Tokyo Nit3

One of the dreamlands in asia, I think tokyo or japan in
general holds one of the most astonishing colors in its city.
Probably due to the fact that the country is so exotic
(not to mention famous in XXX) in lifestyles and its rich culture,
it is a fantasy world itself. Part of my landscape studies
have move on to more traditional studies in compositions,
colors and mood. Heres the first part of it all.


LandScape Painting

This is something that i did recently. It is still far from
the real thing. I'll really need to work very hard on my paintings i guess.


April Blu3s

HAven been posting for very very long. I almost forgot
this place exist. Lolx. Been busy with stuff recently.
Soon enough i'll be heading for some distant place for
a chill out session travelling in budget. RIght now things
are not in place for me in life. I'm still searching for wat i
really wanna do. I mean i do still wanna be an artist,
but what kind and how much am i willing
to risk becoming one.
Life is short.
Something that I did recently.
Gonna explore more painting soon.