Blogger going crazy...

I think blogger is going crazy
its giving me auto double post on my stuff....
Anyhow, Good day gentlemen, back to my life;
My life have been weird and unexciting,
And thats why i am behaving weird also.
Saw this mini Octopussi3 at bugis today, after my trip down to Sitex.
Yes...the four legged creature. Was too amazed by the shape
and expression that i couldn't help buying it.
-Its a Massager-
"ai say, hoe eh?"
this mini toy pack with real action of lasting powers,
to drive you incredibily InsanE!!
Its full functional with a DOUBLE A batt.
hiak hiak hiak...."li hai ba?"
Anyhow, anyone interested can go Bugis and grab one.
Went around to shop for a thumb drive and good enough,
i got one from LEXAR.
A 1GB mini thumb - $139
Not bad lar, quite cheap compare to last time liao,
somemore got 5 year warrenty.
Also got a free Vitalsign shooting demo.
And after 1 hour playing it,
IT SUX -__- !
probably if i had the subscription it will be better.
Anyhow, met alot of chee chee gurlz today....
I wonder how much they earn just to shake here shake there,
walk around and take photos.
One of them from the Zen booth look real familiar
Seems to be one of my dmd coursemate.
Anyhow, i didn't comfirm it anyway.
Its 0630am...i been working throughout the nite.
Shouldn't have promised to do project I...
sIgh...if only i have more time......
wish me luck guys, life is tough to be an underground Artist

Massag3r......or you can call it 4 way dil...lol.... Posted by Hello

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UnFaIR ???

-The world is unfair-
Or issit?
Is the real world such a pain in the ass? People get treated on different level,
being view differently and having different estab.
Jealousy, that is what trigger my blogging for tonight,
at least for today.
Jealousy to everything. How come beautiful things
happen to others effortlessly,
while to people like us, its the
[DUn even DreAm about it]
and to people like them, its
[I just wanna be simple]
The World Creates simple people who wanted fame and glory,
and for famous and glourious people, they wanted simplicity.
No answers. There is no answer to everything.
Some people says the least closest answer is;
Those born pretty but dumb gets away with the looks.
Those born with intelligence are smart enough to get pass noticed.
Those born with no looks no intelligence gets no say.
Those born too pretty too intelligent dies too young.
The rest just try to get on with life.
Whoever started saying girls should be treated to equality with men? There is no such things as equal, to hell with equal course in the end, how can there be equal to all when everyone started out with different assets ?
Theres no right or wrong in this world.
Theres is only the strong and weak.
This rule will never change.


Hom3 Sweet Hom3

Back from Australia
Finally, after all the unpacking and washing, now i'm going back to that old cell again. I really dun understand how people can be as retarded to planning as I can be...How come I am not taking a small tiny whiney more break from my 5 weeks overseas and have to go back to my old cell and slog? Shits happen and sometimes, there really is too much retards out there... 2 much.
A hi back to all the folks here in Sg, yes, after a one day delay in flight, i'm back. =] Not as really happy as can be due to #!$$%#!%!# I'm getting. Nevermind, i will take a long vacation next week i guess...=] ANyhow, Australia has been really exciting, not that i have been there enjoying holiday for 5 weeks, but really, it was fruitful. The trip decided some of the grey areas in my life about which ever steps to take next, and i think, i have settle on what to do. This good 1 month trip sees me through to some really professional butch of rich guys whom i was lucky to have met. It also sees me through some tough times with a few of my fellow mates, not to forget freaking crazy Issac, fateful Mr. DX and CK, and the idiotic duo Jeff and William, [Pleas3 stop calling me Pussy Cat or Puss in Boots you freaking sluts.] Anyhow, it was fun, get to see how Australian live their life. Slowww and easy....and i really mean sloww........ =] To those whom looking forward to me buying stuff back....wahhahah Nop3 i bought nothing....lolz.....theres really no shit out there la, its not like i been to GOLD COAST or whatever? So really, if anyone of you out there yearn to have something from Australia, go there yourself.
Proj3ct I
Right now I'm taking a new step towards my dream again, so everything gonna be busy and errr...pack. Its the step to get me back to where i originally was, and i really hope to be successful on this one. Other than that, lots of birthday gurls this next month. Gonna be busy going to parties....hope its not the usual stuff.....ie. go to Pasir ris then bbq , eat and eat and eat....hope someone comes up with a better birthday party with real entertainment value. And really hope i get to be invited for the post dinner with the richies.....lolx
cheers to all dreams