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Heres An interesting web to view and go to,
because I say so.
While doing NDP [yeah yeah...again and again,...the non-stop saga]
I surf the web to cool off my little Head
Thats the site of my fellow coursemate who studied the same course
as me, thats DMD [ Digital Media Design] And recently, he just got a site up,
Thumbs up, can't be more happy to see his site.
[not because he got good works lar.. -___- !]
lolx kiddinz kiddinz, but because at least i know another personal
haven give up in this industry....its quite sad, alot of coursemate has stopped
drawing since they went into the army.
But for THIS guy, you all should go take a look because his
1] dedicated to art
2] hard working
3] plain honest [ or plain dumb if you look at another way,lol]
His got a good history of interest in the 3D field, much far better than myself.
Yeah yeah my 3D lousy lar i knoe, BUEH SAI MEH?
finger also got long and short what....kns...
and most importantly, he was someone whom I did final year projects.
So the "VIDEO" section contains some interesting clips.
Just GO see lar, you got time to read my blog no time to visit another web?
come on man, give it a try.
at least he has a patient to do a decent web...sigh...



My CO thought I awol yesterday....to think i help him do so many things
I can't believe he even think about that!!!??
I am now waiting for my video to render finish as usual,
its the NDP mobile column video....
and they probably not gonna use it on National TV.
Whats with people and contigency plans?
sigh...why singapore so kia su kia see...??
why NKF cheat money?
[I should start NCF- No Cheating Foundation]
Anyhow, today when we on the way back home [rather ang mo kio]
my buddy and Mr. NDP was chit chatting on the car.
Mr. NDP man was pondering a silly question which seems quite
intelligent while speeding his marron car on 80 trying to kill
us all.....
below contains some above 21 questions.....
NDP king : Who the hell started calling our white liquids SPERM?
[BUDDY laughing ]
Buddy : Dunno lar, why you ask this kind of question, you all siao liao ar?
Me : eh maybe got meaning one leh? maybe stands for;
Super Powerful Energetic Removable Material.
[We all laugh]
I know it sounds lame but such simple lame jokes gets our life
going on and on and on while those EVIL villians back in
camp make us suffer day and night...
But the bottom line is,...
how does the creator of this word manage to find such a disgusting
tone for our wonderful liquid that provides life.
you see you see,
why he cannot call it,
"Beautiful", or "Marvelous"
imagine if last time the person who actually invented the word
"SPERM" calls it "Beautiful" and
the person invented the word "Beautiful" uses the exact meaning
and calls it "SPERM"
then if that really happen we will be going around saying things like:
" wa...this place very SPERM hor....wa....so SPERM....i wanna come again"
" Wa lan eh,....that girl very SPERM sia...so SPERM..."
The world is actually quite funny..


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Hmm.. just finish drawing this idiot, whom dunno how to act.
anyhow, while drawing him and looking at his feature.
I came to a conclusion,
He got Pa Jiao eye and actually a normal skull.
But because of his mini eye, he looks cool.
And on top of his expressionless personality,
he stands out from the crowd.
Anyhow, thats none of my business,
and so you ask why i draw him?
I drew him earlier in my blog:
and that drawing was base on his second book which i found
the cover very nicely decorated...
[actually is the designer pick a very nice place for him]
So i didn't really took the effort to draw him in detail,
partly also because he got a weird face very hard to draw
and will take alot time.
I decided to draw him.
All comments are welcome
Anyhow, I think I should start deviant art,
that way i can post drawings there and have real comments...

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I cant believe, 3 days and I only have 3 hours of sleep.....
I'm being Torture.....
My dear CO, if you can see this, please spare your BSO a few
days off...how many BSO in this world will help you
do video for 3 days until midnight 5 am..??
I should have tasked my man to do it....
This NDP is driving me crazy...
ARGHHH!!!....nevermind, the police encik offer to give me
a police duno what shirt next sat. And also promise me to let me go
in his WRX....next week i will bring cam...wahhaha then can show off.
Just watch "WAR OF THE WORLD" today with my little baby,
dunno how many countless movies we have been watching.
lolx, shes such a baby, my little baby, haiz....
also stress out at work...why huh? why must we get stress out
at work, ain't working suppose to be happy?
haiz...Anyway, back to the movie..
I think the movie should be call " WAR OF THE 3 LEGGERS"
SI BEI BO LIAO right? in the end all die because of bacteria....
maggots...Alien got so stupid meh??
or may should be call.
Anyway the graphic is good....how i wish im
invovle in the production....when will be my turn...
!!-____- !!
I wanna fight in the industry....
my mum is sleeping, dad is sleeping, brother is sleeping, my baobei
is sleeping also, and my neighbour is sleeping. Probably those of
you who is going to look at my blog is sleeping also.
But I'm not.
Some people actually ask me why do i blog online?
[a guy who attended dreamweaver course with me]
trying to say we blog online because we want others to see our life.
Lots of people blog online with different purpose,
1] its better than writing diary,you no need keep so many books
2]you can post picture up and share, becomes a perfect art blog.
3] its free what
my whiny computer is still rendering the ndp videos...
sigh...what time will i finish....