I just bought Justin's FUTURE/SEX LOVE SHOW DVD. Must hav gotten crazy cos I've actually watch the whole Madison Square Concert on YOUTUBE. But I still felt compelling to buy it. Cos of a few reasons,
1) His damn good at dancing and the choregraphy was excellant
2) Theres only a few artist in the world that can hold a concert in Madison Square
3) The whole show was a Club based concert idea
4) I love the songs
The most important factor that I felt JT had over other artist is the fact that he performs, not just sing, not just dance, not just playing piano and guitar. He does it very well and gets intergrated into his musics. Every sessions that he does is real, is natural, every intermission in his songs where he pauses and allows the crowd to sing, when he stops to glance around, when he interacts. He does in very professionally. Its the natural portion of his performance that stuns crowds. Especially Ladies. I truely give it up to him. A must get DVD which I highly recommend. Inspiring.