guess what....300 GIG...way cool...but it took me a
hell lota money...anyway....i just hope it doesn't crash...
cos im gonna use it as a backup storage for all my stuff thus far
but come to think of it...
it really is a hell lota space


NYP Fusion Show....Confusion.....

-I got lost-
The show started around 6pm and the opening ceremony
was at 7pm. Yes..I was late, rushing into the door
while seeing familiar faces and lecturers having various
chit chat sessions, I did a few waves and hi's before i went
in to the theatre. I familiar place I once entered,
The same space, same crowds, same amount of people...
but different feelings..Anyway....it was an interesting crowd
with lots of "Wah..and Wah...." generated by the students...
at least it didsn't seemed as stress as my year...or was it stress??
I only remember being embarrassed when they flash through the
project works i was invovled in...lolx...
come to think of it...why did i think that way??
hahaha... well...
thats for me to know...
I shouldn't comment on the fusion show...
i got a little confuse over judging on things.
I mean..students are still different than industry professionals...
and .....well...what can we all say...I've seen too much grad shows
though i kept a positive look out at the booths.
What disappoints me was...well...the very fact that...hmmm...
it always doesn't seemed robust..(is that the word?? freak...
im really poor at expressing...) I should say erm....There doesn't seemed
like enthusisam(i sux @ spelling) in both the market industry guys and
both the students..I dunno..maybe its just me..I always get it that way..
thus...I'm becoming more...confused...lolx...
Nevertheless...at least these group of guys have a fusion grad show
...my batch only had an online show...bahahahhahahah............
I still think the online show itself is enough.....
ok...nuff said...
I need sleep....Bahhhhh
anyway...below are two funny clips...
one of it contributed by my friend...lolx....interesting...
FF Spoof

old school nintendo revolution

Mor3 Mor3 M0R3 !!!

In a couple of minutes, I'm gonna shut down my home PC
which has been working so hard....
(I'm going down to NYP to my juniors' grad show...
nope..i dun know anyone and not that i care but....
I mean i do till certain extend...i just wanna check out
what kinda standard has the school came to and...
just wanna give myself a break from all this drawing...)
Come to think of it...
I feel bad for this little baby... It took a hell lot of money out of
both my brother and I....
we kept updating it now and then and everytime...
it just keeps breaking down ;because we sorta pros* it too much??
Anyhow...I still am using it for like....30 hours every two days??
But compare to other freaks...( yeah..I know alot of you crazy monkeys
out there who onz it for a month....JJ is one of them
...hell he doesn't read this space anyway...-__-)
I'm just not spoiling my PC enough..bahhhahah....
okie..its not funny when it crashes...
I took a look at my webby today...I mean..my blog?
Its been 2 years...since i commission till now. I can't believe it.
And inbetween, I kept thinking of closing it down...so close...
but hell i didn't....so...i'm gonna try to update it regularly again...
not with photos anymore...these days i've been posting work...
and i guess from today on...all the work would be rough boards/finishes
since i'm targeting at coming out with a book...i mean
i can't show all the pages online right? it doesn't freaking make sense....
so without futher waiting...heres the title of the next short i'm working on.
Its rough boards are almost finish...this one gonna be 4 pages and erm...yes...
like always..all my short strips are in color...
I'm still gonna keep it that way. Its almost done..
I really can't wait to finish this one...cos theres a hell lot others
i need to start converting over to digital.
(I know nobody really is interested in this shit...but anyway...
I'm posting all this work for self-motivation be it you like it or not...
but I really hope all of you do...)



No that i finally get a few moments to breath..
(its an exaggeration..i AM breathing every second..)
well...my old client posted the drawings on her webby,
please do visit it.
The large illustration on the previous post can be found at:
lets hope all of us will do some self reflection.
I need to do some myself too...
Anyway...speaking of reflection...
It took me a hell lot of time to consolitdate all my
works thus far.....I'm really hoping to push the book out soon,
on a quality focus basis....Thus currently...doing selections
and editing. And most of the short strips have been converted
to english context. I hope I still manage to retain what
I wanted to portray initially.
Heres a small preview before I go back to drawing.


Post Deleted...Again...FISH

I just hate the net...when I'm having mood swings and blogging
...and this is what it does to me.
And now...I don't even feel like posting.
to whoever is responsible for this.
Been really busy with lots of paper work that just
simply doesn't make sense. Sometimes the people working
in this organisation are just plain idiotz. You feel like
slapping them in the face somehow.
Well...enough about the complain. Right now, I just finish
sending an illustration to my old client.
(No i'm not being paid. Screw you guys who think i am)
Anyway...i dunno why i'm doing it,
but the topic makes pretty much alot of senses in today's
3rd world context.
Before you look at the pic, I AM NOT
it only went this way cos I'm suppose to do it this way.
Get IT?
Well...anyhow....theres pretty much alot of talent that
has left our country, make use of our country,
and never came back. We just can't stop that. And
we shouldn't, how can we stop every mother son from
moving where they want?
The bottom line is, do take a look at this
ugly pic and think for a moment. Whatever happen
to nation building??
Is money really that important?
Both Yes and No.
(I am really trying to fork out time to draw and blog


Hom3 Sw33T Hom3

Finally...i decided to get my lazy butt on the working desk again...
These few days have been trying to get my life back to order again.
Other than the Food poisen I got from India, been having a tough
time sleeping. Too used to the India timing...I think its all the mind and
body. Right now the adaptation period is quite tough....especially theres
so much things i wanna do...hahahha
Thus...i haven't been resting well and...my diarrea haven recovered.
Anyhow, the above image is Mumbai Railway Station.
I took it when I was in Mumbai doing some work.
Trying to compile all the pictures and doing photo-stiching
(my spelling is getting worst) is indeed very time consuming.
Been trying to come up with a travel log website.
The design and all has been draft out but,
due to the amount of paper work on my desk right now...
(I'm just verbally saying it, i DUN have a working desk at home)
Its hard to accomplish my personnal work. Most of the
piority goes to the current job that I'm being paid.
I'm somehow, I'm starting to get worried what I'm gonna
do next year when I'm out.
Life really is confusing....
Will try to post often though.... =]


April's Fool

Today marks the beginning of a new month. But how I had wished that what I heard
during a meeting we had today was all an April Fool's joke.
Sad to say, it ain't.
So once again, I thought I would be back home during early April.
Thats all gonna change. Looks like I won't be back till late April or worst;
early May.....
There much paper work and administrative issues to be settled right now.
Till then, I won't be drawing much or posting much.
Happy things that did happened during March

During a visit to Agra last week, ( the famous Taj Mahal)
It was quite a sight to see CHAN BROTHERS tour group.
And guess what? Chen Li Ping was there filming the
show "我的导游是明星"
I should be caught on action in the local variety show due
to air in end April??