05 of 05
Will be moving on to the nex series soon.


WebBy Update

Heres a webby update...hahhah...been very lazy lately
and thanks to my brother who give me a kick in the ass,
right now...theres a sketch page for the webby. Well how to
go in...its easy to find. Lolx...anyway...its still the infant stage
and i'm trying to conceptualised everything.
Those who can't view the sketch page do let me know.
Bahahhah..incase you forgot the site...
its here!!


5000 HITS!!!

Can you believe it??!!! Whahahah...I've got 5000 hits...
I know its damn little and slow..I've seen millions of
blogsites that hits like err...10000 or something within
months?? (Okie..i haven seen millions of site...I'm
exaggerating....-___- DuH!!) Well...I'm actually quite
ashamed of myself...lolx...it took me like 3 years to
get this far?? F#$K man..lolx...Though I inserted the hit
counter about half-way through...still...its a bad achievement...
but...lately theres like more people viewing in the weekend...
And yesh...although I contribute to my own hits also...
but erm.....I really hope this place will grow someday
or somewhere and somehow...Come to think about it..
there were lots of occasions where i choose to shut it down...
Well....Glad I didn't....at least this place stop me from
playing more games....and err.....
thats a positive note.
Dun ask me why i draw this...I really dunno...
Somehow i just felt being hit 5000 times..lolx


CounterStrike Source

Been a long time since i last play..
I'm still good apparantly ....BAHHAHAHAH


I can't belief i'm still blogging at this late hour.....
hmmm...X-Men 3 sure is nice. But too bad they change too
much plot. Well...Should have expected that...I mean...
after all it's a comic turned movie...you can't expect everything
to be the same eh?? Else what is there to see....But it turns
out that there might be a sequal to it. Why? cos I stayed
back to watch the F$%King long credit. Thanks to my
brother who told me to stay behind....there is just a small
small clip after the long credit scroll that you might wanna
hang on to your seats if you wanna keep your cash worth.
Hmm...I ain't making any progress on the webby
I'm suppose to do...I feel quite bad about it....
It seems like I really can't stay focus...
I wanna achieve too much things but I'm just
simply too lazy to do all of them.....
I seriously need to be slapped...lolx
Heres Part 4 of 5 for DreamZzzz
Just try to be easy on me...dun think too much
when ya look at the pics. Sometimes things doesn't
make sense...lolx



very delighted today...after a few minutes, gonna rush down
to yishun GV for X-men 3. Thats not the main reason why
i'm delighted. The main reason is the fact that today's
talk with a publisher went smoothly. And if all is
well....we should be seeing tunnel at the end of the light.
All thanks to a great team of 2 other wonderful artist
whom I will be fighting alongside to make this
visualisation successful. Lets see if i can
rush home to night to post some drawings.
life is colorful.


I decided to continue doing online comic for now.
The shorts will be shared online for years to come.
Hmm..I guess its a kinda motivation to push myself along..
instead of keep thinking of publishing books....
which is...
really naive and childish....
at least till my skills are more professional.
doing free online content ain't that bad at all...
as long as theres people willing to read it.
it feels good.
3 of 5


David Blaine

Drowned Alive
Some People are just crazy attention seeker.
Nevertheless,the above mention personnel is one of them.
Probably he has run out of tricks to show or...
for some crazy reason...he seriously is playing with
his life. But in his latest TV debut, he failed to break
world record breath holding of 8mins 50 secs ++
He only came up to 7 mins. Almost died...not even close...
But seriously, though his spirit is to be admired
since his a relative new comer to breath holding, not even
close to a professional free diver equivilant, the way
his pushing his limit is one we must not learn.
At least for young kids. His spirit is remarkable but playing
with life ain't.
treasure your life man.


We are ALL going to DIE SOON

Yes...we are all going to die soon.
its a fact we all know but think will not come to us
during our time of life here in this planet.
At least thats what i think. And I'm quite guilty of that....
cause not that I add alot of daily pollution to the world...
but well....its something that we all can do nothing unless
every single one of us hold hands and accomplish it.
Seriously...if you watch the Youtub Vid...you'll know what
im talking about. Then again...what can we really do about it?
I for one will use lesser toilet paper..Ok..man...my ass is big
lolx...at least i try to deny using plastic bags man...



Hmmmhauhah...Been playing too much DOTA lately.
actually i feel quite bad but..heckt lar..lolx....i just love to use
prophet..thanks to one of the online expert which
used him so well....hiak hiak hiak...
its so easy to copy other people's style of playing...
anyhow...heres a ugly and anyhow fanart...lolx



Wa La~~~~
Its here...finally...
do visit it though theres...really practically nothing...
bahahhah...on clicking the below pic, you'll go
to my direct website...yupz...after 3 years...
i finally wanna get back to an online portfolio...
and the design and everything is in progress....
abig help from my brother....(cos he was actually worried that
someone else will use it in the future... -___- but heck??
who will use DIM5UM as their web name??)
Ok...the main page..i should say the splash is more or less
wat you will see in the future..of course i will touch it up..
till what kinda extend, when , i seriously have no idea...
as i slack by the day..i'll try to bring up my love for art...
lolx... and work it out. Meanwhile...enjoy such the sketch...
If you guys have any funky or cool suggestion for my upcoming
webby, do drop me a comment. I'll take note.


SleePless Night....

Jeez...its 5.30am... One of those Sleepless Nightz...
And its getting real serious lately....
Just can't get myself to sleep....I think sooner or later...
I'll need sleeping pills....Anyway...a piece of advice
to all of you out there....please dun sleep at uneven hours
everyday....or else you'll end up like me...
Its real suffering...
freak man......


ButtefLy Eff3ct

Nothing much,
just that haven't been doing portraits for awhile.
Wanted to see how fast and speedy I can get to the
porportions. This one in particular is a reference i got from
Multiply.com. (I think so...the other blog site)
Hope it does look like a local. And yes, its a local babe.
Can't believe huh? Well...neither can I ...gotta go back
to more scribbling and drawing...
Hop3 everyone enjoy the holiday...
(and yes...the bg been changed to white.
Hope its not too Glaring....)


Th3 N3xt St3p

The Next Step
"The Next Step" is a story about a not so average teen
who took his life to the next step. Its an extreme look at one's
average life which eventually becomes not so average as one
discover the naive, cynical and dangerous 3rd world that we
live in today. Society ain't so forgiving as our average hero took
each of his next steps and finds the ugliness of the world that
he thought would be so beautiful once he aquires freedom.
Ironically...this story doesn't have a happy ending. Its not a
typical god-mother/father story for the faint heart.
And if you are still reading this and thinking its another
great book i finished reading from Kino;
Sorry man...
sad to say...its not out yet,
at least not until i decide how the story ends..
Don't get disappointed but such a lame post from me.
I know the drawing looks damn off and uninteresting.
ok...enough of my nonsense...i need some sleep....


Another week past by...I can't help but keep thinking
what good have I made use of the last week. I'm like
getting more and more forgetful these days...is it cos i'm
like getting old and useless? I can't help but keep
thinking what will happen if i disappear from this world
the next second. Its a very weird feeling....abit of dreamy.
I think I had too much "白日梦" I dream too much during
the day...I think the more appropriate word should be
"ponder" Narhh....
just can't help it...Lets take a look at last week.
Its interesting to see the hype end so fast and I believe
most of us were either tune to TV or at the respective
coffee shop waiting for Post Election results on Saturday.
I just wonder why theres so much void votes....issit
because some of us get the confusion of the crossing
selection on the party we wanted or issit alot of us actually
didn't wanna side any side of the team. Anyway...I'm sure
alot of people will be ranting about this issue and i'm
pretty confident theres alot to see in the newspaper
tomorrow on "DIGITAL LIFE" about bloggers' view
on GE 2006. I really hope they announce the "computer
show" in June rather than that....
I think i lost too much concentration at both games and
books last week...and ANIME...and erm...tv?
lolx....hmm...I shouldn't divert my attention...
I'll work harder...Heres a render of the current short
..... Ta DA!!!!.....
ok...only i'm excited...oh ya...
MI3 was nice..thats the movie i watch
last weekend....Ciaoz!!


DraGoNzzzz -___-

Wola.... GE 2006 is here....
Its is interesting though...not the election part...but the results..
Once the result is out...all of us...or maybe some of us..
will start to relaise...what the 3rd generation boys and girls
are thinking these days? By how much win on whichever seat will
show in whole...where is the direction of the whole Singapore...
Are we still...1 people 1 nation?
Yes we are...living together...but on values...
probably not anymore...I think alot of kids these days
don't cherish what they have now.
Yes...they don't.....The kids these days are getting real arrogant
ignorant...its such a sad fact.
Does everyone really think upgrading of lifts will save you
if North Korea decided to launch their nuclears while you
happily wait for the upgrade and DIE ?? Geezz...
what is more important man?
But then again..if they really do it...what can we do? lolx
Welll....thats life...
No further explainatin needed...
Suddenly the Miyazaki's film.....My brother's gaming on EA's LOTR,
the DOTA's dragon that i've seen..I decided to do a little doodle..
I guess i did OVERDO it....and errr...its really not very decent
but i'm still posting it to kill all ya eyes...lolx
Anyhow..this dragon here probably wont survive...
cos heres the 3 facts:
1) its a chinese dragon with whiskers (ang mor lang one dun have)
2) its not really a chinese dragon cos its not that long....
3) it doesn't have any leg...so it will die of flight in the long run...
Ok...im getting more lame...heres how the lameness started...


Tales From EathSea

Heres a LINK to the Above Trailer
This is apparantly a new Trailer of the Movie by Studio Ghibli.
Can't wait for the movie to be out. Although this time round,
the director is his son.
Was it Gozo or Hayao? Hmm..I've got both of them
mixed up. Anyway...it looks like a wonderful film
worth waiting for.
Actually... I did give a thought about the title.
I know it kinda sux..lolx..but for now...i'll leave it.
I guess the more important role is to concentrate on the
ingredients?, ie; the story.
As you clearly can see....( I hope you really can..lolx)
the stuff dated back till feb...where the visualisation took place.
I still dun feel like showing all the sketches for now...I guess I'll keep
it for myself until the characters are finalised....
Well...heres actually a few stuff i'm currently working on.
1) Ah...the main plot....it took alot of twist and turn. But its getting clearer
each day. How I wished I had took more attention in script writing
when i was in school. I sorta regret that now.
2] Theres alot of styles going on in these particular story...I can't really
settle myself down. I DONT want to get too obsessed with it too....
Lets just see how the rides goes...
3] The rough boards are just starting...And i'm really taking my own
sweet time on it....not because im trying to perfect it. LOLx...
Its actually my laziness thats delaying everything...
4] Sigh...alot of peeps are skeptical about this even before they hear the
story...Its the typical singaporean minds i guess....Just like when
Stephanie Sun went out...everybody in the forum flamed her
for not being able to make her mark out in the market. Its sorta getting
my mood down...I know some of my lecturers thinks I'm crazy and...
the people who did Mr. Kiasu and Legend of Condor were pure
lucky...Whatever that is...everyone's got alot of opinions and
definately...alot of people thinks its crazy to go into the comic
industry...I do agree its very small...actually nearly zero chance....
but its not the money thats making sense...Its this book...its really
the idea behind it....I'm still crossing my fingers and...hopefully...
it can go on the shelves to prove the fact that...
[if we believe in certain things and work hard on it, it'll happen.]



Haoya....Some updates again before i rush
off for a quick dinner with some friends.
First off, been busy this few days trying to back up all my
videos and works did during my school times and these few years...
a Surprised they came up to a good 30 gig. Some of my
friends say i have... 30 gig worth of crap stuff.....well...wat can i say
different people value different things. Anyhow...
I'm posting a sketch today. It took me a hell lot of time to
do the scanning...and how i wish i could have an easier way to place
my scans into coms so that i can post my graphic novel's progression...
I REALLY...REALLY think it is going great...
both the graphic novel and the short strips compilation...
The latter will be easier to finish...the first one..is a bit tougher...
Never the less, TOMORROW...yes tomorrow..i will try to put some
2D scans of the drawing online...so that call can have a
glipse of what it is...well, some friends have already saw the pictures...
hahahha Thats to good thing about meet up sessions.
Anyhow..I'm running late..sorta posting all these last minute...
but today really is a good progresison...cos i finally did
2 boards for the graphic novel....
STAY TUNE for tomorrow....
i'm really excited..wahhahahha at least i get 5 to 6 people
watching these space these days...