~~I just watch Wall E~~
In fact twice. Its a very cool show, thanks to AH PENG,
who jio me go watch, Muahahha. I learn quite a great deal,
the animation is really superb, they caught the gist of human interactions
and inplanted into the robots, very touching movie.
I always thought that hardwork will bring you whatever result you gain for, but then again, sometimes the world is really that big and there are things you cannot control. Sometimes the world just tend to give in to things which i cannot understand or comprehend. Happen that I recently found out that I'm just that not observant and that naive. I didnt know what was happening around me. But when I found out, I told myself, "WT#????!!!" Really...now wanna close women just need two things 1) you need to be fast 2) you need to promise the whole world to her. I was wrong, I didnt know girls were so simple, I have been decieving myself. No wonder I'm still single. Hahahahahha Shit man, If shit can be so destructive and power, then i really am worst than shit. And since i'm bitching today, DAMN ALL OF YOU, always say i outside got alot KANG TAO and FLING, WT# man, I've been diligently working ok. You all really NB CB, think I always can joke around then can keep saying all these nonsense, I actually very sensitive one ok. Always make me sound like flirt.

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