Hua...hua Ha Hee!!!

While every tom, dick and harry
tries to finsih their design,
I decided to keep mine simple.
day 3 of my macromedia course:
[currently designing poster as a class project.]
I'm going for Lunch....hmmz...

DaY 3 of Cours3


Dreamweaver Cours33~ -___- ~

~~ -__- ~~
Meow meow.....
today's the start of the 4-day dreamweaver course...
sorta like a refresher because....already used before..
But nevertheless, I still pick up a few little things..
Right now having break time, thus surfing the net.
Lots of other military personnel are here going through the same course,
[actually not alot lar, only 10 peeps]
seems like most of them do not hav pior knowledge.
Right this moment I'm more worried about doing my personnal work,,
Geez..theres to design competition and 1 of it is gonna finish this 30th june.
Which by finger countculations,
im down to a few days.
Sigh...anyway, I'm gonna watch
"Initial D" later.
I dun think its gonna be very very good.
In fact, I think it might suck.
Simple reason being;
its copied from Japan.
Are we really gonna see more original Hong Kong Films??


GaM3 GaM3 GaM3 !!!

Anyone can win me on this?? I only reach Lvl 10
[this game is taken from another blogger,I'm not the founder!!]
Theres this cruel thing about friendship,
People always say when you have relationship,
you will lose friendship.
Well, I agree partially,
Partially because of a few reasons:
You will only lose frienship when...
1] you stop calling up your friends
2] you decided to not meet them up even if you have the bandwith
3] you try to avoid their calls
4] you isolate yourself totally with the outside world
But then again, you will also lose friendship when...
1] you have unreasonable friends
2] friends backstabs by telling everyone you do not wanna go out with them
Thus From the above, one will only lose friendship when
both party of either side refuse to stay connected.
So when a friendship is lost, stop blaming the other party saying
"ohh...got gf liao...good lor, dun need us anymore lor"
No matter what you guys carry on to say,
I will still be there if you guys need serious help
And to all my friends, I am too busy with NDP recently,
Q: ask why can i spare time with my gf although I claim BUSY??
simple concept
Q: So means gf got more piority??
A: Yes, gf got more piority because:
1] She only meets me once a week and not when she need me,
then call for me, dun need me just act busy.
2] We meet up not to go clubbing and waste money.
3] We meet up as a routine to go walk around and have
a light relax day talking through how tough the week has been.
4] We meet up to watch movies with efforts from both sides.
5] We meet up to buy daily items which we need.
6] We meet up waiting for each other willingly.
7] We dun decide to meet up and then put aeroplane
on each other when last minute. [unless special case]
If my true friends have eyes to see, you will probably start noticing
why my gf have piority. And I always offer all my friends to watch
movie with both of us, wanna eat with both of us also can provided we
do not have any special occasion to spend time alone.
Wanna go clubbing also can but you will see two people, and only
when we have the money to spend and no last minute thingy.
Last but not least, I believe if not all, most of my friends
are very understanding. This is to clear everyone that ,
I am not spending ALL my time with my gf.
We Only try to squeeze out as much time and spend
quality time with each other.
Thus, I still love my friends,
So, do think about it before saying that i forget about all of you.
At least I took the effort to blog about you all now,
Do you guys ever blog about me??

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~~PlaYinG Gam3~~

Was Playing WarCraft Just now, and die a few times on dota.
-__- , >_<
Guess i just couldn't concentrate on anything.
Crossed over to vent my anger on CS Source.
[CS stands for CounterStrike]
And played with the koreans.
Okie lar, 20 frags and 3 death...lolx...the one above
me was a good sniper.

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New PainTING!!!!

Finally, another new painting!!
this one is really hard..came from alot of squeezing of my free time
and lots of changes and bitz and pieces.
Still quite ok with the final look of the pic.
Due to time constraint, I did it as a doodle art.
This particular piece was painted and sketch both in photoshop
with my fav Wacom Tablet!!
it lacks color and distict feel. Not what i really wanted to achieve.
I'm still quite far from the eye of color.
Need a hell-lot-ta training.
Anyhow, Do give me all your feedbacks.
I will try to squeeze more out of my own time.

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Life Again~~

Long time no Blog, So this gotta Be prettY Long
-post Birthday-
Everything has gotten into a more stable pace.
Just celebrated my birthday last week and enjoyed it very much.
Uploaded a new pick, a little one-eye toy given by
my little baby during my birthday. Of course thats not
what she bought only. Didn't know Sentosa was this fun.
Come to think of it, there was alot of places that I won't go if
not cos of my birthday. I would highly recommand you guys
visit the free Musical Fountain and also Images Of Singapore which
cost a worth $10 per entry.
... hehehehe.. Probably will visit back when the renovations
are done.
-CRMQ Survey-
Just gotten to see my men's CRMQ survey yesterday.
My OC won't give me the copy, saying that he lost it.
And if my CO haven told me, I won't know the result.
But before I continue,
CRMQ survey is a survey for soldiers.
So if your soldiers dun like you, it can be pretty much seen from
the result. And according to the Survey did before ATEC [ our
trainging evaluation] Heres what my OC got from my men:
Confidence In going to WAR with your OC : 74 % negative / 4% positive
OC's Military Competence : 61% negative / 17% positive
OC's Care For Men : 57% negative / 26% positive
Got home lar baby boy. Wake Up Wake Up,
next time he bloody come for my bunk inspection,
and dig this from my men:
Confidence In Going To War with PC : 13% negative/65% positive
PC's Millitary Competence: negative nil /74% positive
PC's Care For Men: 9% negative/78% positive.
Come lar you pussy OC, you dare come challenge my bunk again.
No wonder say paper lost lar, dun dare gimme see, never
even mention got result out...PUSSY. Anyway, we did another result
just this week. Hope after the ATEC one, my result will still be good.
-__- ! just hope it doesn't drop down. LOLx.
-Personnel work-
I think i do too much pencil art. And thus seldom post paintings
these days. Sigh...its getting quite sour, sometimes not because
of time issue, but because of energy issue. It seems like playing
game is a better option of releasing stress.
Hope i get back my spirit again and start painting decent stuff.
-New Toy-
Recently Bought a Creative Zen Touch. Because of its Batt
capability and i lag a portable music player, thus i bought it.
its quite ex but just can't resist. 20Gb little baby and
it has the function to see chinese text. Overall ok lar.
Actually wanted to buy PSP which would amount to the same
price. But end day was asking myself Shouldn't get a gaming
console. Else I will really get addicted to playing games all day.
Which will really get me hook on comparing the WC games I've been
playing these few days.
Gotten some regular interview with my men, I always like to
interview them, cos its like a talk-cork session.
I dun prefer the kinda PC interview sessions I have during BMT.
My pc only ask me a few question and its like ...
freaking wierd. Thus I always like to open table and talk to them.
Most of the time its two way conversation, where i suggest some
questions and they will give me their views.
Its quite interesting. I've gotten to trust them more and more
these days as sometimes they really are more capable then
my Commanders. An interview with them opens
knowledge sometimes, about what is happening around and
the way they handle problems.
Quite happy for most of them whom will eventually go Uni.
Too bad I ain't.
Anyhow, life still carries on.