Virus Attack

Arghhhh, where got so swey one, Just recover from sick then my laptop's turn to get sick.
wth man?? Very pro the virus, know how to go into my registry to edit my Tsk Manager, My windows, log out, my Windows Explorer, all cannot open by normal means. Lucky I know how to use "RUN" command......Thank god to internet for multiple solutions. ANyway... am still fixing teh bloody laptop... ARGHHHH~~~ PLEASE OHH NA MOR ORH MI TUO FUO~~~ please recover the piece of shit~~~~
Kang Kang came out with new album again~~ hahahha one of my fav idol, think he tone down quite abit on tv variety shows, haven't seen him for a long time, think his not as famous as he used to be. But since his first song 兵变 think his voice and 口气 quite unique, very lao pai but quite ok... maybe i used to listen to too many lao pai song... This album has a few good hits, 回家的路 sounds not bad. =)
Pray for my lappy......

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