Yoz~~ Heres a little Cerbi Fan Art Dedicated to my friend...
since its a fan art, its not suppose to be perfect. So i slack
around and created this piece of SHIT....anyhow,
the more important thing is the flash link below which
is a christmas flash file that i did for this year.
I'm having trouble to do flash attaching to blogger.
SO, you have to click on the link to view it.
Enjoy your festive seasons guys.
- -


Crazy Weekends~~

Yeah yeah...once again I'm bitching on my weekends..
as a matter of fact...I'm more than happy on weekends
without driving lessons...Don't ask me why, though
i want to get my licence (however you spell it) badly,
i always cork up my lessons. If not for the fact that
I cannot attend certain saturdays due to work or
personal reasons, then its either my private driving
instructor going on overseas trip. So i've been like
having most of the lessons on a 2 week gap. And he
always stress more than enough to me that i NEED to
take 2 lessons (minimum) per week. Although i would
like to agree with most of you that some of this
private instructors simply dun care and want to earn
more of our money, but seriously, i've been driving
like Shit....So whatever he says has a point...but
i dun have the mood, time and effort to do a 2 lesson
session per week.The sat practical drive is always at 8am.
Its crazy...I'm about to give up driving due to
lack of time commitment but i dun wanna be like
my commander now have baby liao become
OC still don't have driving license.... I'm a bitch stuck
at the junction wondering if i should rush off the
amber light on the traffic or just stop before the
white line.
Theres just so much things to do on the weekends.....
Anyhow, heres a nice website from someone
who does 3D motion graphics and commercials...
If any of you need such services, you can drop this guy a mail.
I will be doing a christmas greeting...just for the sake
of festive season and its about to be completed...due to
my overpack schedule in life right now, i am unable to
deliever it onto the blog as what i have
stated in the bitchin corner on your right-->>
Rest assure it'll be up in a few days time.
Right now i need to get some beauty sleep before my
body outbreaks again....~~~
Oh, and tomorrow i'll be escape theme park in the
late morn till early noon....I'm just posting in case anyone
of you are going cos lately i've been having alot of
luck discovering familiar faces on the streets
during weekends....


Thursday UpdateZz~~

Wa la.... heres something that one of my friend did.
Apparantly, you can find the toys located at comics connection.
Its actually a hell-hound/cat icon thats really really cute.
If you happen to like soft toys or even wanna find a gift
for someone over christmas, do check out the amazingly
cute webby with integrated animation weekly.
Attached is a snap shot of the cool flash site.

heres a breaking pen art that i did a few days ago...
hmm... its not quite right as i cut out a few
frames..and its very unatural due to the fact that
all the pose were drawn out without alignment and
varying in scale...nevertheless..its just for
personal enjoyment.

Free Image Hosting
Something that i drew recently.
Somehow or rather, I tend to have a
very strong perception of women being
intemidating and supersize powerful..
Maybe its the fact that the world has gone
so wrong....and our opposite sex will never be
the same again and continue to rise and grow into
less femine creatures and eventually, they will
cease to need men....
Why do i keep having that impression??Freaky...



I just did a walking animation. Seems really rusty, the
last time that i did a walk cycle was like 5 years ago.
And now, this is the kinda shit that i'm producing...
Really need to get back into my drawing and understanding
on stretch and squash and stuff...I wish I had pay more
attention in class. Its too late to ponder about such
stuff now. I prolly gonna do a few more gif and start moving
on into flash soon. Its time i pick up the tool
and start running around circles.
With that, i present to you, SMOKE MAN....kinda lame lar..
i know, everywhere now, everyone is like trying to
use a mask man nia...
he looks more like limping...freak...
K..i shall re-correct myself..i present to you..
the limping FREAK GAS MAN...

Free Image Hosting



Haven't been posting for awhile and my guilt has
actually force me to log on to blogger once more.
Been running around lately having fun and doing
my stuff for my vocal training and band...
thus the neglect of drawings..ZzzzZzz...
my unit BOSS finally change over, looks like theres gonna
be more shit coming my way....lolx...more SHITz..
and yeah..for this half of the month im gonna be
like stand-in OC...I will probably declare the whole coy off..
WAHHAhahahha Spastic sia...anyhow,
I've started to pick up sign language with another friend..
and its freaking fun. We were talking
(virtually in sign language form)
with one another in the MRT and peopel were like staring
at us.
( Seriously singaporean very CB one...
knn if both of us handicapp you must look until like never
see before mute poeple or wat meh?)
ANyhow...my friend's hp rang and he started to talk on
teh phone, all the strangers around us the eyes
nearly pop out... lolx...Its good to know another language,
especially sign language..that way, next time
i go clubbing or jamming i no need waste my energy
shout so loud...LOLx... oh and heres something
i doodle in 15 - 20 mins..i dunno
what issit..dun ask me...
my brain is not working lately....

I wanna go on a holiday~~~


Busy Busy Busy....

Haven post for quite awhile...and these days...not
posting means being guilty...Too busy with my exercise.
Today just got the chance to pop on for course in
Singapore Poly...Even on course also stress by army work..
wa biangz eh...really stress ar....haiz....
I will get back to posting draiwngs soon!!!


Brain Block

First off.....Can the freaking Blogger management
group fix all the bugs and lags and error messages
in blogspot?? Wtf tell poeple go migrate migrate test
wat beta shit login with Google account......
and then and then?
then lag like !@#$%!#$ I know its free lar but you
promise better drag and drop shit then just fulfill your
promise lar...wa piangz eh...i everyday work till 11pm
because of exercise come home post
something you gimme so many error......
I hate bitching bout life but......probably cos i haven
been sleeping well these days.....Somehow it seems
that i have much more tolerance in the real world....
I think the world wide web is a good place to bitch
about things....Anyway...I decided to do a vampire lady
painting and somehow or rather i dunno issit i
off focus or too focus i didnt finish it. And this is the initial
sketch....I'll probably take my own sweet time on this
one and see if i can make a really really good good piece
so that i can post on cg society and show off my not
so kick ass skill to let others bitch about.......... -___-
Life really sux this week...thus i havent been
painting...Not because i'm lazy..but really
because i'm too tired.....
[actually i lied, i play warcraft yesterday
eh i also human ok??!! #@!$#....
I'm so hungry..]


Speed Painting X

4 hours....no reference.....

and no Sexy Porny BG.......






Some tweaking on teh previous painting...

Speed Painting IX

Haven been painting or posting for the past few days.
Haven been sleepin well also..freak..Now I'm in exercise so..
everyday is like working till very late and for the next
2 weeks its gonna be like that. Whats worst is that next
month I won't be clearing any leave and it kinda sux cos...
Everyone will be enjoying themselves overseas or on
local leave resting at home....While i continue to work
like a dog in the big hound compound. And once again
I'm bitching about army....I finally can understand how
you guys feel when you are like almost gonna ORD but
not quite there yet and you know there's a big pile of
shit coming after ya..... Well no choice, gotta bear with
it for awhile more since i decided to sign on myself.
No use turning back and screaming I guess?
Bought a few books in hope i can better understand and
tweak my brain on how to draft out storys...Been in a
daze since feburary and my little project ain't moving
anywhere.....I felt kinda low..like... like wtf am I doing...
why i have no more ability to push that extra mile to
make things complete...
When will i get my light bulb to light up again.....
This painting took 2 and a half hours...I wanted to
create something that has a comic feel close to "IS"...
you know the sexy book?? I dun think most of you
guys have seen it...but yar..I'm trying to work
around colors and tones again...I should be getting into
painting environment soon enough...I really hope all
this major exercise comes to a halt and
i can work on my personal stuff soon.
Last but not least, thanks for keeping the
tag box alive. I appreciate it guys....I will
try to make time for meet ups....I need
to destress myself realll soon....


Green Is Hard to Paint....

Why is green so hard to paint?? Why??


Speed Painting VII ~~ I'm Back

Damn tired.....damn tired....I just glance around
the web. Found one of my coursemate injured in a
car accident. Sure hope he gets well soon enough. Well
I'm not very close to him and never had a chance to be
in his click since both of us pretty much do different things.
But he has been a constant inspirational figure when
i feel low and lousy. I mean...how far can a Singaporean
artist go man? Actually, quite far from what his doing.
And i sure hope he recovers soon and blogs again.
You guys can check him out at
Well I didnt post any recover msg in
his tag box. But seriously,
do get well soon antz.
Well this one is done from scratch at near 2 hours
Somehow I'm getting very pussy when I'm trying
to do coloring. I really wonder wtf am
i holding back ?? I need a slap in the face...
Maybe I'm trying to rush too much things....
Oh Well..I'm dead beat tired...this week's gonna
be very very crazy......


Speed Painting VII

Muahhahahha.. Welcome to the world of LOGAN....
drawn with reference in 2D pencil. Rendered in photoshop
without any color reference. Color rendering and
touch up took 2 hours....
Yes the background suck...i knoe....
I'm rushing OFF!!~~
Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net


Speed Painting VI

Ho...I broke what I just said...I manage to
finish the painting....walalallala...I'm extremely happy
with this one.....and yar..its getting longer and longer and
longer...this one took 4 hours...Oh..and theres like
something wrong with blogger..I can't seemed to use
the internal upload function...anyone can help ??
Hope you guys like this one...
I will not be painting for the weekend..
cos its life range and...sigh....Kena assistant
conducting...oh well....Ciaoz all....I'll be booking
in tomorrow so..check back on sunday.

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net


Speed Painting V

This has become somewhat not a speed painting
process...well....this one took 3-4hours. I sort of
started painting a totally different nonsense
during my first hour and i scrap it totally.
The final image below is different from the gif file.
It looks ok only...somehow i have real big problems
painting a proper eye...F&&KED....Arghh...anyhow...
i fix my tag box. Wootz...two more days and i'll be
a one week speed painting anniversary...
-__0 ..
I can really self - high....
I need to have more patience...arghh....
something i hate most....

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net

Free Image Hosting

Speed Painting IV

I am actually very very very tired today...
but i decided not to be lazy because i'm left with
less than 1 year to improve myself. So i took the courage
( actually its not courage lar...just need to bug myself
abit ...you know??) and did another painting once again.
Because I believe there are will be people watching over
me...at least there are people shouting at the tag box.
So...this one is done in 45 mins...yes..i did it very fast
and to my surprised....i improve slightly. I won't say
that this picture looks better than any of the rest of my
recent painting. But I will but all my single dollar that
during the process...i actually let go alot more freedom
in my painting and the colors when abit more drastically
than whatever i have achieve in my artist approach thus far.
Some of you might not understand what the FC&K i am
saying but its ok. The bottom line is i feel the
improvement....This is probably the next best thing
to orgasm...lolx....
( Eh chill lar..i joking nia..
you think orgasm so easy to beat in life ar??
WTF man...wake up leh...)
Anyway..i actually sacrifice my sleepness for art...
this is so amazing...I feel the urge to paint more...
yes..more and more ladies..
why ladies you ask?
Cos my social circle of friends are so
freaking FC&Ked up that i see guys too
many times...the number of ladies i know
can probably use one hand to count...
WTF man...life is really alot of WTF
especially when you have been working the whole
day from 6am till 12 am midnight.....

Free Image Hosting by FreeImageHosting.net

Free Image Hosting

Free Image Hosting


Speed Painting III

I regret not giving myself a chance to learn painting
when i actually had the chance to do so. I regret not giving
myself a tight slap to work harder to getting
know this friend we all call "color".
I so regret...
This one done in two hours...
I am so far far far behind everything...

Free Image Hosting


Speed Painting II

Oh i screw this one up....WTF..one hour....

Free Image Hosting

Speed Painting.

I finally decided to paint again. But this time i decided
not to be that stubborn and paint without reference.
So i gave myself a one hour grace for a moderate painting.
This one in particular is done under 53 mins.
I quite like how the outcome came. I will be posting
the paint in progress...hope you guys can see the gif.
It turn out quite differently from my initial paint.
What a relief..lolx...This is so fun....Oh ya...I added
a tag box...Do feel free to use it man...If not im
gonna remove it like what i did 2 years ago..
Duh.... -____-

Free Image Hosting



Life is very amazing. Technology has made so many
wonderful things. Eveything in life is nothing but a scandal.
Probably in the near future all the ladies will be perfect women.


Artist Discussion : 吴克群

Woots...a very nice song by Wu Ke Qun...Recently just
found out that he was the original singer for the song
"一直没发现". His actual first album wasn't the "吴克群"
album. In the year 2000, he actually launch a CD called
"一个人的Tomorrow". His recent rap "将军令" is indeed
catchy and a take at ABC society.
"American Born Chinese?" Anyhow....heres something
I doodle yesterday.And no.. I didn't draw it because
of the song..
Comments are welcome as usual.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



One of my fav thing to pass time is to create wall paper.
That way you can sorta have your own PC theme. I guess
that's what most of the other artist do also. To boost their
own moral by changing their wallpaper frequently.
Next week gotta be a very fun week. One of my army colleage
is getting married and we're going clubbing on wed nite for
his so call "bachelor nite". Its my first time going to such
an occassion...hiak hiak hiak....its gonna be a total shag
out till friday where his actual wedding will commence...
And im the video man for it so....its kinda stress if
i can't deliver the morning "crash Gate" video portion...
Argh...and my battalion is having COC...and i'm doing
my CO's COC video...
stress nia.......


PaintinG Once More~~


Test subject



I haven't been updating for a month now. I must give
upmost credit to my laziness attitude that has amount
to such a tragic. Nevertheless, I'll attempt to post a drawing
which actually turn out to be quite ugly i must say.
I'm beginning to lose my cool and change my thinking
once again. Somehow or rather, i felt that getting a degree
doesn't seem so feasable anymore. It just doesn't
make any sense at all. Life is so full of uncertainty and...
i guess I'm just a floating cloud. I'm getting more and
more obsessed with this thing call money.
Hell I should dip myself in a warm pool
to freshen my thoughts once more.
Theres actually alot of things going on my mind
right now and i seriously can't find the mood or words
to describe whatever i'm going through. Its the kind of
uneasiness in the stomach for the future and probably
because of the fact that i haven't had any working experience
in the art industry. Pluging myself in next year will be an
instant suicide. Hell I wish there would be a formula
and directory marked out. And how i wish my dad or
uncle or relative or anyone older in seniority could have
been in this market to give me a guide on direction.
Its as if i have been walking on this path all alone and
thank goodness teh previous years doesn't
entails any major road blockage.
Life thus far has been very easy : to study, and study
and study, to work in weekends and play and join army,
become stagnant and play and laze around.
Going into society seems a very scary thing somehow...
And at times like this, feeling helpless and immature....
theres like no one to turn to and talk to. Every old folk
gives stupid advices like, study hard so you can work hard
and you can get a stable job. Don't buy a car cause you
cannot afford it and just keep working hard find a stable job
and you will have kids, get married and then its your
fucking turn to tell them work hard, study hard, get a
good degree, get a scholarship and get a steady job.
And life becomes a monopoly where you earn your
pay and buy stupid things trying to pay your house bills,
phone bills, entertainment bills every month making ends
meet barely and somehow you are so afraid being out of
job because your whole fuckng life is on bills and installments
and taxes and it just so sux. And if you didnt't think
hard enough. You'll probably go kill yourself.
No one in life teaches you how to get rich. No one.
Probably not my mother, not my uncle, not anyone
i know. They only teach you how to save month at most.
They never teach you how to risk young and venture
into business, how to not be an idiot working for some
freaking boss refusing to increase your pay. They never
teach you that in school, they never teach you that in life.
And the only reason they kept arguing why the other
mother son next door is rich is because his father is rich.
And his father is rich because its inherit in the family.
So hell the fuck did his grandfather or grand grand
father get rich in the first place?? No one knows.
The rich gets richer, the poor doesn't know what to do.
And teh moderate keeps living in superficial lifestyle
telling himself/herself to work harder next year and
next next year in hope for a raise or bonus.
Stupid Right? Stupid Stupid Stupid Stuipd.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



I must be seriously crazy..look at the amount of
DS games i have..-__- thats 12 titles...and going
...oh.....why can't i just buy a mod and
download games...lolx...well..i just can't do it...
anyway...heres my current
collection of games...I think theres only
one person whom i know that
can surpass me in original
DS Lite games collection....



Nothing much...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


The Spoils ~~

The above link points to a new card game currently out
in the market on BETA trail. If you are a MagicTG fan or
a used to be ( like myself), this card game is quite unique
in terms of game play. Easy to pick up if you are a Magic
Player and erm....the card illustration is done by local artist.
SO..support the local market!! haha..i heard alot of good
reviews for this one by foreign Magic Players.
(nope..i'm not one of the artist who is designing the cards)
So..do check it out, theres an open BETA tournament which
comes with a really attractive winning cash....$$$
Apparantly i HAVE been drawing lately, just that i'm
too lazy to do the scans and...for digital works...well...
I'm busy in army stuff so...Not doing any CGs currently.
Will do a post soon...Bahahhaha...



Wahhh...sorry all for the lack for post...
been really busy lately, busy at work and both in
my band..Yes..I mention Band..and NO, if you are
thinking of some local super band competition.
tsk tsk tsk...its just a casual band thingy and
due to the fact that my current band
might be performing regularly at nite,
thus i was busy in jamming sessions lately.
No money invovle for the gigs, just pure explosure.
Regarding the place and when and what time,
its not confirmed yet.
will post back soon and...yes...i've still been
drawing lately, just that i didnt do scans and..
the pregnant lady is still very charming...so..
lets stick her on for another week..hiak hiak hiak hiak


Sketch Of the Day

Sketch of the day~~ BorinGzzzz



Today is the exact date that i started posting 3 Years ago.
Bahahha..Can't believe 3 years passed so much...
looking back now,this dairy thingy sure is fun.
So here i am, doing a special 3 year annivasary
(actually it ain't that special..)
Present to you guys..
Yeah...a bear in Akuma form....
yeah man..this is a guy thingy..girls will never
understand why we love games so much..
(btw this stupid shit cos me
2 hours..can you believe it?)



Wootz!!...Its raining now in the early noon...
Its good to take a break once awhile in life....
decided to doodle something so i came up with the
below idea. Somehow or rather, super heros are always
boys fantasy. Here we have...a SAMURAI....though
it doesn't really resemble one.. -___- Wootz..


Double Bloggin~~

Oh yeah...Im gonna double blog in the same day,
though i just did one minutes ago. And within these few
minutes...I got something to blog? Gosh...Its a miracle
man...AND YA...I'm really bored...lolx..cos im waiting
to have dinner with my friends at 6 which means...I got
20 mins more to blog about some stuff i left out just now
and some new things that struck my mind...
(did i say struck? Eww.....Sexy...~~~)
5 minutes of surfing
i just glance through the list of websites that i'm
suppose to glance every now and then and when
i'm sorta bored...I haven been talking bout this but...hmmm...
seems like my ex-girlfriend really is enjoying her life
currently. (at least better off with his new bf than me...)
Its like a weird tickle that shrugs you and...i dun even
know how to describe the feeling when reading all those
things she said in her blog. Well at least i ain't feeling jealous...
so ...thats positive for sure...and thats one thing in
life...that most people dun keep in contact with their
ex-girlfriends when they split...what do you think?
its that something illegal or..?? uh huh....most people
said that friendships after break-ups dun
exists....well..thats left for all of us to argue....
Some Other Blogs~~
Oh....some friends/men ( i get confused on what
to call them you see.....) blogged about watching
movie together with me...Yup...I watch Superman with
my Ex-Platoon Signallers...Its kinda a weird feeling...
I guess, for both me and them... WHY? you would ask...
Obviously because of the relationship...(no im not gay -___-)
I seriously have no idea what will happen if they call
me by name...lolx... i probably will puke and they will
puke also...cos they are so used to greeting me back then....
How i wished i haven got to know them working as
their superior. But seriously, some way down, i just hope
they never greet me again, and just call by name.
I guess that'll take time. Even for myself, I just can't spill
out the words calling my ex-bosses by name when i ORD.
Hope we have another gathering again,
but not of that big group i hope...
Oh yar...I wanna ORD...so badly...

New Environment

New Environment
wootz... haven't been posting for awhile...and not
much drawing updated...will buck-up on that. Anyway....
I just got my posting order last week friday...came as a
total shock that i'm moving out next mon..so fast...
Come to think of it, its kinda freaky...cos you
dun know whats up coming for ya...I'm so pessimistic.
Sigh...Anyway...I do miss my unit...been there
for 2 years you know...very long....so i was just wondering...
what will happen to me when i go ICT...
where will the country throw me...
As most of you know...I'm not a soccer fan...Neither
do i play w11... But I might just buy these and trail it for
the sake of DS Lite...Wahahha... I'm crazy...
oh..and for now, i have 7 DS GAMES!!! wahahha...


Oh......Diu diu diu diu....

Hmm...I just felt really bad for not drawing this month.
After starting work...I haven been posting alot.
So....kinda just feel like typing something from nothing...
I think I should sell my DS Lite...Its too addictive
lolx....And recently, theres a few adults holding DS Lites on
the train...All hook on like me...I had the urge to
approach them for challenges... ( after all thats what the
wireless DS are used for wat? Buy the machine then dun use
the function for F??) How I wish Singapore would have
media hypes for games and consoles advertisements
and media...Why can't we have those in our green city??
sigh....Meanwhile...I'll just have to link around with a
few of my friends and challenge those online aliens
in Mario Kart DS ~~ Wootz...I sure hope
Final Fantasy III Comes out fast....
diu diu diu diu diu...~~ Diu Diuu~~~


June Updat3z

Its freaking late....Can't get into blogger recently even if
i want to...wonder whats wrong with my camp's internet
connection. Then again, I'm suppose to be in-charge of
those stuff.....Anyhow, I'm moving my work place come
July 06 first week. And my new understudy will come in
place...(ahh...finally..i can leave this unit.) To my Ex
Platoon Signallers, our unit just gotten Best Armour 06.
And lots of things have change...Literally Lots of changes.
I really can't wait for July to come...but then again...I'm not
really that keen to change the environment though I know
I won't have to face such tedious travel times again.
And about my new job scope....err...its classified. Ha...What
good luck...I ain't gonna continue army life i guess...after
thinking for so long...I guess bread and butter ain't everything.
and hopefully....I won't regret this decision ten years down
the road when I'm outside selling peanuts...and not
continuing the army life I had...
Physical Training
I've been training again...physically...I'm its sorta very
taxing when your coming till such age to run...
(lolx...I feel so old..) Due to the coming Armour Event...
I'm exactly 2nd close to an idiot volunteering myself
for Road Relay Training...What the F?? was i thinking...
gosh...I'm out of my freaking mind....
DS Lite
I'm so hook to this shit man..I mean this machine...
ever since I've gotten my hands on it...it's practically
consuming my whole life....DAMN NINTENDO!!!
Now I just can't concentrate and spend more time on
work....These guys should DISAPPEAR from the face
of the earth..how can they produce such EvIL machinES..
oh ya...its really addictive...what I've gotten is err..
mario kart..super mario ds, animal crossing, brain age
and Nintendogs : Chi hua hua SHit... ( dun ask me why
i bought Nintendogs... -___- I also dunno....)
I'm gonna work hard..lolx..Does that sound convincing?!
Ok...heres a drawing...Bahahhah....I need to Slap myself
badly..and ya...I need to enrole in school
for next year july soon. Wootz....


When you Turn 23....

Some Birthday wishes just never will come true.



05 of 05
Will be moving on to the nex series soon.


WebBy Update

Heres a webby update...hahhah...been very lazy lately
and thanks to my brother who give me a kick in the ass,
right now...theres a sketch page for the webby. Well how to
go in...its easy to find. Lolx...anyway...its still the infant stage
and i'm trying to conceptualised everything.
Those who can't view the sketch page do let me know.
Bahahhah..incase you forgot the site...
its here!!


5000 HITS!!!

Can you believe it??!!! Whahahah...I've got 5000 hits...
I know its damn little and slow..I've seen millions of
blogsites that hits like err...10000 or something within
months?? (Okie..i haven seen millions of site...I'm
exaggerating....-___- DuH!!) Well...I'm actually quite
ashamed of myself...lolx...it took me like 3 years to
get this far?? F#$K man..lolx...Though I inserted the hit
counter about half-way through...still...its a bad achievement...
but...lately theres like more people viewing in the weekend...
And yesh...although I contribute to my own hits also...
but erm.....I really hope this place will grow someday
or somewhere and somehow...Come to think about it..
there were lots of occasions where i choose to shut it down...
Well....Glad I didn't....at least this place stop me from
playing more games....and err.....
thats a positive note.
Dun ask me why i draw this...I really dunno...
Somehow i just felt being hit 5000 times..lolx


CounterStrike Source

Been a long time since i last play..
I'm still good apparantly ....BAHHAHAHAH


I can't belief i'm still blogging at this late hour.....
hmmm...X-Men 3 sure is nice. But too bad they change too
much plot. Well...Should have expected that...I mean...
after all it's a comic turned movie...you can't expect everything
to be the same eh?? Else what is there to see....But it turns
out that there might be a sequal to it. Why? cos I stayed
back to watch the F$%King long credit. Thanks to my
brother who told me to stay behind....there is just a small
small clip after the long credit scroll that you might wanna
hang on to your seats if you wanna keep your cash worth.
Hmm...I ain't making any progress on the webby
I'm suppose to do...I feel quite bad about it....
It seems like I really can't stay focus...
I wanna achieve too much things but I'm just
simply too lazy to do all of them.....
I seriously need to be slapped...lolx
Heres Part 4 of 5 for DreamZzzz
Just try to be easy on me...dun think too much
when ya look at the pics. Sometimes things doesn't
make sense...lolx



very delighted today...after a few minutes, gonna rush down
to yishun GV for X-men 3. Thats not the main reason why
i'm delighted. The main reason is the fact that today's
talk with a publisher went smoothly. And if all is
well....we should be seeing tunnel at the end of the light.
All thanks to a great team of 2 other wonderful artist
whom I will be fighting alongside to make this
visualisation successful. Lets see if i can
rush home to night to post some drawings.
life is colorful.


I decided to continue doing online comic for now.
The shorts will be shared online for years to come.
Hmm..I guess its a kinda motivation to push myself along..
instead of keep thinking of publishing books....
which is...
really naive and childish....
at least till my skills are more professional.
doing free online content ain't that bad at all...
as long as theres people willing to read it.
it feels good.
3 of 5


David Blaine

Drowned Alive
Some People are just crazy attention seeker.
Nevertheless,the above mention personnel is one of them.
Probably he has run out of tricks to show or...
for some crazy reason...he seriously is playing with
his life. But in his latest TV debut, he failed to break
world record breath holding of 8mins 50 secs ++
He only came up to 7 mins. Almost died...not even close...
But seriously, though his spirit is to be admired
since his a relative new comer to breath holding, not even
close to a professional free diver equivilant, the way
his pushing his limit is one we must not learn.
At least for young kids. His spirit is remarkable but playing
with life ain't.
treasure your life man.


We are ALL going to DIE SOON

Yes...we are all going to die soon.
its a fact we all know but think will not come to us
during our time of life here in this planet.
At least thats what i think. And I'm quite guilty of that....
cause not that I add alot of daily pollution to the world...
but well....its something that we all can do nothing unless
every single one of us hold hands and accomplish it.
Seriously...if you watch the Youtub Vid...you'll know what
im talking about. Then again...what can we really do about it?
I for one will use lesser toilet paper..Ok..man...my ass is big
lolx...at least i try to deny using plastic bags man...



Hmmmhauhah...Been playing too much DOTA lately.
actually i feel quite bad but..heckt lar..lolx....i just love to use
prophet..thanks to one of the online expert which
used him so well....hiak hiak hiak...
its so easy to copy other people's style of playing...
anyhow...heres a ugly and anyhow fanart...lolx



Wa La~~~~
Its here...finally...
do visit it though theres...really practically nothing...
bahahhah...on clicking the below pic, you'll go
to my direct website...yupz...after 3 years...
i finally wanna get back to an online portfolio...
and the design and everything is in progress....
abig help from my brother....(cos he was actually worried that
someone else will use it in the future... -___- but heck??
who will use DIM5UM as their web name??)
Ok...the main page..i should say the splash is more or less
wat you will see in the future..of course i will touch it up..
till what kinda extend, when , i seriously have no idea...
as i slack by the day..i'll try to bring up my love for art...
lolx... and work it out. Meanwhile...enjoy such the sketch...
If you guys have any funky or cool suggestion for my upcoming
webby, do drop me a comment. I'll take note.


SleePless Night....

Jeez...its 5.30am... One of those Sleepless Nightz...
And its getting real serious lately....
Just can't get myself to sleep....I think sooner or later...
I'll need sleeping pills....Anyway...a piece of advice
to all of you out there....please dun sleep at uneven hours
everyday....or else you'll end up like me...
Its real suffering...
freak man......


ButtefLy Eff3ct

Nothing much,
just that haven't been doing portraits for awhile.
Wanted to see how fast and speedy I can get to the
porportions. This one in particular is a reference i got from
Multiply.com. (I think so...the other blog site)
Hope it does look like a local. And yes, its a local babe.
Can't believe huh? Well...neither can I ...gotta go back
to more scribbling and drawing...
Hop3 everyone enjoy the holiday...
(and yes...the bg been changed to white.
Hope its not too Glaring....)