% no connection
to the outside world...then again theres the other group of freaks which
loves handphones and gadgets....
Seems like i dun belong there too..... -__-!!
going down lower will be those xiao-beng hanging at the lan shop
playing counter strike....and nope...i dun fit in there.......
WHERE AM I ??? ARGHHH....... F###KING H3LL !!!
K, heres a little piano playing. and yes, those are boxers.
[if by this time you do not know how to watch .3pg files, it either means
you have not been a freaking loyal blog reader of mine and probably
should start commiting to my evil cult. read
for instructions]
Download Dimsum's PIANO FILE @ your own DISGUTING RISK :


LOL....i just can't help it, this kid is simply too gorgeous, had to do a cover for her. =] . too bad its not mine. Posted by Hello


new specs, cost like...$70 ++...hahahha..
hmm...but god-sis didn't like it...well...lolx Posted by Hello


my 1 hour take on this...all from rough...i guess im getting slower the minute...hmm....my eye for color is definately very weak. The porportions are still....alright...i didn't do any adjustment. The reason why it was so bloody long for one hour was because of my main sketch...and halfway i decided to do less details on the background...thus you can see it is really very rough in the bg....main intention not on details, just painting the feeling....didn't get it right this time round...but its ok for sharing failure...lolx.  Posted by Hello

Why are We all so loNely :PART V

Ok, part V really has nothing much to do with loneliness...im just trying
to extend the sequal.lolx but before i start:
As usual, my sweet O voice..hahah. Nah...., you can choose not to dl.
If you do, start playing it in quicktime 6 ++ and shortcut key "Ctrl L"
to loop the song before you read it. Probably might have more sense
and hopefully can let ya think of some old things with my sweet O voice...
Nevertheless, I can't force ya if you insist not to download.
-ok enuff said-
Have been to the ktv recently and....singing too much sedimental songs...
Have been thinking about all the relationships so far.
And came up with a little GEMINI compaRison of my own.
[the norm]
because its the first relationship, we probably dun think too much about it,
the relationship probably started due to some silly shit and fooling around.
Many excitement. Its the kinda relationship that sets the benchmark to everything.
It probably isn't that much a pain to lose the first one but
the impression tends to be big.
[the GeMiNi Exp]
did have a shitty BIG impression of the first one.
Ended really fast.
Did have a benchmark after that because the first one was too shitty.
[the Norm]
because of our 1st relationship, we probably have some experience and
headstart of what kinda partner we want. Thus we tend to be more picky
than ever. We tend to find faults with this relastionship, because whatever
happened in the first one was all so too sweet. Probably we would have
more quarrels than the previous one.
[the GeMiNi Exp]
had another Shitty relationship again, because the first one didn't
went well, thus no benchmark -__- !!
[the Norm]
should probably have a better partner, because we tend to lower ourselves
due to the first two relationship. Thus we tend to meet someone who
gives in alot [or so we presumme] Tend to be more forgiving to others
due to a reasonable amount of experience.
[the GeMiNi Exp]
Has given up in relationships and given up all hopes to trust any.
As age passed, everything seems too complicated and tends to commit
too much to work.
~~the rest of the RELATIONSHIP~~
[the Norm]
by the time people reach this stage they tend to be too experience and tactical,
unwilling to trust anymore relationship and tends not to put much
weight and time on it.
Typically waiting for things to happen.
[the GeMiNi Exp]
decided to put effort into relationships but the whole world just doesn't
believe in sincerity. Tries too hard to do everything
and accomplish nothing.
Thus i conclude that my relationship started wrongly thus
ends up in such a state.
lolx....what about yours? are you the Norm?


wahahaha....this is fun Posted by Hello

LolX......he looks so cooll... Posted by Hello

Yeah man..looks whos NEO Posted by Hello

Aint this just cute? hahahah Posted by Hello



Hmm..reasonly wash evovle inn Ant-Tee-Bee
but anyhow, i still have time to blog. Dun ask me why,
I also forget how, I just happen 2 Bee Ad Home.
As usual, my freaking brother has been playing his Old bulky Ps2,
hell wonders how his gonna support his gf/cum wife-to-be in such a state.
I dun even believe he can buy his own flat. lolx...I dun think he reads my blogs...
He SuCk big time...
but i still love him.
Okie, my mum's asleep, and i seemed to be super energetic today, cause
tomorrow is friday...hiak hiak hiak...not that i have any programmes really....
just tat its fry day you knwo? people tend to get excited on weekends.
Haven have any inspiring ideas recently....haven been drawing nice things..
all the doodles are ugly...so im not gonna post any of the shits....
I think i'm losing concentration...need to get them back from the busy schedule.
Everyone in the organisation is flying up India, less me that is...so effectively,
that means im gonna be a big FraCk these few months...wahaha
[cause my new big boss also flying there]
I really wish , and i really mean it, WISHED that im in Uni now.
29th this month will be one of my friends' show in a NUS hall.
not sure whether will be going....there should be lotsa
ch33 ch33 gurlz...but anyway...it doesn't matter anymore.
The more important thing is i ain't got a company so far.
Really wish I'm in school....can study, skip lesson....lolx....and....just
hang around with friends....sigh....still have to wait 2 and a half years
more......I'm feeling so Miserable....


Some words are taken off for ObVoiius reasons.....and yes...this is for Ant-Tee- BEe..lolx...if you dunno whats that too bad lar.. Posted by Hello

Lolx, the left most is my NEw BOss...He very yandao right....Too bad married...else i will...huahahahhahaha......hiak hiak hiak...hope he takes me in as his god-son...wahhahahahah oh year dream on. His a nice boss.. Posted by Hello


~~TsunaME Enuffz~~

I am extrememly tired, sick and disgusted by how many million peeps,
trying to tell the story of Tsunami through their little pore holes and SpectaCLEZ.
so for all those guys who are not directly involve, please stop yelling about,
"OH GOD, wish i could go there and help them"
"oh may we pray for them"
we have ALREADY done alot praying lor, can wake up?
its not that im against it but the general lots of people is indeed using Tsunami
as a topic day in day out. [all of us have eyes to look at Straitstimes everyday]
NOthing of me against the tragic,
nothing of me against guys praying for others,
nothing of me against volunteeringwork,
but something of me against whiners who are just blogging Tsunami
and posting pictures of which area it is hit lar , all those blah blah shitz.
For those who are directly invovle, do keep everyone posted on vidz and pics,
for those not, stop being lame and posting pics from other people and using
it as your everyday topic.
YeS, i am back home today again, and as of today, I will be invovle
with the sub-title above. Yes, NDP 05.
Well its not tat bad actually, we get to go around cityhall today in my
CO's nice mini car....[how i wish i had one]
and his very nice to us....
And because of him, we get to go around SwissOtel's Pool, enter their meeting
rooms and went to the forbidden 29th fLOOR!! HAHA, how cool.
Anyhow, NDP 05 will see itself in PADANg...Traffic control's the
biggest problem now. Gonna post some pics soon of the nice SwissOtel View.



haha...below contains some clip for yesterday's match
like the title says, you probably see guys flying here and there trying
to dunk...lolx...sad to say none of us succeed.
Anyhow as usual, its in .3gp format and YeS!, quicktime can open it
[the new version of qucktime tats 6.5 +]
its in zip format and loww...quality..sry we guys dun own expensive gadgets.
Probably someone can donate.
And as usual, its taken with K700i hp, with Mr.Luo han in black N red,
Hongge in Blue N yellow[you'll see his 3 Pointer], BAboon in
Blue and white..and yes, I'm in blue black...
This latest edition features crazy people trying to attempt to fly around
the basketball court hanging on to the rings...Anyhow it was fun...
See?? excercise can be fun with the right peeps.
~~ ASOS - Ai Bu Chi Jiu ~~
not sure whether you guys heard before the song, but yup, im recommending
it, been looking for this song 4 very long. It brings back alot of memories and...
just simply meaningful in the lyrics, style and...very moody flow...soft and...
the kinda song that just kills you softly.



Today is sunday, probably one of the worst days of the week
Caused its the last day and its a free day.
And if you dun make use of that day fully, aint you like wasting life?
I always hav this weird thinkin and i just simply can't stand wasting two days.
they are sooo bloody precious...and finally, i just recieve a phone call,
gonna go out for a game for basketball.
Lam3 and boring right?
Probably to most of the females out there it is thus far stupid to go out
and play sports cause you CH33 Ch33 gurls just DUN excercise.
Its not as bad as just going out for a game and most probably it will turn
out fun. And lately i have come to believe that females are getting more
N more N more Unromantic. Since when issit the responsiblity of being
romantic StaMp on a guy? I thought the 21st Century is suppose to be equal?
And even start asking me why lately I'm so grumpy against female and relationship
stuff, Obviously something must have happened and....
I just simply dun understand stuff,
[probably thats why im whinning]
Hell kno3z.
As much as i like to ignore my GeMinI personality, i just like to
ponder N ponder N ponder N ponder N ponder,,,,
probably DIE pondering ......Does anyone out there
has drugs that can stop brains from thinking Too MUCH? and trying
To figure out sOo many weird things??
-OK EnuFF about my complaining-
I'm gonna talk about other fellow Geminis whom recently,
created some storm over other peeps life, thats my dear friend's life.
With my crazy thoughts day in day out and wicked brain cum evil
stabbing ideas, I can see why a Female Gemini can do ultimate destruction onto
others. The Story involves one female Gemini being chase by another Gemini,
and because of that broke up with someone else.
[Sry brother if ya reading this, i have to say it off my heart]
See? when you have two gemini how tough things can get?
I will definately agree tat Gems hav two sides, thus far
there are four sides of it.
So with four sides against one its like playing mind game
and toying around. and talking about toying around thats what i feel....
Hmmm....being a mouse and chasing a cheese blindly in a huge Maze,
unable to see the direction and can only sMell them, hitting walls on...
Probably we should all just be nice and love each other,
stop sex and use reproductive machines combinging
eggs and sperms so no Aids and no MAss Orgy in this world.
Look at how much harm Sex can cause??
Tat way we save birth rate control, we save abortion rates,
we save lots of law suits.
Hmmm...time for my Game of Basketball and yes, its an exciting game over
soccer, at least thats what i feel. The rest of the world's feelings?
I couldn't care moRE.

Hard To Pleas3

This world is hard to please, everyone else is hard to please.
As much as I would like to put the condamn list to a few personnel,
as much as I would like to use words like "general or most people are hard
to please" I decided not to.
I'm quite tired of trying to understand and figure out things in this world.
Especially HUMAN.
Humans are darn hard to understand,
If you are a shit ass in relationship, people will try to stay away from ya,
Now in 05, even if you are MR. Nice Guy, people will
also freak out and leave you because you are too good to be true and
they might jolly well be afraid of hurting your GooD-O-Feelings.
What has MAN KIND become? HOW COME all Logics contradicts each other.
I am truely tired of hearing such things again and again,
and I am Half-Hearted in life.
You can NEVER EVER be a good person with great thoughts
and great love and caring and nice to others.
No one will ever try becoming one because of this shit society.
Yup, Life is CYNICAL.
for once i rest my case, cause no one appreciates each other.
Any Takers? Probably not cause everyone thinks alike.


hmmm..i'm getting weird dreamz recently...but then again,if it really happen i won't mind being a real super star...LOLxx... Posted by Hello


I didn't expect my new drawing for 05 would be this...
but really...i am moody today.
I just can't understand why people won't be considerate about other's
about their constraint and stuff...won't think for others.
Issit really that hard to just spare a thought for others?
why must so many people jump into conclusion on other peeps.
without giving them a chance to explain.
Why can't people be understanding for just once.
These poeple should all just go and 013.
I am extremely low now, because of what i cannot change
and because of what have been done,
and also because of no one to talk to....
or maybe i shouldn't say no one to talk to?
maybe i should say the ones that i wanna talk to are not there to talk to?
I'm gonna sleep,.,
probably tomorrow will be a better day,
a better day when i read my men's commander's appraisal.
Theres always so much good words in them sometimes i really
not sure they tellin the truth....
perhaps tats whats wrong with me....
i always choose not to believe in others....
Its hard....its just too hard to differentiate between right
and wrong these days.
between lies and truth.

very..very....moody Posted by Hello


Why are We all so loNely :PART IV

The part about loneliness never stops as usual and yes,
just as what i have been posted so far, we will always get lonely.
The only measure is long or short. Been running around recently,
those Christmas celebrations and New Year gatherings ++ late nights
of movie shows. As I go on talking about all that have been done in this
recent two weeks, I am awaiting happyly for today to end.
Caused tomorrow will be the last day of work for the week before we move
on to the weekends, while similarly, I shall happily await for the comin
of next next week which i will be MIA from WORK. LOLx Clearing OFF. Thats
pretty much a nice way to start the year but then again, though I'm
taking time off, its about being lonely again and what to do for that
period of free time.
The measure of quality time against freedom is getting more and more
vague recently and I don't really know what to have in life; Especially
when you get to know someone special.
And yes, talking about special peeps,
I have practically lost touch of what i used to do in relationships.
That even now, I guess its still hard to go out with someone you fancy
and just be "YOURself". You probably have heard it many times about
being "YourSelf" but it sure is very very very hard. Thus even if you
are genuinely going out with someone, physically seeing someone,
it still may get lonely. LIke erm....can't click in communicating? No
topic to talk about? I saw the movie preview for "HiTch" and yes, it
resembles the fact where I used to talk educate others how to woo
someone but now it seems its so hard when you're doing it yourself.
Chemistry is something that is soOOo hard to create unless you hit the
jackpot of the right mood, the right timing and the right person.
Actually,it does feel ok if two person is going out and everything
is silent, probably for a period of time. Sometimes I guess, for me
its just like having the other person there as a company, its very
hmmm...smoothing to have the other part there?
If we really have a partner in life, do we have to commit to them
in every moment and every second? If not , do we commit to them when
we are empty and lonely? If so, ain't we actually using them as a
temporary partner only when we are lonely?
I can't see the line, can you?


New Year : 2005

Welcome all to 2005
for the next 355 days, there will still be more sweating,
less sleeping, more stress in life. Therefore do not expect life to get any easy
and start telling yourself 2005 will be the YEAR!!
-__- !
Dun bluff yourself la, if can make it will make it one lar, if cannot
make it , won't happen de. Stay happy all,
as i move on to my DO duty in one hours time. LOLx
life is sooo interesting.
I'm gonna be a real superhero soon