Army Half Mara-TORN

Ok, to those that do not know what is AHM,
it simply means army half marathoooon.
How it originated? i have no idea, I didn't borther to find out, sry folks.
Its just an annual event that forces lots of us to go through some pain for
a couple of hours. But indeed, waking up at 2a.m this morning to get prepared,
the bus back at camp took off and reached padang at 4a.m.
Soon, I closed my eyes and doze off on the field. It took me a couple
of shake off the head and the competitive runners had started.
I didn't even hear the horn..thats how tired i was....
and we all gather for a warm up on the field,
and surprisingly we were the only one doing warmup.
We headed for the startline, and i was way back.
The scene was shocking,
I'm indeed overwhelm, it feels like you are in Lords of the Rings..
the war scene in AragoN..lolz...I didn't imagine
there were so many peeps...and due to the fact its still early morn,
it was like semi pitch dark with a subtle force and heat wave in air,
the back ground music and voices of the djs rattle off while the horn blows.
the huge crowd was amazing and,
though i dun like to run, I'm glad that i was there today.
Before i know it, i was there at the end point with a 2hour24min
timing chasing all the way from the back....
I'm glad i finish it....[ i think i will walk next year]
lolz, that is if i'm still in...haiz...
I'm still aching....all over the knee...I can't imagine those running
full marathon.....they are just crasy.
yes yes, yesterday and today were the pre-celebrations of the event.
During sec days, we use to go around burning the candles..
and all the other rubbish..and yishun park would always catch fire...
no more, thats the price of aging.
Nobody hav the time for such things anymore, as we grow old,
we forget,
and barely care.
The spirit of gathering for such events no longer exist,
no longer in us.
we only care about...probably
CHEE CHEE GURLz....oh yeah.. =]
and before i forget also,
HAPPY 20tH bIrthday KENNEATH !!
Try NOT TO GROW UP... =]

Ahm 2004 Posted by Hello

and not forgetting all the hungry Men... Posted by Hello

oh yeah....all the crowd at the padang... Posted by Hello

happy birthday KeNNeaTH !!!! As I promised...=] Posted by Hello


Chee chee gurlz !! One of my old drawings...now you know what is the standard of being chee chee?? ahhahah Posted by Hello


Finally, due to numerous enquiry about what are chee chee gurlz,
I have decided to put up a self-interview section!!!
1] Are chee chee gurlz edible?
Ans : No freak!! which part of chee chee sounds edible ?
2] Can the phrase be found in dictionary?
Ans: Hell would i know you go and see yourself lar!
3] Since when have you started to use the phrase?
Ans: since Aug
4] So what exactly are chee chee gurlz?
Ans: its a phase to describe young ladies into their 19-23s,
who looks slim and sexy cum drop dead gorgeous and
looks like a real killer with fashion sense !!
5] so...if ya say i'm a chee chee gurl means praising me?
Ans : --____-- it simply means i am trying to be tactical
and giving you face as a female race of the society. LoLz
[ you think if you are that pretty i will come up
to you and say you pretty meh? ]
6] What final words would you have to say to all CCG?
Ans: Come to papa...lolz

Why are We all so loNely :PART II

Just caught Resident evil: apolocalasilysi......
2 thumbs up, very nice indeed, was thinking it would be very sucky,
but i guess they pretty much added aluuutt of zombies.
But then the fighting scenes SUX big time...hhaha
It really did trigger me when i was young..
i forgot when i play Resident evil, nope not me,
its my brother...yup watching him play...it was a real hit
and very scary....watching him at late night ....
~those were the days~
Thus this thing that i was thinking back then,
what if i really woke up alone?
that everything was empty, what would i do?
~Dimsum's To-do-DreamList~
Back then i would dream of going to all the toy shops,
grabbing all the toys i like, and run round and round.
Just grab all the wonderful toys and bicycles,
cycle around and tug in all the food....
no one at the cashier to stop you and go to amusment park...
lolx..those were the naives days....
And then things will turn sad when i start
thinking so what if i play all the toys and eat all that
i want. The city will really be empty and no one
to talk to , to see, to appreciate the slience with.
And i guess thats the feeling, of loneliness. After hours of joy,
once we stop, the after effects come and the world just suddenly
stops, the sky moving everything is moving. But we suddenly hear
our own breathing.....and our uneasiness....thats the feeling,
when i am lonely. And it sux, big time.


Why are We all so loNely

I can finally understand why i always see Single Chee chee gurls walking on the streets. The truth is....they have something they wanted to do but feel that it is pratically pointless for someone else to tag along cause...they feel the things they are gonna do are simply meaningless to others? like freak? who would tag along going to those Orh yi orh shop looking at cute little tiny whinney keychains or nail polish??
-How I came to this conclusion?-
cause i was also walking alone -____- And there was this huge chee chee gurl ....nope...not the typical chee chee one, she's more to the doll type. the CaterGORy "Z". Shes the metallic type...[ gosh i wonder how long she took to dress herself to that pretty state.....she must have a hard time peeling off those make ups....her face will so crack when in s3*...lolz...] 2 thumbs up.
--Anyhow, back to the story--
She was alone, and yes i was alone, both of us were alone.
So i concluded that like me, pretty gurls also go out alone.
What you think i was gonna say?
Sometimes thinking simple is good enough, why the F()*()k think so far righT? Anyway, I met alot of dolls today...those unsold types. Yar right you guys thinking im childish righT? they coming out alone doesn't mean they dun have boyfriend righT? Ch33 Bu3h...they coming out alone and look chee chee doesn't mean they also got boyfriend righT? So the case is they are SINGLE....muahhahha.....any pretty chee chee gurl always look single to me....hiak hiak hiak...if not i won't call them chee chee gurl liao lar....i will call they lao zha bo....wootz.....
Speaking of that...Its still fun going out alone and walking on the streets....you see all kinda monsters....in and out....and lots of huggin couples....guys and gurls...cheenas...and freaking lesbians and gays......and....old people...young screw sluts.......and young bastards looking freaks.....and listening to my LMF cd.......hmmm.....the world is pretty screwed up eh? The eighties used to be filled with nice gurls walking and giggling....now you go up to any of them the simple smile and scold you 'Ch33 B*3"... wa si bei hiong...saw a bunch of guys gana screw today...lolx....life man life man....life really sux but hell....its very shiok to be in.....wahahahah...
I'm so high right now....too deep into my devil's side i guess....maybe next time i should blog in a way saying "we"....cause its really like talking to yourself online and having one party as the slut while the other as the angel.....alright enough said....
I am still a super hero. =]



OUt of Br3ath
Have you ever open your eyes, short of breath?
everything around is in total darkness....
and theres just like nothing to grab
The problem doesn't involve pain, but a sudden...
hard push to the inner lung....and it seems really silent.
Helpless, breathless......
And then you woke up....
How strong can dreamz be?

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the female sign..wootz... Posted by Hello


Hmmm...bought myself a new cd, from hitomi shimatani.A jap female artist, her songs hav feel....my kinda music, besides, she's also a chee chee gurl.lolx, so its my kind ba...getting back to my guitar...wootz the fingers rusting....and my card tricks,really getting from bad to worst...lolx...full of shame now...anyway,haven open the cd...been busy talking on msn....hahaa.....miss you guys....goldfish la...ah chwan mei mei....benny mei mei....lolx, and jia jia.....ah keat also....+ chris..... and the socc bunch....
I miss the cadet mess opening...
that was the one night that...everyone really gel together.....i so missed that....
BACK to Reality
Okiez, i added an old work...[simply because my new work not up yet lar]
Hmm...heard someone sang Ekin's Gam sum tai dou nei.... during my Bn concert.
The guy was singing it real good...whahah another song to train.
Yeah, next ktv session will be singing that. Still haven found
anyone capable of singing Kuang Dao Zhi Lian...whats so hard man? lolx
For now is...alot things to practice....alot alot alot...

the final product.....wootz...usual...not good at coloring... Posted by Hello

some old work....revisiting them...actually im more better in pencil art...hhaha... Posted by Hello


Disgusting is Higher level of ArT

yes, disgusting is a higher level of art,
understanding, nirvana....Only the most disgusted personal
will be, can be, able to be, should be, and always be able to imagine nonsense.
Its just a half created theory yet to be proven wrong.
Just like a Plain-O Gemini, I think my fantasies need ta balance..
k...about the picture, if ya kinda obsever properly, its not just a plain-o
toilet sigN. [oh yeah, its not] uh-huh....
probably it would be clearer if i painted a female toilet sign...
It will definately contain a female toilet logo, but the heart will be place at
a diff place...lolx...oh yeah. [DIg it?]
Still not quite satisfied... of the outcome from this pic...
[nope nope, not satisfied]
something definately missing...
I guess the action speaks but the bg dun??
Its really hard mixing the two diff styles into one medium...
Anyhow, still acceptable bah...my first mix....
Maybe next time i mix Chee Chee Gurls together...wahah
That will be another disgusting remake...hohoho...i so wanna paint right now....

Mal3 toil3t sigN deSign... Posted by Hello


FantaSiez of the OverGrown... Posted by Hello


yup yup, thats my pal, those hanging around my side of town should know who he is,
[who else? the guitar legend of yss lor]
Yes, he is still On going~~!! for fans who are concern about his liFE, go get your
own life, his just a fast finger machine...lolx. Best of luck to your competition on the 25th!
[Though you dun surf net, but hey, at least its from me?]
Yup, another painting, Right now will be exploiting more painting style.
The topic? will twist around Piggi3s i guess. Anyone any idea can just
drop me a mail, will see what i can do. Meanwhile, enjOy.

yup yup, i get to play the toy too...wahhahaha Posted by Hello

Look At his Fing3Rs??? his a real guitar killer.... Posted by Hello

My old pal....fr3akin PooR lad but able to afford an electric and effects board up to $800++?? what is this becoming??? #$@#$ Posted by Hello


P3ac3 Pl3as3

War, is something that i hope will not occur and never happens.
Cause it will simply waste too much manpower, too much sleepless nitez and cause too much hell of a problem.
Such things require planning, and i mean hard planning.
So if those peeps out there can finally wake up, stop wasting your little-o-brain cells,
and go have sex and enjoy life.
Stop causing troubles for other innocent peeps like me,
for the fact that each brain cells you waste, i have to double that shit up to counter it.
LunCh in LoT 1
Was on my fellow mate's bik3 out for lunch yesterday, going on a 100 at the old freeway where we are enslave. I can see how much he can enjoy if I'm of the opposite sex, too bad i didn't arouse him. lolx . For one second, it was real scary after the constant burst of his bloody engine going "boom boom boom". But after awhile, the ride was quite enjoyable. As a passenger, its like flying on the free way without wings, the experience ; 4 stars out-o 5
The other 1 star, goes to safety. But as far as personal safety is concern, theres alot im willing to risk.
Life is a tought fight, so 3njoy every bits and pieces of it.


All oUt Of Lov3


It seems recently that theres lots of people out of love.
Whatev3r it is, i can only say, hang on guys, you all still have me to fall back to...lolx
I'm not screaming for help, so you guys shouldn't !!
Lov3 is something that comes and goes without reporting.
Just mak3 full use of the moment..lol, erm....
just hang on in life, cause theres really lots of things to do.
we just can't be with the person we really liked or love.
We can do a million things for the one we really love,
but, it really just take the others to do ONE thing,
and thats it.
I'm out of love also, So, join in the party. =]
SOBA noodle
yup, the pictures at the bottom is a SOBA noodle. It seemed really ages since i last cook.
All the things that i have learned in swenson seems....gone??
And yes, another painting done. Dun really have a big impact or idea, just a normal scenery.

Another New Painting.... Posted by Hello

Ta Da...the Finaly Product. Presentinggg........ dimsum's noodle... SOBA.....by the way it taste really salty....and the noodle really sux. lolx, Posted by Hello

Wohuu....on with the ingrediants in the tupperware..... Posted by Hello

wootz, something that i cooked this morning....this is what they call, SOBA, its a japanese noodle. Posted by Hello