Cap3 Crusader

I've always been one of the fans for the cape crusader.
Maybe because of the fact that he is one of superhero
that is more "human" in nature and seems like a possible
character that is wondering around saving our lives.
And probably due to the fact of his rich and dark side and
all so famous wealth that makes most of the boys
relate to him as a superhero figure to look up to.
I hope theres more movie on him coming up.
He is indeed one hella sexy macho man.



Saw this independent short film through the net.
The gist of the story is about Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa.
This might or might not reach our part of the country
on movie premieres or even in the shelves but hope
it can make you ponder on what life is
all about and why we are all here.
Just take a look at it.

Jan First Painting~~... Not reAll painting lar

I've just gone back to basic, doing photoshop art again...
this one very static...not much variation. Just a
start for the year and yet to do any doodle..so....
heres one cheap sketch for jan 07. Meanwhile, check out:
a new art blog by my coursemate roger.
he finally got himself a blogspot.
=] SWEET DraWinGs.


BuSy 2007~~

HaiYa... I haven been posting drawings or paintings
recently. Because I have been Busy doing alot of other
work and getting to know other people and trying to stay
focus playing music. Seriously when you only have
24 hours per day and almost 13 hours is dedicated to
the bloody army life (morn 6am wake up reach home
around 7pm) and then i'm left like 11 hours of which i
must sleep at least 7 hours. So i got 4 bloody hours to eat ar...
slack around and bath tat will take away another hour.
So within this 3 hours wtf can i do? Is like you already
so tired nia..somemore its not always i 7pm reach home...
I wonder if i get out of army, things will be the same anot.
But seriously just have to blame myself lar. Why I cannot
make full use of those 3 hours... hai hai hai....waga-li mas-ta....
Humans are weiRd..especially youngsters..
like to kb so much.
I need to work hard again. I hope my PC stop
crashing every 2hours.
Oh someone please give me a high-end PC...
(nb i know lar..you all will say i rich buy
PS3 can also buy another PC....dont think you on the
other side of the screen i dunno wth you thinking?!!


Vocal ClaSses~~

Its been lesson 14 and soon i'm going to finish my
basic vocal class. Things have change alot and soon
its gonna be exam time. Heres something I wanted to
share through my blog. One of my singing session in class.
I'm very happy with it, cos it took my months to kick
away alot of bad habits that have been lurking around
with me for very very very long. Please dun think
this is some kind of project superstar shit. So once you
listen just get over with it in life. Some people are not born
with good singing and too bad i'm just one of them and
you have to sacrifice your ears. And dun tell me what
recording so poor or whatever lar...
this one not studio recording....LoLx...
Back to playing PS3~~~ whahahah


PlayStatioN 3

As hard as i refuse to believe, I bought a Playstation 3 today.
But since its 12 am now, i would have to say i bought it
yesterday. I told myself last year that i would buy a nintendo
Wii if given the chance and would swear never to get a PS3
due to sony's lack of creativeness recently and the much
hyed DS. (In case you are wondering, I own both a psp and
dslite, not because im rich. But because i choose to own them)
After thinking for awhile and since my brother love it
so much, I bought it for him as his advance birthday present.
I haven got the time to take pictures, but its really
quite awesome. You can think of it as a father psp set
drilled for TV. Once on, the main screen resembles the
usual PSP interface and you can start roaming around
surfing net ( only if you get the wi-fi 60 gig set, else
you have to use cables to go online) plugging mp3s
into your system, photos, and videos. Awesome shit.
You can even download motor storm and test play
it on your PS3 without buying the game itself. I got
two controller and they are both wireless enabled.
But you sorta need to charge them and it won't be too
long. Theres this middle button with a PS logo that you
can press and hold which will pop up the data screen
of how fully charge is your controller. You can do this
anytime during gameplay and its very cool to hear the
bg game still running on. There is a possibilty of seeting
up to 8 wireless players at any one time. Both of us tested
the game "resistance" and it was very cool playing 2
players campign. Though our room TV was small, we
manage to squeeze some fun out of the split screen with
my mum watching and laughing at two big kids trying to
play a first person shooter tag watching each other's
ass for aliens. ITS REALLY VERY COOL. Right now is
extremely late and tomorrow i'll be grabbing the game
GENJI. Till then, i'll try to
pop some photos in here.