Speed Painting III

I regret not giving myself a chance to learn painting
when i actually had the chance to do so. I regret not giving
myself a tight slap to work harder to getting
know this friend we all call "color".
I so regret...
This one done in two hours...
I am so far far far behind everything...

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Speed Painting II

Oh i screw this one up....WTF..one hour....

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Speed Painting.

I finally decided to paint again. But this time i decided
not to be that stubborn and paint without reference.
So i gave myself a one hour grace for a moderate painting.
This one in particular is done under 53 mins.
I quite like how the outcome came. I will be posting
the paint in progress...hope you guys can see the gif.
It turn out quite differently from my initial paint.
What a relief..lolx...This is so fun....Oh ya...I added
a tag box...Do feel free to use it man...If not im
gonna remove it like what i did 2 years ago..
Duh.... -____-

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Life is very amazing. Technology has made so many
wonderful things. Eveything in life is nothing but a scandal.
Probably in the near future all the ladies will be perfect women.


Artist Discussion : 吴克群

Woots...a very nice song by Wu Ke Qun...Recently just
found out that he was the original singer for the song
"一直没发现". His actual first album wasn't the "吴克群"
album. In the year 2000, he actually launch a CD called
"一个人的Tomorrow". His recent rap "将军令" is indeed
catchy and a take at ABC society.
"American Born Chinese?" Anyhow....heres something
I doodle yesterday.And no.. I didn't draw it because
of the song..
Comments are welcome as usual.

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One of my fav thing to pass time is to create wall paper.
That way you can sorta have your own PC theme. I guess
that's what most of the other artist do also. To boost their
own moral by changing their wallpaper frequently.
Next week gotta be a very fun week. One of my army colleage
is getting married and we're going clubbing on wed nite for
his so call "bachelor nite". Its my first time going to such
an occassion...hiak hiak hiak....its gonna be a total shag
out till friday where his actual wedding will commence...
And im the video man for it so....its kinda stress if
i can't deliver the morning "crash Gate" video portion...
Argh...and my battalion is having COC...and i'm doing
my CO's COC video...
stress nia.......


PaintinG Once More~~


Test subject



I haven't been updating for a month now. I must give
upmost credit to my laziness attitude that has amount
to such a tragic. Nevertheless, I'll attempt to post a drawing
which actually turn out to be quite ugly i must say.
I'm beginning to lose my cool and change my thinking
once again. Somehow or rather, i felt that getting a degree
doesn't seem so feasable anymore. It just doesn't
make any sense at all. Life is so full of uncertainty and...
i guess I'm just a floating cloud. I'm getting more and
more obsessed with this thing call money.
Hell I should dip myself in a warm pool
to freshen my thoughts once more.
Theres actually alot of things going on my mind
right now and i seriously can't find the mood or words
to describe whatever i'm going through. Its the kind of
uneasiness in the stomach for the future and probably
because of the fact that i haven't had any working experience
in the art industry. Pluging myself in next year will be an
instant suicide. Hell I wish there would be a formula
and directory marked out. And how i wish my dad or
uncle or relative or anyone older in seniority could have
been in this market to give me a guide on direction.
Its as if i have been walking on this path all alone and
thank goodness teh previous years doesn't
entails any major road blockage.
Life thus far has been very easy : to study, and study
and study, to work in weekends and play and join army,
become stagnant and play and laze around.
Going into society seems a very scary thing somehow...
And at times like this, feeling helpless and immature....
theres like no one to turn to and talk to. Every old folk
gives stupid advices like, study hard so you can work hard
and you can get a stable job. Don't buy a car cause you
cannot afford it and just keep working hard find a stable job
and you will have kids, get married and then its your
fucking turn to tell them work hard, study hard, get a
good degree, get a scholarship and get a steady job.
And life becomes a monopoly where you earn your
pay and buy stupid things trying to pay your house bills,
phone bills, entertainment bills every month making ends
meet barely and somehow you are so afraid being out of
job because your whole fuckng life is on bills and installments
and taxes and it just so sux. And if you didnt't think
hard enough. You'll probably go kill yourself.
No one in life teaches you how to get rich. No one.
Probably not my mother, not my uncle, not anyone
i know. They only teach you how to save month at most.
They never teach you how to risk young and venture
into business, how to not be an idiot working for some
freaking boss refusing to increase your pay. They never
teach you that in school, they never teach you that in life.
And the only reason they kept arguing why the other
mother son next door is rich is because his father is rich.
And his father is rich because its inherit in the family.
So hell the fuck did his grandfather or grand grand
father get rich in the first place?? No one knows.
The rich gets richer, the poor doesn't know what to do.
And teh moderate keeps living in superficial lifestyle
telling himself/herself to work harder next year and
next next year in hope for a raise or bonus.
Stupid Right? Stupid Stupid Stupid Stuipd.

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