Here I am, missing in action for a few days and god knows,
how many people have forgotten me in life.
(Well actually I got two new guys in my friendster list now. Lolx.
That comes up to 39!! Well…still pathetic, I wonder where all my lost friends go.)
Anyhow, I’ve been busy working on my soon-to-be-history job
out in the nothing but hot country; INDIA (its actually a nice place. =] )
This wonderful country has sells affordable (SG$2) and good magazines
that provides free CDs/DVDs with softwares and lots of stuff.
Thus, below mentioned are two of them which I have tried out.
Well, the rest that are not mentioned SUX.
(Note: One will only be able to do such reviews base
on the below mentioned 2 situation;
(1) You dun have a life
(2) You refuse to sleep even at 01:00am in the morning
Either way, I happened to belong to both, tough life)
Adobe GoLive CS2
Seems like Adobe is targeting the creative market.
The Adobe GoLive CS2 comes jammed packed with Adobe Bridge and
Adobe Help Center. The all so familiar interface of Adobe is back now,
only a slight difference; targeting at Building Webpage and Photo Viewing Software.
And instead of the normal Webpage Builder we have, the Adobe GoLive comes
with lots of functions to alter and edit webpage. One glance on the interface,
it seems very complicated. Without even going through the tutorial,
its easy to figure out how to use the software.
(It roughly depends on how much knowledge you have on
HTML hard code, CSS, Java and web building) But one thing for sure,
with Adobe GoLive , you end up saving lots of time on creating a whole Web Site.
Every Site that is made, GoLive will automatically create the necessary folders
to store all your infos for ease of uploading to the web. And it comes compatible to
shockwave and lots of application. Tested on my laptop, the only flaw is
the speed and bugs that the 30-day trail keeps occurring. It feels almost like
using Adobe Premiere (the older versions) where crashing of the software
becomes very irritating. Otherwise, its really a powerful tool to look forward to.
ArtRage 2
This software is CRAZY. Once I reach Singapore, I’m gonna try exploring the software.
The 4mb free trail (after installation comes up to 6mb) gives you a powerful painting tool
that is fast and GOOD. Not able to understand how to use Painter, this tool is an
alternative to that. It feels like tradition painting and yet, the application is so small in size.
Although the free version doesn’t let you explore and maximized the ability of the software,
(you can’t create layers and stuff) it is good enough for painting and tracing of items.
This painting application is definitely a MUST TRY if you’re a digital artist. Highly Recommend.
Lots of Tutorial to read up~~
Look at the interface, my very own test page!!Look at the interface!!! I just love it, Can’t wait to doodle

A random painting I did using ArtRage2
on my laptop without mouse and waccom.!!!


PhotoZzzzzz Again

I thought it would be nice to scan through my little HP 607 -
4.1 megapixel camera and post some silly stuff caught on it.
Here are some shots taken while I was in town.
The last one in particular is one of the ever annoying fly/mosquito
(apparently I forgot what I killed??)
which I splat during one morning.
Yeah you might have guess it, life really is boring till that extend…
anyhow, I’ll post some frogs if I get a chance to catch them; yet again..
these creatures sure get on your nerves in the early morn and late nights.
Indian Shrine, Prayers Anyone?
Surprised how they can squeeze in? such delicate people...The Asian Matrix Phone Line...The Annoying Insect....