National Day Parade

This is the last post of the blog.
And probably I should have post earlier, but its the 1 year anniversay.
And with this 1 year anniversary,
this blog is gonna come to an end.
Having post today, just after NDP
[with a big relief off my back]
It also signifies the end of my era, part of my own history.
Its probably good because, having been in the team of mobile collumn,
it only appears every 5 years.
so the next time round you guys wanna see army and home team vehicles,
you have to wait for another 5 years for the drive pass. And more so
important is because, national stadium gonna revamp.
In short, I came the correct way and did Mobile Collumn 2005 being
the 5th drive pass in Singapore History.
Aug 09 2005
yesterday was a completely different event. Having been in my CO's Landrover,
we drove pass to the estate routes, waving to all the passerbys of all age,
race. The unexpected teens [ mostly guys] wave back to us and it was
totally spectacular..I didn't think everyone would go all Ga-Ga
over the Mobile Column. And when we stopped, lots of people ask for our
drive-pass routes. Lots of uncle and aunties came rushing down the
estates waving and snapping photos of us.
It was a 1 in a life time event.
I'm glad I was part of this important team, delievering the army and home
teams' vehicles to the residence.
For a second, I actually felt like a star yesterday, lots of cheering and
screaming from the crowds along the roads....not the usual Singapore
I know. Most of whom I believe won't even give you a glance on a normal day.
And yet, our National Day change all that. Even when we were travelling
towards Jurong, the SCDF guys form a straight line outside their fire house
cheering us on.
If only our country remain that friendly everyday, every second.
Thanks for all who watch this space.
Its fun blogging for one year.
Hopefully in the far future,
I'll blog again.
Cheers to all.