8000 HITS~~~

I just HIT 8000~~~ baahhaha...heres a counter art by roger~~
wahhaha...thanks man, its really nice...

Heres a new comic upload for the week~ A little late though..bahahhaha

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I Mi55 Yesterday~~

Was out the whol3 freaking nite with a few idiots…
hahahha we were out in clarke key drinking and we decided
to take a walk to the riverside and snap some photos
when things turn soooo wrong…. lolx… This is just meant
for comedy. Thats what happen when you haven been
breaking for 3 years. lolx… its quite stupid actually.
I miss yesterday. Genuine fun. Oh if you happen to see this,
Nice to know you April.
Then again..nah…
you won't be seeing this….

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A group of us decided to do a combine comic blog online.
Oh i fixed the vday valentines post.


Ok.. this is some lame shit.
lolx....oh well....


Clubhouse Animal~~

-I was out again last nite, clubbing yet again~~~.... Its been very crazy and i think jj gonna screw me big time if he is reading this..lolx.. k lar i'll work hard again don't worry. I'll get my dim5um.com up in no time. ( i know you gonna ask me again, when? when is the date..DONT STRESS ME LAR..lolx) Anyway... I really hate girl groups that are clubbing. Especially those threesome or foursome girls which always will have 1 or 2 of them is like BLOODY !@#$!#$#!$. Anyway, a suggestions to those girl frineds, if no one wanna dance with you, stop trying to sabo your friends and "trying" to fend guys off. OPEN YOUR BLOODY eyes because some of them ARE trying to dance with otehr guys and you are just "IN THE WAY". GET A LIFE and if no one dance with you stop being jealous.
Still sleepy and drowzy now, just happen that one of my boys was playing this song. I'm still thinking of what happened 4 years ago. She actually haven't explained to me why. I bump into her last year but she didn't even cross an eye. I still have letters from her and its really silly how farnie and naive she wrote them. shrugs, this one's really hard to forget. Especially when it involves your best friend, well... ex-best friend i guess.....Valentines coming real soon... My ex-drummer called me yesterday wanting to talk about his failed attempt to get company on coming feb 14. LoLx..i disrupted his conversation and had him hang the call as my cell was going flat. Well, that reminded of me whom and how i spend my v-day two years ago. Time flies hur? Its weird now, thinking back how we can do farnie lovely things and let go so easily. k...enough wussy post....


Wednesday SketCh~~!~~

I'm really into Music..lolx..
Whos not i guess??

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Guitar WARS`~~

My two acoustics~~~ RAWRRrrrr
k lar actually nothing to ROAR about..lolx...
- -
This one has been 2 years old. Its a samick Guit. Been
destroying my fingers ever since i play it 3 weeks
after purchase.
This the new Maestro that i got, the fret board
is freaking smooth, at least better then the samick.
Its of better wood quality also.
Think, i'll be getting an electric soon, but all that'll have
to wait before i get a laptop...
-__- Geez...its all so ex...


Kewl.. kewl...
its around 2.42am and i just gotten home. My brother drove
me down Jalan Kayu and we had satay instead of the usual
Singaporean mid-night crave of pratas...There are still alot
of peeps surprisingly, (I think Singaporean just dun like to sleep...
I can't figure why) and the mutton satay was very nice.
Tomorrow's another working day and it pretty much sucks.
He also got me a Maestro acoustic guitar which is suppose
to be better than my old guitar(s). So now i have like
3 acoustic guitars in my house. Adding those that i broke
4 years ago, I would have 5 by now. (i'm not some punk
rock rich band whom breaks guitars during their
performances... its just pure accident that i broke 2 of my
previous acoustic and apparantly they both die the same way,
death with a broken neck) I'm off to sleep now and theres
more jamming coming up on wed and fri nites. I just can't
wait to go into studios and in 2 week's time it'll be my
vocal mock exams...... Life is pretty pack hur?
I'm off to sleep~~


FeB SkeTcH ~~07

Thursday Blue

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Since its 2007, I think it needs a new look.
Watch the space...