MaD Painting.

My first Matte Painting Test.
Just a concept thought.


SKETCH OF THE WEEK.....or rather the month....

Been extremely buzy lately. Don't even have the time to
hang out and test my new nikon digital camera. It seems
my new laptop has already been my permanent workstation
with the addition of my waccom tablet. I'm actually becoming
more like a mobile artist. As long as theres plug for power
source i'm just good to go. Anyway, despite all tight
schedules and porjects, I still miss painting. Thus I took the
time to clean up one of my sketches and hopefully i can
paint finish it by next week. Oh and i happen to
also notice that i haven't updated any comic work
which is so darn disappointing...
I'll get back to that asap.
I think....hahahah
- -
(ps: I've start using Google Calender. Its quite
neat although it still doesn't surf me any
purpose but i'm just doing it for fun.
You guys should check it out. =])


New Toy~~

I finally bought this new toy and I'm actually using it to

do the first post in March~~ SPlendid...

This machine cost 2.3k SGD Flat and heres the spec

for you to bitch about. There are ways to get it in

2.1k but i'm just plain too lazy to go sim lim and bargain

around where end of the day, i still need to go back

to the different retailers and parts for their warranty.


Heres my new baby's spec:


Intel core 2 duo 1.83 ghz for the motherboard. 2 GIG of ram.

120 HDD. This machines is a 14.1 inch wide screen with a

Nvidia Gefore 7300 dedicated 256ram graphics card.

Its a 2.4kg lightweight fighter(at least lighter than signal sets)

and also comes with win xp pro service pack 2. It also

happen to have an inbuild 1.3 megapixel camera which is

just a plus and like all other machines, it has wireless

along with bluetooth, dvd rw and a fighting force of

4batt hours. Its a taiwan brand ASUS and has

a 2 year global warrunty. ( Its sold at funan)


Machine Prositute Level


I've been using this for straight two days to rush

projects (in case you all still dunno, I am a hard core

graphic usage guy) and the heat rate for the machine is

quite surprizingly low. (maybe still new, haven pros enough..

lolx) ANyhow, I use a Wacom tablet 2 for my mouse and

practically for gaming also. (I tested dota on the wide screen)

The dual core came into good use when I launch my usual

baby programmes (adobe photoshop, dreamweaver and

alongside with flash) They were very smooth throughout,

no issues alt tabbing in and out of the softwares and no lags,

with ram speed going to only 768 (not even utilizing half of

the cap) And i was opening moderate decent filesize.



Final verdict, 4 stars out of 5 for a

graphic designer/painter usage.