Looking at the topic you probably kno3 how empty I am right now.
I can't even think of a proper title, actually i dun hav anything to say,
really, nothing. But just feel like blogging cause actually,
I did like typing. Its the kinda fulfillment when you do speed typing
and just go on and on. I'm not saying I'm fast, but good enuff to be noticed.
=]. I have seen other inhuman peeps that can really type like a writer at 112WPM,
one of my men can do it, thats almost twice my speed, almost. The max
I did was like 80? His one-hella speedo, but anyhow, his "GAng-daNg" mah,
of course fast lar.
So, lets talk about Wed.
Wed is a good day, cause its in mid-week and its nites off time
for my area. Thus can have a break and head home.
Been asked to go Mambo tonight, in fact is another 45 mins away.
But i suddenly have the urge "NOT to GO"
lolx, i dunno, when I wanna go clubbing,
its about knowing peeps and ...enjoying? but thats always a scenerio
i try to paint. In fact "NO" clubbing dun get you friends,
it gives you ladies that club with their hubbies and lick around.
it gives you chee chee gurls who give you the, eh F-O look.
So what does clubbing give you? it actually gives you nothing but
aimless dreaming of the "next" clubbing ya gonna go to will be better:
Nope it doesn't get better. But indeed, the last clubbing i hav was really fun.
And it really was, other than the first clubbin experience, the last
one was another total diff one. And it will just stay there for that moment?
I dun foresee anymore exciting clubbin to come along,
caused firstly i seldom club, and secondly the clubbin scene really,
I literally and sincerely mean, NOT EXCITING.
Unless you are the thick face shit guy next door or else you not gonna hook
any gurls under your pants.
But if yar sincerely going out to enjoy dancing with your friends without
any motives like i used to, then probably it will be fun.
Else, stop pinning hopes and pray you dun get AIDS.
lolx life sux, and here i am leaving around 30 minutes to think,
will I go?
Right now its money against weightage of what i can get out of it.
Which with my finger tips can count lar...
But again, guys are like that, they always hope for the best and pray
something will happened in the next one,
and the next one, and the next one........
And finally,
the last main reason why I'm pondering is because,
I'm afraid if i go, I will miss something,
and if i don't go, i might miss something also.....
Life is full of decisions, and hard ones.....
How come life is always so tough?


Christmas Ev3

BBQ pics during this years Christmas. =]

Aint it wonderful? this is seletar reserviour, my usual hangout in the past. Used to cycle there but now...things have changed. Can't believe a K700i can give this kinda quality. hahhaha I love this place. Simply gorgeous Posted by Hello

unloading of stores Posted by Hello

our barang barang. Posted by Hello

our sound system for the day....pretty pathatic Posted by Hello

yup., our starter and charcoal with the cheap Alluminium for the bbq Posted by Hello

hmm...the initial start up...its getting dark  Posted by Hello

That was like 6 to 7 starters for the charcoal... Posted by Hello

that took long? Posted by Hello

Why are We all so loNely :PART III

After September's part II, heres the sequal
at today's issue, we wont be covering about going out alone,
neither will it be about dreams. [ notice how i use the word "WE" cause most
of the time theres the devil and angel thoughts]
so, with that said, what are we covering today?
Ah...today we gonna talk about loneliness on having a partner basis and not.
Have you ever wonder are you having a partner because theres a need to
or issit because you are lonely? Does having a partner equally renders
you to unloneliness? So therefore, does it really makes a difference if you have
a partner and if you dun. If at this point of time you are thinking about the
fact that having a partner renders you to being able to have a constant
company by your side then once again that can always never be the case.
If that cannot be the case, why can't we all just flirt around and won't life become
any easier? Thus would it really make a difference if we have a partner
and if we dun?
Once again if you think along the line that with a relationship we
will be loyal to our partners but then again why can't we be loyal to the ones
we flirt with?
It probably doesn't make any sense to anyone of you why im asking all these.
It didn't make sense to me either.
Up until the point where you dun have a relationship,
you have been practically rotting alone during valentines,
trying to figure out who you can go out with during weekends,
you probably start thinking a little here and there.
Of course i'm not making the assumption that all singles should be like me,
but at least i believe everyone should think through this.
Instead of telling your partner how you love him/her, how much you treasure
each other, can you, yes YOU give yourself at least one reason why you should
be in a relationship?
Why can't you be like Einstein and study all day probably there might be
another great invention tomorrow.
I have yet to think of a reason why am i not in a relationship or why i should
have one. But once again, these are just things which we can all ponder.
At the end of the day, do you really have a goal in life?
Is LONELINESS so unbearable?
previous issues can be found on:



Excellent and Splendid
my reviews for the movie, just caught its sneak today.
He didn't disappoint anyone i guess, Stephan Chow's KUNG FU HUSTLE
is a must watch during christmas, everyone was laughing throughout. I would say
it is film with his very trademark. Lots of CG effect for the film.
I guess 3 years of long waiting was worth it, cause he didn't made it to be
just another normal Kung Fu show.
01]its by Stephan Chow
02]its not your stupid slap stick joke movie
03]its about seeing someone going through the good and evil
04]it managed to squeeze in the usual romance of a film
05]the cg is quite outstanding and up to international par
06]because i say so therefore must go watch.
Theres these art contest coming up and i intend to join it, but its a
tough one, caused its international level. hmmm....
Lets see what i can do


An advance Merry Christmas to all =] Posted by Hello

Another video

it seems lately tat i really , really am getting lost touch with drawing...
hmmm... and lots of cards and singing in life, nevertheless, as promised,
i will still try to post some works....lolx....probably old works.....
as usual, probably won't get a chance to blog during weekdays....
hmmm....anyhow, an Advance merry christmass to all. Enjoy your sweet and fun
loving holiday.

KTV !!!

I finally decided to expose my disgusting voice online.
Been to KTV these few weeks again, long time no sing.
And yes...i recorded my own session...wahhah
[Xiao di chang de bu shi hen hao,
but stil wanna post lar..hahah]
3 songs for your ears,
su yong kang's "sorry", ekin's "gam sum tai duoi lei" and jay's "hui dao guo qu"
yes i love singing...lolx...today went out with my uncles and aunt,
had dinner and nearly went ktv...
[why didnt go..argh.... @#$!]
Anyhow...any ktv experts out there can teach me how to break voice?
always stuck at a certain key and limit..some songs cannot sing...
haiz.....damn sad.......
Please call me to KTV anytimEE...
cheers, heres the link:
[btw, you need to have quicktime to play them. I think version 6.5 should do,
else send to sony ericsson's k700i to hear ba...=]]



As most of you have known,i'm a card freak.
And reason test still proves so.
Been learning how to deal cards single handed and theres some mark
improvement...so without furthur due...heres something i flim
with my right hand on my little SE K700i while i,
yes, single-handedlyy deal cards.
[the link below will download a zip file,inside contains two .3gp mov
which can be view with your quicktime version 6.5 or handphones like
nokia 6230 or any taht supports it.]


Sitting down uncomfortably at my chair, i feel like smashing the screen.
Why is that so? because my constant 3 game wins at 3 diff races of
each high lvl 16,19 and 12 has finally gone $%*&^%.
I feel like writing in to the admin poeple in warcraft FTF asking them how the
FISH do they pair me up 1v1 with these sluts of so high lvl.
And every round i win moves on to a higher level slut.
As if easy, i decided to restart a new account to play 1v1 and just as i thought
I really...REALLY think i was good, this lvl 22 shit NE ends my straight wins.
To those who have no shit idea what is Warcraft 3 FTF,
I'm really sorry, today's blog is just about complaining.
how come there are sOOOoo many good players out there?
Why can't they just all lose or something when they meet me.
life sux


Speed painting

Hmm...took me about 30mins painting it.
This not the full-res,but enjoy the gif larPosted by Hello


Annex A. my 2 years old photo Posted by Hello


Probably I should start my own movie, the title will be 1983.
-_- I ain't copying 2046....lolx This one gonna be long, so pop some food.
Anyhow, lets look back wat happen in life,
for the cursious and....for myself.
The birth of the intellectual being
[See Annex A]
-1983 to 1985-
My first ever appearance on newspaper with my mum,
its on the chinese article about birth thingy. Dun ask me why, I just
happen to be there. lolx
During this period of time, I live in Old " Alisanta"
Most of you won't know where that is,the area is gone now.
-1986 to 1988-
A period of ups and down for myself. There were only a few places
for me during this point of my life. Its either walking around in house,
going to Malaysia staying in my aunt's house or going down
"Da buo/Xiao Buo" <--thats what we call chinatown in
those days. [Some things to note at this point * I'm not
exactly in good terms with my relatives, cause I always get beaten up
in my Biggest aunt's house; for the things i do not do wrong, at least thats
what i feel, no one shall has a say over this.
-1989 to 1996-
I believe this is the period where i went to primary school
I came from Jiemin, a neighbourhood in yishun. Its the kinda...
ermm..unsignificant school and normal life in kids days.
What i consider normal life would be enjoying playing
"dua ka", gor-li, catching, hum-dam bola.....
from P1 to P3, i believe i was a....excellant kid? The kind that just study and
practically nothing else. life was books everyday...And i did fair quite well.
But from P4 onwards...hmm...i won't consider myself changing for the worst?
I believe its life starting to become fun?
Grades drop, standards gone and practically, everyday was games and
nothing else? I would always hang out under flats and play hum dam bola
with shirt tuck out, and homework not done...lots of shits.
There was even once a bunch of us skipped flag lowering and
play marble in class. We broke the glasses where the national
anthem was playing and yes, all of us canned..lolx
At this moment of life, I started dooling all those dragon ball
characters. I believe those of my age would somehow or rather
been invovle in dragon ball. I still can remember those scenes as if
Yup secondary life. Things didn't change much,
I just move next door, to Yishun Sec. Thats just beside my primary school.
You can probably guess why i choose there...or why i ended up there.
yes, the one only reason [ convinence] and i didn't had good grades then.
Things like eca becomes more prominent. Thats the era of my life
where i get to know a few good men.
You will know why its a few later on.
Got invovle in alot of eca. Life becomes more weary and lucky me
went into express class. I'm not the kind that likes to study, in fact
i hate it. I would rather stay home toy with my genesis which
eventually became a PS.
Lots of ECA for me, table tennis lar, Pa system, librarian, air rifle club, etc.
From the above i guess most of you can see how inconsistent i am in life.
And yes, i am still inconsistent now. I picked up guitar at this point of my life.
I love singing also, Ice skating and pool were some other stuff i learn.
After express class, I never like talking to the gurls. Cause of somethings
happened back when i was sec2. Friends everyday also say i
"Chee Hong"...yup, so i closed all my female links then. During POA class
[Principal of Accounts. yes im an account student...-_- nothing wrong
wat, I say i didn't wanna be call chee hong but didnt say i can choose
to bio zha bo in class....lolz....] I was always at the corner. Its bloody
obvoius caused, the gurls and some other guys would stick infront in
class while me and hong were the only two solos at the middle corner row.
Despite the constant persuation by our POA teacher, we seldom move our sits.
We weren't rebellious, both of us were just lazy. I never pay attention
during POA lessons, caused i knew i had ah hong to depend on everything
else, and also because i dun even wanna score in the curriculum.
Sec 4
A time where most students will be panic,at least the express classes
cause of O levels. I was still fooling around in life, getting into
relationships and off them. I dun consider myself a flirt, cause in
the first place i dun even have the looks or skills to start with, those
relationships are...of genuine but doesn't get anywhere kind?
I started poly, lucky me again, I had an average O level grade.
Went into NYP under Digital Media Design
[Lots of you have ask me what is DMD, that is, its a course of study
that deals with media including video, animation both 2d and 3d and
a little of design sense]
Life was hard, I had to manage between work and friends and
relationship. Even after schools, I would go out and work.
School fees was a constant problem. I didn't get to go out often,
and had a few friends during my course of study, I'm really happy
i knew them, people like roger, shannon, peng ven and not forgetting
jj. Of cause there were other very talented artist that was in the course,
far more talented than me i would say. But these few were the guys
that like to slack but somehow produce good work, I cannot
understand the theory why, lolx. Yes we were all lazy.
They were the guys who taught me Half life and CS also.
Lan gaming influence was due to them, not forgetting KOF.
Life became better after 2000.
There were a big cut off during our year 1, lots of friends didn't make
it to year 2. DMD is hush, theres always a term project that we have
to go through in interview style by the lecturers. Those who had
no portfolio work would be kicked out.
I went on in life to year2 in 2001. Things picked up, thanks to the bursaries
all these years that helped me survived in school. I gave up relationship
during this point of my life and worked hard for studies.
Things paid off luckily. I went on to year3.
My final year of poly.
I was worried about in few things in life, money,career and army.
Obviously i had no power to change anything at this point of my life,
but i just like to think. I'm the kinda dweller that keeps dwelling.
So if there really is a problem or situation i can't solved, I will still
dwell on it for years.....Major changes happen in my life during this
point of time, from art styles, to relationships, friends and even relatives.
Alot of things changed for the good and bad.
I believe during 2002 to 2003, theres a mentality change in everyone.
Probably its just me and what happened during this time tat caused me to
think this way. Fame and glory came during year3. I get to go for a lucky
TV interview, get on the newspaper, won a few contest and get to go to india.
Some unfortunate things happen also, I lost a friend during this time.
I won't use the word backstab ...but i lost a girlfriend when i was in india.
Apparantly she came close to one of my so call "brothers"
[Notice the fact that i used the word "brothers?" - in simply means
friends which you have known for a minimum engaging period of time,
for this case was 7to8 years and went through some thick and thin with?"
Friends you share your problems, friends which you will care and be there
vice versa.]
Life was disappointing during this time not because of what happened,
but because of the mentality of both my ex gf and that guy?
[Notice how i used the word "that guy"; its not because i do not wanna
get associated with, its jus that after all this time you dun even know
if you wanna call him a friend of stranger? What you wan me to do?
Take it that nothing happen in life? I'm not a dildo....]
I never really blame anyone, maybe i did for a day or two. But i believe
I even if i did i have the right.
Imagine yourself overseas and losing two person in life. And when you
know you can never get them back and things will never be the same.
Not mentioning i was having an operation overseas and the female
was soooooo greatful to me breaking me the news during christmas
just a few weeks before i head home.
HoW wonderful and GOOd can life be?
[Notice how long this para is and hmm...it really digs into my head
cause up till this date, i still can't really get over it.]
ok lets move on in life.
-2003 till now-
Lucky me went into army during 2003. Got into officer course
and finally commissioned. During that 10 months, met alot of interesting people,
especially during Sig course. All the little sluts in the mama-san bunk. lolx
Thanks for tolerating my yelling. wootz!!
Currently a 3-year regular, dun ask me why
i signed on, but i can give you a reason to WHY i will not continue the contract.
life is ok right now. I'm only saving for Uni, as usual, money for studies..
Still am worried about my carreer. Nope not in a relationship and dun foresee
getting into one, I dun think have chance. Girls nowadays are too complicated
and hard to understand. Got into cards and still am excited over it.
Have 3 brothers that keeps hanging on to me in my life, thanks for being there
and erm....looking forward to 2005.
Take a look back, life is interesting.
If you think you have things to share, I will always try to be a listening ear.
[NOtice how i used the word always; it simply means will by all-ways be there,
but notice how i used try to be after it. I'm just covering my backside
if i can't be there, please be understanding. lolx]


A new Motherboard

Bought a new mother-board today
together with a water cooler....
But somehow or rather....it is bloody sloww......
I will never understand why that is the case, everytime i upgrade
my pc, there is bound to be some shit happening and it just doesn't
perform to par....no value for money.
I guess will have to wait for the mother-board to be seasoned...
Meanwhile, haven been blogging lately, have been busy
playing warcraft 3....and waiting for World of Warcraft
for peeps who do not know what they are, they are games by BLIZZARD
and just fasinating. Anyhow, the WOW haven had its asian launch. And
seriously speaking,i'm just waiting to buy the limited edition
and grab the art book. Lol, i dun have the kinda time to play at all.
Will buck up and get back to my work soon.
Should be posting some pictures during mid-month.
Meanwhile, theres lots of birthday celebration going on lately.
[how come everyone is like born on Dec?]
Hell knows...lolx


Shag Out

realling shag out today,
was out the whole day...grab a copy of another art book....
cost a bomb of $78. Well, heres some drawing i just did,
and i literally mean i just did, [drawn 2 minute ago]
Took 10mins to finish it....just to test my life drawing.
Sux...my life drawing has gone down the drain..
Looks like i really need to touch up on my skills....
need to revise soon.
Happy birthday to Claudia,
thats my...God-sister?
and hell knows why and when...lolx.
Got alot more to do tomorrow...and i really am very tired now...
this week was suppose to be free and easy?
how come its like so pack and...so much to do?
I'm starting to grow smaller.....

Some touch-ups Posted by Hello

stage3?? Posted by Hello

The final image, real bad....lolz....I'm gonna kill myself Posted by Hello


Jay Zhou

Jay Concert
Some photos from my fishy's contribution.
That crazy fellow [along with a few others] went for the concert.
I believe it must have been real fun..look at the freak,
he was 30 metres close to the singer.
WTF !#$???!! lolz
Talking about jay, just grab a copy of his book,
Grandeur de D major
Its quite a worth considering its just $25 for a small
walkthough of someone else life. Theres certain value in this
book that you can quite look up to and be inspired.

he was that close...30m to jay..ai say.... Posted by Hello

jay and Nan quan mama...lolz Posted by Hello

Thats $150 that fishy spend...crazy! Posted by Hello