Yoz~~ Heres a little Cerbi Fan Art Dedicated to my friend...
since its a fan art, its not suppose to be perfect. So i slack
around and created this piece of SHIT....anyhow,
the more important thing is the flash link below which
is a christmas flash file that i did for this year.
I'm having trouble to do flash attaching to blogger.
SO, you have to click on the link to view it.
Enjoy your festive seasons guys.
- -


Crazy Weekends~~

Yeah yeah...once again I'm bitching on my weekends..
as a matter of fact...I'm more than happy on weekends
without driving lessons...Don't ask me why, though
i want to get my licence (however you spell it) badly,
i always cork up my lessons. If not for the fact that
I cannot attend certain saturdays due to work or
personal reasons, then its either my private driving
instructor going on overseas trip. So i've been like
having most of the lessons on a 2 week gap. And he
always stress more than enough to me that i NEED to
take 2 lessons (minimum) per week. Although i would
like to agree with most of you that some of this
private instructors simply dun care and want to earn
more of our money, but seriously, i've been driving
like Shit....So whatever he says has a point...but
i dun have the mood, time and effort to do a 2 lesson
session per week.The sat practical drive is always at 8am.
Its crazy...I'm about to give up driving due to
lack of time commitment but i dun wanna be like
my commander now have baby liao become
OC still don't have driving license.... I'm a bitch stuck
at the junction wondering if i should rush off the
amber light on the traffic or just stop before the
white line.
Theres just so much things to do on the weekends.....
Anyhow, heres a nice website from someone
who does 3D motion graphics and commercials...
If any of you need such services, you can drop this guy a mail.
I will be doing a christmas greeting...just for the sake
of festive season and its about to be completed...due to
my overpack schedule in life right now, i am unable to
deliever it onto the blog as what i have
stated in the bitchin corner on your right-->>
Rest assure it'll be up in a few days time.
Right now i need to get some beauty sleep before my
body outbreaks again....~~~
Oh, and tomorrow i'll be escape theme park in the
late morn till early noon....I'm just posting in case anyone
of you are going cos lately i've been having alot of
luck discovering familiar faces on the streets
during weekends....


Thursday UpdateZz~~

Wa la.... heres something that one of my friend did.
Apparantly, you can find the toys located at comics connection.
Its actually a hell-hound/cat icon thats really really cute.
If you happen to like soft toys or even wanna find a gift
for someone over christmas, do check out the amazingly
cute webby with integrated animation weekly.
Attached is a snap shot of the cool flash site.

heres a breaking pen art that i did a few days ago...
hmm... its not quite right as i cut out a few
frames..and its very unatural due to the fact that
all the pose were drawn out without alignment and
varying in scale...nevertheless..its just for
personal enjoyment.

Free Image Hosting
Something that i drew recently.
Somehow or rather, I tend to have a
very strong perception of women being
intemidating and supersize powerful..
Maybe its the fact that the world has gone
so wrong....and our opposite sex will never be
the same again and continue to rise and grow into
less femine creatures and eventually, they will
cease to need men....
Why do i keep having that impression??Freaky...



I just did a walking animation. Seems really rusty, the
last time that i did a walk cycle was like 5 years ago.
And now, this is the kinda shit that i'm producing...
Really need to get back into my drawing and understanding
on stretch and squash and stuff...I wish I had pay more
attention in class. Its too late to ponder about such
stuff now. I prolly gonna do a few more gif and start moving
on into flash soon. Its time i pick up the tool
and start running around circles.
With that, i present to you, SMOKE MAN....kinda lame lar..
i know, everywhere now, everyone is like trying to
use a mask man nia...
he looks more like limping...freak...
K..i shall re-correct myself..i present to you..
the limping FREAK GAS MAN...

Free Image Hosting



Haven't been posting for awhile and my guilt has
actually force me to log on to blogger once more.
Been running around lately having fun and doing
my stuff for my vocal training and band...
thus the neglect of drawings..ZzzzZzz...
my unit BOSS finally change over, looks like theres gonna
be more shit coming my way....lolx...more SHITz..
and yeah..for this half of the month im gonna be
like stand-in OC...I will probably declare the whole coy off..
WAHHAhahahha Spastic sia...anyhow,
I've started to pick up sign language with another friend..
and its freaking fun. We were talking
(virtually in sign language form)
with one another in the MRT and peopel were like staring
at us.
( Seriously singaporean very CB one...
knn if both of us handicapp you must look until like never
see before mute poeple or wat meh?)
ANyhow...my friend's hp rang and he started to talk on
teh phone, all the strangers around us the eyes
nearly pop out... lolx...Its good to know another language,
especially sign language..that way, next time
i go clubbing or jamming i no need waste my energy
shout so loud...LOLx... oh and heres something
i doodle in 15 - 20 mins..i dunno
what issit..dun ask me...
my brain is not working lately....

I wanna go on a holiday~~~