I wak3 up le!!

look at the time, only 7.18a.m.
hiak hiak hiak, but im awake.
got a few things to do today!!
and most importantly, its the start of long Week End!
went to ktv recently again, didnt get a chance to post, so now i will.
oh fishy and jiajia, do listen and give some comments,
lolx,would really like some comments from the duet king and queen.
anyhow, heres the link:
inside contains two files, a duet and a solo.
[obviously the duet is between me and my wife]
[Ai say...same thing, Quicktime 6 and above to listen.]



weekends are hard to come by...
and its getting harder especially with upcoming events..
its even harder when you got a whole lot pack of stuff to do altogether
in one shot. But then again, its because if you have alot of things to do,
life is fulfilling.
And at this point of time, life really is fulfilling.
Especially when you want to accompany your partner,
your family, your friends, your relatives and do work,
and continue your hobby and read story book and all and all...
hahahha ....
but well, manage to do all that...
time management is really essential in life.
hope all of you out there are doing happy things during your
happy weekends and happily waiting for something to happen in
my blog again...hiak hiak hiak...
well....hopefully my personal website will finish soon.
If its done, this webby will be fully dedicated to
grumbles and groans...
soon its gonna be fully text.
Till my website is up...
[hopefully i really finsih it this time..lolx]
everything will be the same in this blog space.


The monintor looks bright today.
it always looks bright; somehow
the fact that its morning, that i just woke up,
the fact that even my eyes ain't costomized to the environment.
haze still hangs around.
but of course, I already wash up.
Its nothing to do with the cleaning up of yourself.
IT is just something to do with the waking up of your physical body;
over the mental one.
and of course, I'm mentally awaken...else i won't be typing.
I wake up now, with a wierd mood.
One of those no-no days which i'm more attentive to the environment.
One of those days that I work more, talk less.
Perhaps...its just another one of those days again.
I couldn't really find a reason for my presence here,
to blog I mean...cause there doesn't really seemed like a purpose
in the early morn.
Maybe I'll talk about some general issues in life thus far.
people always complain, that singaporeans are not courteous.
Maybe because we are asians, we always look forward to negative points.
Whereas in a whole, we dun look for positive singaporean treats, even if
we do, we keep it bare minimum.
Somehow, media be it tv or newspaper, always seems to say
singaporean do not give up sits to elders or even the pregnant.
Thats why the constant sign on the mrt side doors.
But then again, if elders and pregnant lady wants comfort,
shouldn't they grab a taxi??
Taking things for granted like if they should be treated better
isn't right. Of course I'm not saying we shouldn't respect them.
if an adult is sleeping in the mrt in a pack train,
people will stare at him for not giving up his sit to an elder.
why cant this bloody buggers think for a second that maybe,
just maybe
that the guy sleeping is ill or probably left with a few months of his life.
and with human,
the constant problem is we always jump to conclusion too fast.
because human is just too complicated.
and sometimes just say things we dun mean.
for example:
is there such thing as raining cats and dogs?
where the F##k will there be a scenerio as
raining CATS and DOGS ???
for you to think and ponder


after 2 months ++ !!! finalLY finish reading Posted by Hello


smelly and tired
The morning dew and insect bites,
finally im home, and home sweet home it is....
as i am typing right now, Im also scratching all over the place...
just cant help...Argghhh.....
i just dun understand why people can say
of course, loving the 大自然, you must love other shits like
the insect bites lar, irritating mosquitoes lar, the swarm lar....
damn disgusting stuff....
but ok lar.... cant help it can I??
just as I was booking out and finally got to hear my baby's voice.
Took the time to read finish a book written by GLEN DUNCAN.
probably in a later time, will post about the story.
highly recommend
for now i need some rest.....


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Looks like everyone is into blog now,
at least most of my friends are....
[even yaohong got one....]
everyone is joining the space!!
EnjOY the CamPing Picz!!



A common word so familiar,
tag to our daily life.
The same common word we use everyday.
but on a different scenerio.
Is the process whereby you see a situation and
somehow remembers you have been in that situation before.
So what if you pick up a phone and you just know
who the other party is, without even hearing his/her voice.
Somehow you just know,
That is , but basic instinct.

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PonDerInG NitEz

I am in the middle of my job having to finish up some work late at night.
The only reason i am here blogging, is the simple reason that the job can
never be finished and i have all the night for it. While digging my brains trying to
settle down on how to finsih the rest of the work, i decided to blog , or at least
try to blog. The updates been getting very slow lately and I couldn't agree more.
Soon I will be fighting war on the far side of this country trying
to believe that what I'm doing is actually preparing myself for the future.
Where as, my future is not what I am trying to prepare for now....
Sometimes, I feel really disturbed...Im just 21, and why the heck and I thinking
so much. But then again, If we all dun start thinking about our life now,
when should we? OF course, some told me that theres no point thinking about
it since you cant do anything about your life, just let the flow go...
But then again, why dun we all try to create miracle for ourselves and try to do
all the impossible and see at least if it worked? The fact is, we won't, probably
all of us are lazy. And thats why you are reading my blog.
If in fact you are not lazy about life, you should be struggling trying to be
an entrepunerrrn [ dunno how to spell also ] and keep working late night
to make your crazy business work. So, clearly this group of us belong
to the lazy batch.
Thus said, if we all have a choice to choose back what we can work hard for
and strife hard for, will we turn back? If you can travel back to time,
will you? And actually i have a time machine for ya, just that we dun call it
time machine, we call it memory.
So whats the use of me pondering and worrying about my life, about how am
i gonna support myself, when can i buy my own house and be successful...
The fact is, I should do more and speak less and think more.
I lost it suddenly, the impact to draw and work. Lost my groove. Been trying
to find it back. Its something that misses and hits once in awhile in my life....
like some peak and orgasm then low and sicko kinda thingy....it gets all sorts of
temperature and moods. Its very hard to get back the momentumn
and passion. And sometimes, I just cant believe why. Probably its the fact that
im in anoother job too much and my flame for art and design gets loosen out,
and i have to keep the passion going and going and going and gooo in and go
really in and start drawing. But I just can't, partly because I'm not at home,
and partly because when i take up the pencil now, its like a stranger.
I still love what i do, and seriously, everyone should love what you do.
DUn be a prositute in life ever and regret later. A friend told me, in life you
can do whatever you want, just dun turn back and regret about it. We should all go
for our dreams and work hard towards it. I believe my dream will come true
one day.
And living it will be my life's glory.
Working towards it, is just my beginning.


yup, thats my office, thats where I'm going now, MISS me all Posted by Hello

MunDay Blu3z

Its early morning,
sleepy eyes and lots of yawning.
In a couple of minutes, I'll be rushing down my block for a cab.
And yet another hour to pass,
I will be running competitive with "a few good men".
But I hate to admit, I'm extremely tired and aching all over
the body....
If you gonna ask me wanna work anot,
I'll definately say "NO!!"
But on the other hand, since I already awaken myself up
stuggling out of that cozy bed and even manage to wiggle
my ArSe to my PC and BLOG,
yar...I'm going to work....
OK doky...need to speed up and do some real blogging.
heres something I did recently again, its quite lame but...well,
usual lar, same rule, quitetime 6 ++ to view the video.
Hope you guys do enjoy the crap, its the least im doing
while I work on my next artwork. meanwhile
just watch the vid and tahan abit.
soon lar soon lar....dun pressure me.....I'm trying to think
how to draw in flash...need to change style soon.
Sighh....any expert artist who happen to pass by my blog, can advice??
Oh yeah.....soon soon, soon there will be photos up and going.
Probably next week, hiak hiak hiak, cause dimsum is gonna go
camping....whahhahahH~~ looking forward to that day
and can catch up with my old pals....really long time never
go out with them.....sighh.......
XiaoHong: hope ya mum better soon, driving licence soon will get
one lar. Im sure ah boon can do it, you can do it also.
Tony: Im your father, though i know you wont be watching this
blog, still....... Im your new father. lolx
wa xi le eh LAO BEI....
but seriously no lar, stop calling me that,
I'm just worried i will slap you one day..lolx....
hmm...theres currently empty thought in my head,
till i think of more, will talk more.....
very sleepy...very.......going to work now.....