Pissed off

-Bunk inspection-
Some people are just suckers, I can't believe it. I also dunno
how to believe it. They simply got nothing better to do. Such people
are a waste to the army as regulars. Must go and
"bo diao ji cher dai ji"
My comd after inspecting my bunk, commented he want my SBO to be on
top of my cupboard. And my F**KING ceiling, is GONNA come down
BECAUSE they never tell the F**KING CONTRACTOR to repair it. And says
my bunk is not clean how to answer to my MEN??? AS a comd, how I answer
to my MEN?
DIG this,
1] you can't even get GOLD in ippt
2] you dun even take SOC
3] you can't even see your officers working for you are sleeping in
rusty beds and cupboards which the MEN AINT
4] you can't even F**king Topo in OPs
5] you can't even F**king stay awake in OPs and sleep infront of briefings
6] you can't even understand basic store requirements for the BN
7] you can't even get your men to respect you.
WAKE UP LA PUSSY. F**K OFF. Incapable slut.
clean your own F**king bunk then come talk to me. We work like dogs
and you come up with F**k ideas. You are a disgrace to MEN.


Muahhhahahha.... Birthday bIrthday birthday

noisy noisy noisy... my brother watching Bands of brother currently.
Thus a little bit disrupting, since im also on the phone and printing some
ndp work and eating ice cream...
my birthday is coming next week, declaring it on my blog is not a kind of
signature for friends to buy gifts or watsoever. Neither issit a telltale sign to
you guys out there that theres gonna be a mega food feast from
little dimsum here.
<-Nothings gonna change->
Probably except the fact that im older now. It doesn't really bothers me
that much. Anyhow, so why am i declaring it? Cause next weekend was
supposed to be dedicated to NDP, and I told my superior I not goiNG!!!
wahhahahha........ -__-
its time i rest....people off i go back do last minute work.
Anyhow, gonna hit double 2 next weekend, I wonder what is in store
for me in life. wont be going out with friends this time.
something to ponder....whats the best birthday gift you would wish for??


StresS out

Seems like work is always never ending...
didnt get to sleep much last night...can you imagine?
My weekends are always so pack...and with NDP, its gonna get tighter...
now i still have to compile my portfolio again for accessment....
this is getting nuts....why can't we just have 10 days per week?
lolx...im getting naive again...
Can't believe I finally finish ATEC.
happy indeed, my performance of my whole vocation.
We should be seeing high scores.
Last night, my men jio me warcraft...in the end also never play,
i was too tired and they didnt reply also, perhaps in the days to come,
we will indeed be playing together. Hopefully I can organised another outing
It comes up to every weekend we will have to be at TUAs, doing all those
rehearsals...I will try to put up some photos, since end day,
My people will put up a NDP video of the Mobile Column.
SO really, if you guys wanna catch the mobile column this year,
it will drive pass to Yishun, Jurong and Tampiness. It comes up to
15 waves including most of the units. Its pretty much a stressful events...
at least for the first few rehearsals... I wonder why my CO is such a high flyer.
But too bad, some of his commanders cant really work. Theres only a dedicated
few whos willing to finsih their job, and because of this dedicated few,
men do not suffer.
Hope some of the other people realy wake up in life,
dun they have a heart?
Soon this blog page will change, Its almost going 1 year old. I'm either
looking at a revamp or opening another one for a 2nd year start.
Probably this space will be dedicated towards artwork rather than
all my nonsense. Lolx....And talking about that....I'm getting more and
more lost touch in work.
This is so stress...but nevermind...all my offs are coming soon.
Hiak hiak hiak


Too busy

Too busy.
simply too busy to blog this space.
Just got to come back and prepare some work.
After today, next week will be another pack week.
Dun have time for anything anymore.
Some forecast of the week,
for most armour guys, this friday will be ARR,
more known as Armour Road Relay.
Competiting for the title will be the several Armour Units.
And for my unit, well...will be the reserved. The first reserved.
The wierd thing about this is, the supervising trainer actually
told me to pace him during his run because my timing is roughly same
as his. and he is like the average among the team.
if so, doesn't that render me to be in the team? because actually
some of them are indeed slower than me.
Can't blame them though...i've been inconsistent during the last few runs.
Anyhow, this is something about personal pride and i believe I got it
last month, which i got gold for IPPT.
Lets talk about something else.... -_-
when to watch two movies recently,
"house of wax" and "coach carter"
both worth the catch, but i guess cinema prices are really jumping high.
I think this guys be place in the torture chamber.
The just keep sucking our money.
and about SMRT, heard they gonna hike up prices on bus and mrt.
doesn't this country has sympathy on the poor?
the average?
or the just about to make it people?
hopefully life will be better after NDP.
for now, its hard working every moment.......



[To go for a leisurely walk]
How much do you stroll? Dun you find that we all walk too fast?
Why issit that we are all rushing our lifes even in weekends,
because there isn't much weekends i presume.
Such a small word which we learn when we were young,
but yet we never get to use till we grow old.
I like strolling.
I always like strolling.
I hope I will stroll more.
Caused life is too packed and the environment we live in
is simply too stressful.
so, do use the word more.

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