End of Feb Update

ARghhh.. My wisdom tooth is killing me.
Freaking dentist who cleared me before I came India.
Should have taken it out while I could….
Now its giving me headaches and fever…
I wished I can pluck it out!!
Anyhow, recently was out in the field again.
The weather is drying everyone up.
Still, manage to do a couple of sketching.
Anyway, did a portrait for my spec and had it framed at the local stores.
Looks cool in the front huh? Cost only $2 SGD.
Thought of doing a poster of my comic and framing it up.
But the handcraft at the back is kinda bad.
Well, what can you ask for with such a price?
The production slowed down recently due to all that swelling in the tooth.
Hopefully I get well soon.
Something crossed my mind this morning, not sure if I’m dreaming;
the childhood memories of Japanese animation came back for a revisit.
(I’m talking about the Japanese anime during the 80s and 90s.)
From Macross the Movie to Ghost Train 999 and a couple which I lost the name.
Those were classic fantasy which would have survived even in our time.
The appeal of it varies from kids to anime fans like me.
The story was the selling point.
Gotta keep reminding myself on that.
Meanwhile, enjoy the pics!! 1 more month to
Home Sweet Home!!
The Parcel was wrapped nicely in newspaper!!
Thats the second drawing for my training officer -__-



Ta-Da!! Here I am with updates and photos! The first preview to the sketches!!!
Though you probably ain’t gonna see much with these blur pictures….
Thats the point you see….lolx……
Unless someone strongly demand for the sketches which I doubt so.
Any takers? I’ll see what I can do in the coming weeks.
With my ever limited space constraint and lazy body,
(I seriously need to get back to excising) not to say the annoying mosquitoes..
damn irritating…….Theres only so much to share for now. Back to more work.
[Below is a repost of 200206....somehow that post was washed away online]

More Drawings coming on the way! Meanwhile enjoy the blurry photos

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Back to Blogger~~

My laptop just crashed on me and I can’t remember whatever I was trying to post. Theres a lot of frustration in the air now but then again, that’s life in the new millennium with so many high-tech toys…I can’t wait to buy a new digital SLR.

I figured out that I actually lost a lot of attention on this webby and all the initial intention of settling this place up have gone to drain. With so much things going round my head, and so much doddling and sketching that happened these few days….I am unable to post any pictures of any sort….argh…I wished well and hard that I can be back home soon to my ever wonderful PC (which my brother always fixed up) and post all these drawings and concepts that came to me…Oh well..….Stuck in a place where scanning and printing becomes harder than making coffee, I can only type and continue to stay lonely here. Heck.. anyway, I have myself to blame for not being in focus for the past year. I’m still considering the option of a permanent blog online. ( money issues) where I can really blog on. ( especially when I’ve gotten into production on the comic) Well, judging from my own discipline, I wonder how long or far I can last so, that’s why there ain’t any announcement yet. Probably when I come back home, all these drawing will look like dirts. lolx.


Talking about comic, the much awaited book FLIGHT3 will be out soon during June. (near my birthday!!) I can’t wait to order it at the locals…so far its only available online. And hell do I hate our homeland, or maybe I just hate the people. How I wish there will be a annual comic convention of our local artist. After Mr. Kiasu and the Shen2 Diao1 Xia2 Lu3 series, there’s no news of any local talents on comic creation. It sure is sad. The one comic that sparks off my interest was of our local artist ( Apparantly I dun have the name) who did Long2 Jiu3 Dao1….that was the funniest book and 4-comic strip of all time. I really wonder why he stopped…probably because of the fact that there wasn’t a market here. Sigh…Gone are the days…….


Anyhow, I’m planning on a trip to Japan anytime say December? Backpacked would be fun but it’ll all be dedicated to an Art tour in Japan. The biggest problem now is talking my brother into it….since he is the only one which I know that holds an advance Japanese language knowledge. hmmm….this is a tough one.


Graphic Novel/ Comic

Probably I should start looking up the dictionary what is the diff between a graphic novel and a genuine comic.
my thoughts has been clear, finally, the first draft of what i intended to draw two years ago has been out. This might sound big but, actually its very small. I finally got the ideas and strings pull together, the basic outline of the story. Its rare to have such a chance to pop by where all the ideas came into logical sense. Its very refreshing but i have a function to attend in India now. I dun think anyone is watching this space anymore but im sure all excited about whats coming up. By the time I go back, there should be drafts of the first few panels of my story. And hopefully like what i intended, two years to come out with the book itself.
-its a good day