has always been a barrier.Though we may all speak the same, the way I use it may differ resulting in unfore seen effects. It seems so because the world is....erm.....hard to accept, or should i say, complicated???
This, comes up to my second topic;
is a form of visual effect where you communicate to the other beasts around you. From it, you are able to project a friendly or hostile image, with or without you knowing it. With that, comes to my next topic;
is a form of thinking, whereby the human brain tries to conflict or consume the data he/she recieves and hopes for the best of the worst.
And finally,
is a form of self taught whereby one, ..... tries to talk to oneself.
They both speak the same language, thus understands each other,
resulting in constant sparks of communication throughout,
burning endlessly.
when one ponders,
he either 1] goes into deep thought,
or 2] goes into deep sleep.


Aug 29tH

10:20p.m. SUNDAY
Hmmm...just finish painting that little toy down there....took a few hours...so long since i really sit down and work, getting old i guess...hahahah. Nothing in particular, just feel like painting some small cutie which seems dangerous....the color usage, Red; power and energy. The mood portray is somehow....wierd i guess, i will have to stop looking at it for awhile, i guess the mistakes will stop coming out after awhile.
Ok, for the benefit of the doubt, p.m. stands for post meridian. How i know? lolx, i asked my men about it. And i think a.m stands for anti meridian....not very sure also. Been a refreshing week, things changing and next week will be the impost of the 5 day weeK...wahahha....., actually it also means they will try to squeeze everything in this 5 weekdays. -___- ... thats what they always do.
Yup, i was there today, got myself a blue tooth adapter for my handphone, now the uploading of medias to my pc will be much easier. Hiak Hiak Hiak, it cost only $39 for a 100 metre range blue tooth adapter. Ho eh.....
Looking Forward to next week, having a long weekEnd...hiak hiak hiak...

Hu Ha.....this took a few hours....pure imagination, hope you guys could give some comments Posted by Hello


Back to wOrk

MOVIE ~ Quill~
Went to watch Quill today, the japanese dog movie....yeah, doggy style, very hardcore stuff, got al the kiddies in the cinema crying, lolx, can't believe it, quite touching. Even those aged around 4 to 5 cried after the end of the show when the dog die [ i'm sorry to those who haven watch, yeap some way another the dog gonna die ]. So feelingless human, its time to grab hold of yourself.[and your dog if you happen to have one] Anyhow, its a dog show, like i said, Very good DOGGY STYLE...lolx.
Nope , im not gonna book in right now, going back tomorrow in camp, and theres like the commander's run....its like a crazy 12 km ++ I think tomorrow gonna be 16.....This is real shag...lolx, everytime i run halfway, the leg and knee cap always burn out, and i simply can't control my breathing.....I really wonder why the rest can run so bloody fast and consistent. Think they dun have luNgs eh? SuckERzz I bloody haT3 RUNNING!!!! GET IT??! @#$%#@$
Things gonna change soon, and the tempo and speed gonna go up, while i prepare to go australia.....wooz..........another overseas trip, then i gonna miss lots of things, lots of peeps.....not sure they gonna miss me.....dun think so. LOLX, yeah oh boy i am PESSIMISTIC. I sure am these days. Finally gotten over some of the things which i can't let go, though i still can't let go. Sigh....not gonna do anything right now, like my friend advice, im gonna be a big harbour front. And buliding towards it is part of my goal now.
1] Build up harbour front.
2] Get back to hobby
3] Give more, take less
4] Slavery leadership
5] Other little whinne things towards the goal.


hahah, the happy couple, long time no see themm.......all the best ohh Posted by Hello

yesterday's movie screening at suntec, Lotx of food.....wootz Posted by Hello


On Leav3

Been around the corner these few days, looking at what i want to achieve and what i have lost. Been trying to set targets for my men, but can't seemed to do it caused...i dun even know what to expect from them. I'm not sure what they expect from me also, but a bunch of young promissing teen. There's an exceptional one whom probably among my men, the worst in studies and stuff, but the most flexible and smart one. Too bad I can't bring him to Australia to train him up, cause he has an excuse to go for Safsa competition, I'm still fighting for it, hope he goes to Australia for training.
If we had something that we hold on for years, and it suddenly came back, what should we do? What is the deciding factor to hold on or leave things? What if the deciding factor includes external parties which cannot be controlled and were dragged in unwillingly. LoL, why issit so hard to sort out thoughts.
"I love you" is just a word that we would use to say.
"I missed you" would be a temp sub to "I love you",
and "I'm sorry" is always the excuse of the two above.
"Forever" was always just a guidline to cheat each others.
Silence, is not compromising,
-its a way of rejecting each others ideas and giving up hope to do anything-

Dunno what I was thinking....lolx Posted by Hello


indeed i am..... Posted by Hello

sobber day...

I am currently undergoing extreme boredom. Maybe its the fact that its sunday...or issit?
I always thought I would look forward to work....seems like no....i mean who would, unless im
genuinely doing work which i like...and loved. My moral values have gone down the drain...looking at the past few days. It seems like I haven been able to bring up my moral. I dunno why. Maybe i should book in and take a look at my men. Probably they will cheer me up abit more, and abit more....
actually i was supposed to be their moral support...lolx, seems like not the case. I wonder how
my men will feel. A job is a job, but then again, looking back at what i went through, things seemed too fast and happened too fast. When was it i last touch my art work......long long ago....long long ago...
~~Bie Ti Ni De Xin~~
lately has been fallen for this song, i didnt know jacky cheung had such a wonderful song......i can'[t help keeping repearting them on my pc. The meanings so subtle, as if slowly tearing the heart. His such a good singer, that the lyrics go through the skin to the heart. 5 star.
I think i relate too much to the lyrics....times are tough.....thats what is freaking wrong with geminis.....they get cracked out easily and too influenced by others feelings.......
I hoped to see my evil twin again, the one the doesn't feel, doesn't love, complete emptiness......
I hope to see the workaholic.....I think maybe its time for me to wake up, and stop dreaming and pondering on hopes, cause actually they didn't exist, or should i say, it has always been the fact that i was just pinning on them and relying, waiting for a change to come, a difference.......its probably time to stop for anything else like relationships....and move on in life........

my resultm,type 2.....was close to type 4 Posted by Hello

DimSum Sleepless

Took a little test just now, saw it in one of my friend's friend blog.
thats the result i got ...... dunno true anot....to shag to think right now....
the phase "wearing themselves out for everyone" was very catchy....probably life is about running
here and there, sometimes heading aimlessly to get to a certain point. Sometimes events head in
and things change. And probably sometimes event causes downfall, sometimes it doesn't.
It seems lately that thoughts are really just pouring in, deep and blunt.


i dun wanna see sun rise

~Ai hen xiao shi qian~
~yong shou wen luan wo de lian~

I just wanna go all out
I didnt see it coming down
I just wanna give so much
They just say me think too much

I didnt wanna give all out
didn't know it would meant so loud
I didnt wanna cheat no one
I aint cheating anyone

They say i had done all wrong
I deem it as i no wrong
no hide no fear no regrets
I didnt think would let who down

maybe i did think too much
for just too concern and love too much
i no wanna stop here now
cause really like her......

...........i dunno how...........


Watch another movie today, its called the notebook, a touching story about an old couple looking back in life where in the midst , one loses the other. Life is like a circle, thats what the show protrays, a wonderful flim, touching at moments, silly at times. would recommand couples to watch the show. Feelingless creatures can forget it, lolx.
WaH sayz......the fire works today only like 8 minutes.....real shitty....a few couple of screams from the crowd and thats it, i didn't even feel anything....wooz........the actual NDP fireworks should be more stunning...anyway won't be going down tomorrow....i mean today...already pass mid nights...these late nightz killing me soon...didn't catch no concert down town...was really looking forward to the crowd, change of plans.
HUa ha....got my new phone.....cost me a real big bomb.....nice and slick....damn happy to get the baby....finally....huahahhahah........but still got lots of stuff to figure out yet....very complicated equipment. its the sony ericsson K700i.... wuzzzzzzzzzzz a silver white kid...pack with ultra lens......lots of crap in it, good for crasy people who likes to listen to music on the move....can survive on a one day outing with music and stuff...


~~SaturDA3 F3v3R~~~

When to Lavender early noon to get all my army stuff, getting prepared for my initiation on next friday. Army always suck our pockets dry...just a few items and i spend like around 30 bucks....sigh....anyway, went to bugis alone to walk walk before meeting up with my friends......grab a chinese book in KINO......oh...i would so love to grab all the stuff........if i had a kino library.......theres just so much more meaningful books coming from taiwan artist this days....or maybe i didn't notice last time. Some very good writers...usual stuff, on romantic story...and ideas. Also saw a fellow artist's comic book on sale, its call "DIASY KUTTER" , didnt know it would even come all the way to SG...was very surprised....SAW the "Windstruck" vcd today!!! hua huh~~~ the sales man told me just shipped in...so i grab a copy...hehhe you guys should be able to find it in stores, if not go bugis 3rd floor and grab one. bought a F.I.R and zhou chuan xiong album also....
WHat more could i say....hahahah yup yup, had dinner at chomp chomp, with vaness and keat.....alongside two of their friend, very good food..... their "GAN zE shui" very big size....bueh ta han......

Happen to catch the 11.45 mid night show for the village, long time since i watch any movie in group of 7 ....hahhah damn long ago...Highly recommanded, suspense with a good touch on love. abit physchotic, but not so heavy. I didn't expect it to be good though....lolx.... I must say the physcho actor was very good...very impressive acting...
Well, having been settle down in my new home, was very busy the pass few days, thus didn't update on this blog, anyway i doubt anyone visits...lolx, so its like a talk to ownself kinda thing. Once in a while its always good to look back at the good o stuff. Went for a run on friday in the stadium and there was a division photo shoot at the national stadium. HAHaa...at least i took a photo in the stadium before the tear down. There was even a run...for commanders....yeah....8 km ......thanks to it now im acking all over.....im old.....sighh........anyway, very nice unit and all my superiors are kind, the new armour officers are all friendly, and i got my bunk and officer...steady eh?? hiak hiak hiak.......but also more stress la....haiz....anyhow, this week is LONG WEEKEND TILL WED....wahahhahahahahahhahahah i guess thats the best gift so far. and soon in OCT i will be leaving for Australia for training....WALLaBY...........wooz......gonna sleep now

wuhuu....cds and vcds...stuff to keep my life going.....inspirational stuff Posted by Hello

Another new book to my collection, as usual,art books or short novels are always on my list. Posted by Hello


Lik3 the Boat in th3 sea, I hope all goes smooth and well. Posted by Hello


Wootz....got my new certificate from signal institution. Hmmm...another collection of cert....hehehe I just like collecting them....makes my folder packed with stuff....haven been drawing lately, so i posted one of my art piece....hope i get back to painting soon, lost touch for quite awhile. Still sick as usual, the fever been going up and down.....along with the medicine it just get worst...giddy and sleepy.... Just finish packing most of the stuff.....Not really looking forward going to my new unit....doesn't sound fun or seems interesting....Really in need of some inspiring stuff....probably will be busy for the next few days..... Hope i dun get DO duties during my mother land's birthday......that will be sooooooooo unhappening.... i think i need some sleepp.........
Lately i'm having this rush of shit of multiple ideas on my future...the options are open, i can continue to be the good 'o' nation slave and get tormented and whipped by my good old superiors cursing and swearing them, or i can leave the gold mine and continue the search for my ultimate dream which may eventually lead me to a poor old man that can possibly mean doing 2 to 3 jobs at the age of 40s to provide education to my good 'o' children. Nevertheless, there are other options which i tend to fantasize in life, [ its always good to dream] like being a druglord having scars all over the body....women will sooooo love me [ dig it?? wahhahahah] but nopee...eh.. aint gonna happen.....probably a writer will be good....oh...writers always meet up with wonderful ladies......but nopee. .aint gonna be one....but that wasn't the best....the best good 'o' dream was being a singer or guitarist, rocking the world with my lame music...[yeah yeah....shit rocks] and yeah....i can sing man.....but noppe noppe aint got the looks....lolx....cant even reach the 2nd C.....i think andy lau can't also...been singing his song for so long....hmmm.....probably i can be his side kick.....wahhahaha......I think too much..........but then again.....the real wonderful thing would be to be a simple man, have a super rich wife....oh.....super rich cum pretty....oh....super rich cum pretty cum can give birth to many many kids....ohhhhh that will be sooooo.....nice......
LA VIE EN ROseee........


~~MoNDAY BLU3~~~

Having lots of headache today....getting worst by the minute....right now having fever and flu....this is Sooooo sickening.....and to think i'm going new unit...this is soooo not the right time....tomorrow having a practical test, what worst can happen man.....and i haven got my official posting letter... !#$%#!!#$! and why THESE DAYS poeple are so NOT PICKING THEIR BLOODY PHONES when others cALL.....it really pISS people off......thats like 5 to 6 calls i straight in a row.....whats wrong with the worlD?? ALL DEAD??? maybe I just happen to be SOOOOO unimportant that people can just forget.......this is driving me nuts... young people nowadays are really getting out of hand...they deserve a little spanking and slapping........
Just watch an old movie, not really that old, but its a french show...its called "LOVE ME IF YOU DARE" a little wicked in the plot , lots of crasy ideas and fancy pleasing transition. Its a little romance story about a couple who dares each other in life since young. Not the normal sedimental film that you would see in the movies, but good enough to touch my heart. So if you guys got nothing to do, go grab the show round the corner. If you're those type that ain't going for experimental stuff and not ready to watch shows with an open heart, errr...better not try this one... =]


~~LaSt WeekEnd In SOCC~~~

hua ha....as you can probably see, I posted some of the photos for yesterdays event.....Hope to recieve more from my friends....lolx, cause i used their camera to take photo.....wahhahahah........ its call FEI WU LI YONG.....kiddingz kiddingz...chill chill....Still thinking of yesterdays event, I guess its one of the best dinner i ever went.....haiz....good things sure dun last...i look forward to the next event and gathering, gotta miss all my pals.
Sigh, two more days and i will be going to my new camp....dun like the creepy feeling...cause its like im gonna go there alone....sigh.....Now it comes the real responsibility....more things to learn , more stuff to impart, most importantly, more job to do and more people to take care of. After being a one year soldier just one week ago, I pretty much seen alot of wierd people. Some with principal, some without, some hard working, some really can slack like hell.....Well, Life is a joke, and we are all part of it, so i guess i should make better use of it eh? Okie, TOMORROW will be a better day, if i can't motivate myself, how can i bring my fellow men to war!!

yup, me and ah chwan.... cool ba....wahhahah.....erm.... Posted by Hello

the new couple lolx, Benny and Janetz....look at how happy they are... Posted by Hello

yup, the most happening table for yesterday, table 3!! lolx.. Posted by Hello

HAHhahah....Singapore Punk 2004..lolx Posted by Hello

~~ComMissioNING BaLL~~


HAHA, guess you guys saw the design for the invitation card, booklet and also the banner ba.....yes, all done by me, not including the multi media video cd which was shown today....lots of things...... and I was the MC...wahhaha...but i think the other MC did better today...im just holding a small role.....


I must say, today sure is an enjoyable nite, the games and stuff, everyone laughed and chat throughout the event. The main thing that i felt was bad, probably the meal itself...the dinner reaLLy SUX... ANyhow, very happy for my fellow bunkmate, BENNY, congraDUTES OHHHH..... he actually ASked his date to be his girlfriend on one of the games.....very touching....everyone was cheering for him, and the lady answered immediately with a yes.......I knew he had planned for today very long le......very glad that he got his dream girl, on top of that, he won most of the prices today, very lucky man. I would say he was the biggest winner.

The banner design itself.....lolx...im the man... Posted by Hello

the front cover of the invitation card Posted by Hello

My commissioning ball programme booklet design... Posted by Hello