Busy Busy Busy....

Haven post for quite awhile...and these days...not
posting means being guilty...Too busy with my exercise.
Today just got the chance to pop on for course in
Singapore Poly...Even on course also stress by army work..
wa biangz eh...really stress ar....haiz....
I will get back to posting draiwngs soon!!!


Brain Block

First off.....Can the freaking Blogger management
group fix all the bugs and lags and error messages
in blogspot?? Wtf tell poeple go migrate migrate test
wat beta shit login with Google account......
and then and then?
then lag like !@#$%!#$ I know its free lar but you
promise better drag and drop shit then just fulfill your
promise lar...wa piangz eh...i everyday work till 11pm
because of exercise come home post
something you gimme so many error......
I hate bitching bout life but......probably cos i haven
been sleeping well these days.....Somehow it seems
that i have much more tolerance in the real world....
I think the world wide web is a good place to bitch
about things....Anyway...I decided to do a vampire lady
painting and somehow or rather i dunno issit i
off focus or too focus i didnt finish it. And this is the initial
sketch....I'll probably take my own sweet time on this
one and see if i can make a really really good good piece
so that i can post on cg society and show off my not
so kick ass skill to let others bitch about.......... -___-
Life really sux this week...thus i havent been
painting...Not because i'm lazy..but really
because i'm too tired.....
[actually i lied, i play warcraft yesterday
eh i also human ok??!! #@!$#....
I'm so hungry..]


Speed Painting X

4 hours....no reference.....

and no Sexy Porny BG.......






Some tweaking on teh previous painting...

Speed Painting IX

Haven been painting or posting for the past few days.
Haven been sleepin well also..freak..Now I'm in exercise so..
everyday is like working till very late and for the next
2 weeks its gonna be like that. Whats worst is that next
month I won't be clearing any leave and it kinda sux cos...
Everyone will be enjoying themselves overseas or on
local leave resting at home....While i continue to work
like a dog in the big hound compound. And once again
I'm bitching about army....I finally can understand how
you guys feel when you are like almost gonna ORD but
not quite there yet and you know there's a big pile of
shit coming after ya..... Well no choice, gotta bear with
it for awhile more since i decided to sign on myself.
No use turning back and screaming I guess?
Bought a few books in hope i can better understand and
tweak my brain on how to draft out storys...Been in a
daze since feburary and my little project ain't moving
anywhere.....I felt kinda low..like... like wtf am I doing...
why i have no more ability to push that extra mile to
make things complete...
When will i get my light bulb to light up again.....
This painting took 2 and a half hours...I wanted to
create something that has a comic feel close to "IS"...
you know the sexy book?? I dun think most of you
guys have seen it...but yar..I'm trying to work
around colors and tones again...I should be getting into
painting environment soon enough...I really hope all
this major exercise comes to a halt and
i can work on my personal stuff soon.
Last but not least, thanks for keeping the
tag box alive. I appreciate it guys....I will
try to make time for meet ups....I need
to destress myself realll soon....


Green Is Hard to Paint....

Why is green so hard to paint?? Why??


Speed Painting VII ~~ I'm Back

Damn tired.....damn tired....I just glance around
the web. Found one of my coursemate injured in a
car accident. Sure hope he gets well soon enough. Well
I'm not very close to him and never had a chance to be
in his click since both of us pretty much do different things.
But he has been a constant inspirational figure when
i feel low and lousy. I mean...how far can a Singaporean
artist go man? Actually, quite far from what his doing.
And i sure hope he recovers soon and blogs again.
You guys can check him out at
Well I didnt post any recover msg in
his tag box. But seriously,
do get well soon antz.
Well this one is done from scratch at near 2 hours
Somehow I'm getting very pussy when I'm trying
to do coloring. I really wonder wtf am
i holding back ?? I need a slap in the face...
Maybe I'm trying to rush too much things....
Oh Well..I'm dead beat tired...this week's gonna
be very very crazy......


Speed Painting VII

Muahhahahha.. Welcome to the world of LOGAN....
drawn with reference in 2D pencil. Rendered in photoshop
without any color reference. Color rendering and
touch up took 2 hours....
Yes the background suck...i knoe....
I'm rushing OFF!!~~
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Speed Painting VI

Ho...I broke what I just said...I manage to
finish the painting....walalallala...I'm extremely happy
with this one.....and yar..its getting longer and longer and
longer...this one took 4 hours...Oh..and theres like
something wrong with blogger..I can't seemed to use
the internal upload function...anyone can help ??
Hope you guys like this one...
I will not be painting for the weekend..
cos its life range and...sigh....Kena assistant
conducting...oh well....Ciaoz all....I'll be booking
in tomorrow so..check back on sunday.

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Speed Painting V

This has become somewhat not a speed painting
process...well....this one took 3-4hours. I sort of
started painting a totally different nonsense
during my first hour and i scrap it totally.
The final image below is different from the gif file.
It looks ok only...somehow i have real big problems
painting a proper eye...F&&KED....Arghh...anyhow...
i fix my tag box. Wootz...two more days and i'll be
a one week speed painting anniversary...
-__0 ..
I can really self - high....
I need to have more patience...arghh....
something i hate most....

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Speed Painting IV

I am actually very very very tired today...
but i decided not to be lazy because i'm left with
less than 1 year to improve myself. So i took the courage
( actually its not courage lar...just need to bug myself
abit ...you know??) and did another painting once again.
Because I believe there are will be people watching over
me...at least there are people shouting at the tag box.
So...this one is done in 45 mins...yes..i did it very fast
and to my surprised....i improve slightly. I won't say
that this picture looks better than any of the rest of my
recent painting. But I will but all my single dollar that
during the process...i actually let go alot more freedom
in my painting and the colors when abit more drastically
than whatever i have achieve in my artist approach thus far.
Some of you might not understand what the FC&K i am
saying but its ok. The bottom line is i feel the
improvement....This is probably the next best thing
to orgasm...lolx....
( Eh chill lar..i joking nia..
you think orgasm so easy to beat in life ar??
WTF man...wake up leh...)
Anyway..i actually sacrifice my sleepness for art...
this is so amazing...I feel the urge to paint more...
yes..more and more ladies..
why ladies you ask?
Cos my social circle of friends are so
freaking FC&Ked up that i see guys too
many times...the number of ladies i know
can probably use one hand to count...
WTF man...life is really alot of WTF
especially when you have been working the whole
day from 6am till 12 am midnight.....

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