Wahhh...sorry all for the lack for post...
been really busy lately, busy at work and both in
my band..Yes..I mention Band..and NO, if you are
thinking of some local super band competition.
tsk tsk tsk...its just a casual band thingy and
due to the fact that my current band
might be performing regularly at nite,
thus i was busy in jamming sessions lately.
No money invovle for the gigs, just pure explosure.
Regarding the place and when and what time,
its not confirmed yet.
will post back soon and...yes...i've still been
drawing lately, just that i didnt do scans and..
the pregnant lady is still very charming...so..
lets stick her on for another week..hiak hiak hiak hiak


Sketch Of the Day

Sketch of the day~~ BorinGzzzz